Hermione and Bruce left their friends and apparated from the Helicarrier straight into the lounge area of her apartment. Suddenly, they found that they could not keep their hands off of each other and the force of the collision between their two bodies shook the bookshelf behind them as he pushed her up against it while his lips eagerly sought hers. She let out a little moan which he echoed as she returned his kiss passionately. When she finally had to draw back slightly in order to catch her breath, she looked up into his eyes and smiled again as brown unexpectedly met green!

She leaned forward and kissed a trail up his neck on her way to whisper in his ear. "It looks like anger is not the only strong emotion that the Big Guy responds to," she murmured with a mixture of amusement and appreciation…and then gently bit his earlobe.

Despite the fact that she had him practically trembling from desire for her, those words pulled him back to reality, an unintended effect similar to the feeling of being doused in ice water. "Oh, Hermione, I'm so sor…" he started to say, as he tried to pull away. She was determined to not allow him to retreat from her in self-doubt – especially not when they were in such a situation - so she pulled him back towards her, and cut off the rest of his unnecessary apology with her lips on his.

"Don't be!" she murmured firmly against his mouth. Then she pulled back slightly and smiled up at him gently. "I am glad that he…approves. Otherwise, this could all get very…awkward. He obviously has to be present, too, you know."

Her words made him pause in amazement. He had not thought about it in quite that way. "You don't mind that he…wants…you, too?" he asked. He knew that Hermione liked the Hulk, but he thought that was asking just too much from her.

Hermione responded by pulling him back towards her again as she pulled his shirt untucked from his waistband at the same time. She then started to unbutton it while she renewed her attentions to his neck. She paused only when he shivered and made another little involuntary groan of pleasure.

"Do you want me?" she asked him seriously.

"I think it's quite obvious that I do!" he answered, a little breathlessly, as her hands crept inside of his shirt to stroke his chest and then around to his back to do the same to the muscles there.

"And is he a part of you?" she paused her attentions to ask him bluntly - even though she already knew the answer.

"Yes…he is…but...Hermione…" Bruce tried to argue, but she cut him off.

"Then, no, I don't mind if he wants what you want!" she told him matter-of-factly as her hands went to his waistband again.

Despite her calm demeanor, Bruce felt himself snap with the overwhelming feeling of disappointment as he yanked away from her too-tempting hands. "Dammit, Hermione, please stop and listen to me! I don't know what the hell I was thinking. Obviously, I wasn't thinking at all…but I just…I can't do this! I don't want to hurt you! I don't know if I will be able to control myself if he…"

"You won't hurt me…and neither will he!" she insisted, and moved even closer to him as she pressed her body up against his again - determined to make him see the truth of the matter.

"How can you possibly know that?" he asked, desperately trying to get her to see this situation from his point of view. His body literally ached for her, but he just could not take the chance. If he unexpectedly changed at the wrong moment…

Just then the Other Guy roared inside of him and made his feelings on the matter known. No! Hulk not hurt Pretty Witch! Never hurt Mate! Bruce's eyes again flashed green with the force of his alter-ego's emotions.

"See! I told you so," Hermione stated smugly as she watched the emotions – fear, disbelief, and then finally…hope…race across his face.

"C…Could you hear him?" Bruce asked in disbelief – while he noted in passing that this was actually the third time the Other Guy had called Hermione his mate. At the moment, he would not even let himself consider what that might mean.

"No." The lovely witch just shook her head. "However, that doesn't mean that I don't know what he said!" With those cryptic words, she pulled him close yet again and wrapped her arms around his neck. This time he stayed in her embrace.

"I trust him," she said quietly, and it was the truth. She had a special connection with the Big Guy and no matter what anyone else thought, she knew without a doubt that the Hulk was not a mindless animal. He knew what was at stake and she had his earlier reassurances that he would keep her safe.

"Also, just remember that I have magic…and the change is fast, but not instantaneous. I will have time to react, if necessary. Therefore, we'll take it very slow…if that makes you feel better…and I guarantee that I can make you feel better." The last part of that sentence was said in such a low husky voice that Bruce's arousal immediately came back all in a rush!

He still paused, however, and his eyes searched her face for any sign of fear or distrust – no matter how small. To his great surprise, he found absolutely none there…just desire...and trust…for him! "Are you…sure?" he asked hesitantly – even in the midst of his rebuilding excitement at the thought that this could actually work out between them!

"So very sure!" she responded and then kissed him so thoroughly that her feelings on the matter could not be left in doubt. Then she decided that she was tired of waiting and took him by the hand. She finally led him into her bedroom – where she proceeded to show both sides of him just exactly how sure that she was!

Bruce woke first and he could not help but to smile at the wild arrangement of Hermione's hair draped all over his chest. Then his smile became a huge grin that threatened to split his face open when he felt her lovely naked body pressed up against him, as well. The memories of the previous night came flooding back and he just could not believe how lucky he had been to find this woman. Not only had she been able to accept him fully, but she also welcomed his alter-ego and truly treated him as part of Bruce, and vice versa – rather than just some freak that she had to put up with in times of crisis.

In fact, he felt himself flush a little as he remembered how the Other Guy had made his presence known last night. True to Hermione's word, they had taken it slowly – because some things in life should not be rushed! It had been a wonderful experience, and as he neared the edge of his endurance, Bruce had silently pleaded with the Hulk not to take over, to not hurt the wonderful woman that they both obviously cared about…and the Big Guy had not done so. However, he had come to the surface and shared the moment…right at the end…with a roar that would have put any wild animal to shame. Bruce had been mortified at first, and then worried that, despite her reassurances, such a situation would be too much for Hermione.

However, she had just opened those beautiful brown eyes, which she had closed during her own pleasure, and smiled. "Oh, yes! I definitely agree with that, Big Guy!" was all that she said – to Bruce's utter amazement. Then she laughed in that delightful way of hers and pulled them both down for a sweet kiss. The last thing she said as they curled up together, but before she fell asleep was, "See, I told you that it would all work out!" In response, Bruce just grinned as he wrapped his arms around her. He was more than happy to admit being wrong - especially if it was going to turn out in such a pleasant way!

Bruce was brought back to the present as Hermione stirred. She lifted her head and gave him a soft kiss. Then she said, "Good morning," with her signature smile before she sat up and stretched luxuriously – just as she would in her lioness form.

Bruce watched, completely mesmerized by the beautiful sight before him. "Yes, it most certainly is," he breathed and he could feel the Other Guy's silent, but ardent, agreement.

Hermione could not help but to smile at his implication, and they both shivered as her breasts brushed against his chest when she leaned over to give him another kiss. "Be right back," she murmured, her voice full of promise as she slid off the bed and headed into the bathroom.

As she walked away, Bruce admired her feminine form – scars and all – and loved the fact that she already felt comfortable enough with him that she did not feel the need to cover up her nudity. However, he did notice another scar on her back that he had not seen the night before. Consequently, he made a point to kiss it gently when she crawled back into bed upon her return to the room.

As he then left to take his own turn in the ensuite, it was her chance to admire the impressive view he made as he walked away. When he returned, he eagerly pulled her into his arms and nuzzled her neck. He felt the fire reignite in his core as their bodies pressed together again and the Other Guy showed his interest, as well.

Pretty Witch smells good!

"Thank you, Big Guy!" Hermione said automatically – and then her eyes widened and she froze as the implication hit both her and Bruce at the same time.

"I heard him!" she whispered at the same time that he exclaimed in a louder voice, "You heard him!"

"How is that even possible?" Bruce asked, looking at her in something akin to awe.

"I think…" she said slowly, "that we must have…connected…in more ways than one last night!" At her words, the memory of the night before caused him to grin madly again. The combination of the wide smile on his handsome face, her own memories of the previous night, and the feel of his firm body pressed up against hers started a tingling chain reaction that resulted in Hermione giving him a look as predatory as any that she might have had in her lioness form.

Putting aside her surprise at the new development for the time being, she grinned as she pushed him over and straddled his lap. "Wanna…connect…again?" she practically purred. There was no doubt as to his…their…answer as she looked down at eyes that vacillated between warm brown and deep green.

"Oh, yes!" Bruce growled as she bent down to claim his lips and his body again with her own.

Afterward, as they happily recovered in each other's arms again, they discussed the issue.

"It's obviously some sort of bond," Hermione explained confidently as she cuddled into the hollow of his shoulder while her fingers lightly stroked the hair on his chest. Bruce reveled in the feeling of her in his arms as he listened to her speak. He never thought that he would be able to have this kind of closeness again…not after his accident…and it felt so very right to be able to have it with Hermione!

Consequently, he just pulled her closer as he asked curiously, "Bond?"

At his question, she glanced up and saw the contented look on his face and could not help but to acknowledge to herself that she felt the same way. She just smiled at the feeling and snuggled closer to him as she continued to explain. "A bond is a…magical connection…something that links people together on a deeper level. It's not an unheard of occurrence in the magical world to share a bond. In fact, there are even many different types of them."

She spoke slowly while she thought. "There are parental bonds…sibling bonds…life bonds…and even rare soul bonds – even though they aren't the romantic sentimental nonsense that most stories make them out to be – especially since they usually occur between very close friends rather than lovers. However, I don't know of a bond that will allow someone to speak to another's alter-ego. Hmmm…wait a minute…" her voice trailed off in thought again. Then she bolted out of his embrace and upright in the bed, not realizing that she had exposed her bare breasts again by doing so. Bruce was momentarily distracted by this, so he did not hear what she mumbled at first, which was "Werewolf!"

Then she jumped out of bed, slipped on a long shirt, and he suddenly realized that he was able to pay attention again. He then watched as she paced back and forth and listened to her mumble to herself. He could see that she was in the middle of puzzle solving, and he often did the same thing himself when trying to figure out some complex scientific equations. Therefore, he did not disturb her. In fact, he thought that the sight of her deep in thought, while her lively hair (as well as other parts of her body) bounced around as she paced, was magnificent! He was so caught up in watching her, that she actually startled him a bit when she spoke aloud again.

"I remember that Tonks once said that she talked to Moony – not Remus – but Moony. I didn't think much of it back then, but now I realize that Tonks always called her husband by his given name - not his Marauder nickname. Therefore, I think that she was saying that she could communicate with his wolf…oh!"

Hermione came back to the bed. Even though she had just sounded as if she had experienced an epiphany about the situation, her face was guarded - almost as if she had pulled on a mask. Therefore, Bruce could not tell what or how she felt...and that worried him.

"I…I…think that I need to ask him directly – if that's okay with you?" she asked quietly as she sat back down next to him. He nodded his head even though he was unsure if he dreaded the thought of what she was going to hear – or if he looked forward to it. It all depended on what she wanted. Even though he was uncertain about exactly what had happened, he still knew that everything hinged on her reaction. However, she was still not giving away any hints as to her emotional state when she reached out to touch his face gently and he automatically shut his eyes at the pleasurable sensation.

"Hey, Big Guy," she said softly stroking Bruce's cheek, which made the man shiver a little.

Even simple touches from her always feel nice, he thought while she continued to talk to his alter-ego.

"Do you have any idea about why I can suddenly hear you," she asked, "even though Bruce is still here and I'm not in my lion form?" Bruce suddenly opened his green eyes then and they both could clearly hear the Hulk's voice in their heads.

"Made Pretty Witch mine!" the Other Guy rumbled smugly.

"Oh," said Hermione with a rising blush that completely pushed aside the blank mask that she had fabricated and threatened to overtake her features. "Does that have anything to do with what we did last night…and this morning?"

Pretty Witch – Friend – Mate! the Big Guy exclaimed…just as he had done several times before…and he sounded quite pleased with himself.

"Mate?" Hermione whispered, and looked away as her breath hitched in surprise when the possible implications of the word suddenly struck her. She paused for a moment before whispering a question in shocked amazement, "So it really is a mating bond?"

She then looked back up into what were Bruce's startled brown eyes again. A mating bond? he thought. Does that mean what I think it does?

He felt both a rush of excitement and a slight tingle of fear at the thought. Despite his confusion, though, Bruce nodded. "He has called you that several times before," he admitted. "I didn't understand then…and to be honest, I am still not sure that I really understand now."

Obviously the Other Guy understood, however, since they both heard the unmistakable triumph in his answer as his green eyes flashed. "Hulk and Puny Doctor belong to Pretty Witch now!"

Bruce did not even realize that he was holding his breath nervously until he let it all out in a rush of relief when he saw the small smile that suddenly quirked across Hermione's face when she heard those words.

"Well…I was not expecting that!" Hermione breathed and Bruce gathered her back up into his arms again. For a moment there, he had been worried that the unexpected development was going to create awkwardness between them where none had existed before. Even though he was still confused, he certainly did not want that – especially not after the extremely pleasant last few days together…not to mention the physical closeness of the morning and the previous night!

"My magic obviously approves of you both," she said. Her voice turned thoughtful as she got a distant look in her eye. "A mating bond, though…Wow!…It's all so strange." Her voice trailed off as Bruce took her hand. His brain was working overtime, as well, as it tried to process everything.

His mind soon hit a brick wall, though. As a scientist, he knew he needed more data…and probably some caffeine, too. "Let's go figure it over some coffee," he suggested. "Maybe that will help to clear our heads." Hermione nodded in agreement, even though it was clear that she was still deep in thought. However, they both finished dressing quickly and moved their discussion to the kitchen and dining area.

Hermione gestured for Bruce to sit down at the table while she moved around the kitchen to prepare them both some of the requested coffee. She hoped that it would do the trick because she knew that this particular discussion would require something stronger than tea…but it was way too early for Firewhiskey. Not that she had any, but she could always get some from Jack in an emergency, if necessary.

However, she really hoped that the current situation would not become a crisis! After all, Bruce seemed to be taking the shock of everything so well…and she really hoped that he continued to do so. The last few days had been some of the best in her life…and she did not want to lose him now. Therefore, as she worked, Hermione continued to try and explain to him what she thought had happened between them…and she tried to keep her nervousness from being too obvious.

"As I mentioned earlier, even though they do not happen every day, all sorts of magical bonds occur in my world. Bonds have been reported, not only with witches and wizards, but also with many of the sentient magical creatures that I met, worked with, or even helped over the years. That would include Werewolves, Veela, Goblins, Elves, Centaurs, Merpeople…and several other species, as well. Sometimes the bonding has even occurred across species – such as one between two different magical sentients or even ones that involve a person. That would have been the case with Remus and Tonks – a werewolf and a fully human witch."

Hermione brought their coffee to the table and her hand brushed his as she passed him a mug. He noted again how pleasant even the simplest of touches felt from her as he watched her hesitate before she went to move her hand. However, he boldly decided that he was not going to allow her to withdraw from him now, either physically or emotionally, and switched the coffee mug to his other hand so that he could use that one to grab hers and interlace their fingers as she sat down opposite him at the small table.

It must have been the right thing to do because she smiled brightly and squeezed his hand with her own. She then continued her explanation with the matter-of-fact ease of someone who was used to teaching or giving presentations – even though the topic in this instance was extremely personal. The scientist and researcher in him noted and appreciated that, however.

"In such cases," she explained, "those who experienced a mating bond reported knowing it from the very first time they sealed the deal by…well…mating." Her professional demeanor slipped a little here as a faint blush crept along her cheekbones when the word brought back the extremely pleasant memories from their activities of the morning and the previous night.

Bruce watched as the pink spread, only enhancing her already pretty features. He realized then what she was thinking about and the memories rose unbidden in his mind, as well. He thought of her coming undone beneath him the night before (and above him that morning) and experienced such a strong physical reaction to those memories that he had to squeeze his eyes shut – just so she would not see the green that he knew was shining there.

He had to keep the Other Guy calm or he was sure that Hermione would hear his opinion on the matter – which mainly consisted of taking his Pretty Witch mate right then and there again on the kitchen table. He just did not know how she would feel about that right at the moment – especially after the revelations of the morning. Thus, he was relieved when she just squeezed the hand that she still held and continued to explain. That meant that she had not noticed anything amiss and she had not heard the Other Guy.

Thank goodness for that! he thought with relief.

"However, this is different," she continued to explain as she set down her cup and gestured between the two of them with her free hand since Bruce still held the other one. "It would make perfect sense if the Hulk was a magical creature," she said thoughtfully, "but we know he is more of a scientific creation than anything," she paused for a moment as she looked at him. Her eyes suddenly widened as a thought occurred to her.

"Unless…hmm…I wonder…How much do you know about your family history?" At that question, he finally spoke up for the first time since they had left the bedroom and insisted that he did not know about anyone beyond his parents. Hermione nodded her understanding.

"That also makes sense, in a way, because I am willing to bet that you probably had some magical ancestors…a witch or wizard…or more somewhere down the line. If that is the case, perhaps you even had some latent magic of your own. Maybe it was even stimulated by your lab accident with the gamma radiation. Perhaps that is what created the Hulk – a combination of science and magic…and that is why you haven't been able to find the cure!" She paused to sigh regretfully. "I guess we will never know for sure, though, because it certainly wouldn't be safe to try to replicate that particular scenario!" They both fell silent as they pondered that incredible hypothesis. Bruce had to admit, though, that it made as much sense as any of the rest of the improbable situation in which they found themselves.

Hermione then looked away from him, and he could tell that she felt uneasy, as she inserted another quiet thought into the conversation. "At any rate, that brings up another important question," she mentioned quietly and hesitantly. "Mating bonds usually result in…well…the natural aftermath of mating."

"Babies…children," Bruce stated and shifted uneasily in his chair as he realized the direction the conversation was taking.

Hermione nodded and continued to look down at the table. Even from that angle, Bruce could see her face fill with emotion as she whispered. "That doesn't make sense though…because of the torture…I am not physically able to…I just can't!" He squeezed her hand to show his support while the Hulk just growled in anger at the thought of what had happened to his mate.

"It's alright, though," Hermione continued after she managed to get her emotions under control. "I have always planned to adopt one day, anyway. There are plenty of magical children out there who are abandoned by Muggle parents once their accidental magic manifests…and lots of nonmagical children who are given up by wizarding parents, as well. All of them need love and a mother!"

At these words, Bruce had a sudden thought of what a fantastic mother this strong woman would be. However, before he could pursue that intriguing idea further, or had a chance to insert himself into that fantasy, Hermione finally met his eyes again and smiled weakly. Then she paused and looked at him even more intently as another thought occurred to her.

"The more I think about it, I really don't believe that we are dealing with just a mating bond here – especially since I wouldn't think that you would be able to father children, either – not with the amount of Gamma radiation that you must have absorbed during your accident." She looked at him questioningly.

"I don't think so either," he admitted. "However, I'm not exactly sure because I have never had a reason to fully test that hypothesis…before now." He paused. "To be honest, I never thought that I would ever be in a situation again where it would be an issue. At any rate, even if I was physically able to do so, I would not dare to take the chance that any child of mine could inherit my…um…mutation. I will not be the reason that an innocent child has to become a monster!"

Hermione shook her head sadly, but forcefully. "I have known real monsters, Bruce. They are the ones that did this to me. You are not one…and neither is the Hulk…or I would not want to be with either of you." She paused and his heart swelled with the meaning of her words. "However, believe it or not, I understand what you mean…I really do," she continued. "It was the same when Remus was afraid that Teddy would inherit his lycanthropy." She paused in thought again before she slammed her free hand down on the table in sudden irritation.

"Bollocks! I just don't understand! None of this makes sense. I feel like I am missing a piece of the puzzle somehow…and just so you know…I really dislike not knowing about something."

A ghost of a smile crossed her lips at this thought and Bruce found that he could not stop his lips from quirking, either – especially since he knew that he was the exact same way. A second later, she met his eyes and giggled. Then he had to hold back a snort of laughter at the irony of it all. All of a sudden, they both realized that the tense atmosphere had completely faded away.

"So…" Bruce ventured, grateful for the lighter mood again as he squeezed her hand and tried to wrap his head around this incredible series of events in order to piece all of the information together. "Basically, you think that your magic and my…whatever it is…wanted for us to be together? A British witch and an American Gamma radiation…um…beast," he said, trying to avoid the word monster, again – especially since it had upset her the first time. "Are you saying that we were drawn together in the middle of a battle with interdimensional beings in the hopes that we would eventually end up in bed together?"

Despite her own confusion on the matter, Hermione snickered a little at his wording. "Not exactly, Bruce. I believe that whatever this bond is, it was not the cause of our connection. It was the result! My magic obviously approves of you and the Big Guy. I can feel that it likes the two of you. We came together of our own free will…and my magic…well…apparently it just wants to keep you two around. Therefore, it has given us this gift: the ability for all three of us to communicate at the same time now."

Bruce did not really know how worried he had been about that issue until he felt his tense body suddenly relax at the knowledge that Hermione had really chosen him after all and that she had not been forced to do so by magic. All of the wonder that they had experienced together had not been coerced. What was between them was real…and somehow the Other Guy had known it all along…ever since the very beginning!

Maybe there really was some magic somewhere in our lineage after all, he thought wonderingly.

Then he realized with another shock just how much he had accepted the Other Guy's role in all of this…and how he was beginning to realize just how connected the two of them really were. Accepting the Hulk as a true part of himself was something that he had fought tooth and nail against…until Hermione had come along. He could not help but to consider what that meant for them all - especially in the current situation.

Meanwhile, Hermione sneaked another peek at the handsome man who sat just across the small table from her. He was still holding her hand, but she could tell that he was deep in thought. She could also see that some sort of internal conflict, and not the usual one with his alter-ego, either, seemed to be raging inside of him. She sighed heavily and let go of his hand as she took an educated guess as to what it concerned.

"Bruce, I know that all of this is new and strange to you. However, I want you to know that this is not a trap. I won't force you into anything. Apparently, the bond…has been…um…completed," she said slowly. "The fact that I can now hear the Big Guy proves that. However, we still have our own free will. We can still part on amicable terms and lead a very normal life…apart…if that is what you want. I know that all of this has been a completely unexpected shock – especially for you – since you had no idea that such things were even possible before today. We are also both adults here and I realize that what could have been a simple night of…well…fun…turned out to be much more complicated than either of us could ever have possibly imagined. Therefore, if you find that this is all too much for you, then I won't ask you to stay…and I will not think badly of you, either. That just would not be fair to you…either of you." She then dropped her head again so that he would not see her face reflect her sadness at the very thought of his leaving. Instead, she traced the pattern on the table with her finger to give him the chance to think without being watched.

At her last words, Bruce felt a quiet tug from the Other Guy as both he and the Hulk looked across the table at Hermione with a swirl of both color and emotion in his eyes. He wanted to see how she felt, but she refused to make eye contact. She was still looking down at the table as she traced the wood grain with her finger. He remembered her doing the same thing in the lounge at the Tower while she was trying to get information about the Hulk.

It must be a nervous habit of hers, he decided.

He found it appealing…just like everything else about her…and suddenly he knew he did not want to lead a life apart from her. He wanted to spend his life with her. Even in the short period of time that he had known her, he already knew without a doubt that she was the only one for him. The Other Guy agreed with this thought instantly. Therefore, he gathered every ounce of courage that he possessed…and reached over to grab her hand again as he told her so.

He then watched as relief flooded her eyes and her body sagged as the tension suddenly left it. She had actually been worried that I would not want her! he thought in disbelief. As if that could ever happen! He stood up from the table and immediately pulled her into his arms and set about to clarify that misunderstanding immediately.

After their tender kiss, he asked, "So your magic thinks that I'm the man…or men…for you, does it?"

She looked up and gave him a cheeky grin, "That does seem to be the case…yes."

"Good…because I…we…know that you're the woman for us!" was his simple and heartfelt answer. However, the look he gave her was far from simple and it seemed to reach deep down inside of her very being. It conveyed a wild combination of relief and a sense of belonging…as well as the sheer need and want that he felt for her. It even held the tantalizing possibility of something much more…

She allowed herself to get lost in that look as she answered him with a tender smile before she spoke. "Now that we have that settled…" Her voice trailed off as she grabbed his hand and led him back into the bedroom

"Hermione?" Bruce asked, the confusion…and hope…clear in his voice when she stopped suddenly and pushed him up down on the mattress.

Instead of answering him right away, she gave him a sultry look that sent a heat wave straight down to his core. His response was immediately obvious as she pressed up against him and looked deep into his eyes before speaking. "Oi, Big Guy…" she murmured seductively and watched with pleasure as the brown faded from his eyes to be replaced entirely with green. "Can you show me exactly what you were thinking about doing to me on the kitchen table this morning?"

After the initial look of surprise flashed in his eyes, it turned out that both the Other Guy and Bruce were more than happy to honor her request.

"Fortunately, it's Saturday." Hermione mentioned afterwards when they finally took a break to actually eat something in order to fuel their pleasantly strenuous activities. "Even though TT&T is open downstairs, I always force myself to not work on Saturdays. I am afraid that, otherwise, it will become a habit…and I would never get to leave the store and get some fresh air!" She paused to laugh.

"At any rate, nobody will miss me today. Plus, tomorrow is Sunday and TT&T is closed. At some point, I need to visit the reference section on the other side to research this strange bond and all the crazy things that happened today…and you can help, if you'd like. I know that your assistance would be invaluable – especially since you are no stranger to research - and you probably want to know what is going on, as well. Plus, I still need to answer Viktor's message and postpone that dinner, but otherwise I have no plans. That means that we can have the whole weekend to ourselves…if you want to stay…" Her words were abruptly cut off by the sudden arrival of Bruce's lips on her own.

"I love the sound of that!" he exclaimed honestly and cheerfully at the thought of spending a couple of free days with her, even if all they did was research. Although, he knew that he certainly would not turn down the offer of anything more…physical…during that time, either. However, just being with her would be enough. With these pleasant thoughts, he pulled her in for yet another kiss before the Other Guy came up to the surface and demanded one for himself.

Hermione gladly acquiesced and this momentarily left Bruce to marvel at just how amazing his life had become in such a short time. He could not wait to see what would happen next with this lovely and wonderful witch…who, in addition to whatever else they may find out from their research, was also apparently his…and the Other Guy's…perfect mate! She had bewitched them both…and neither of them wanted it any other way!