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I know I should be writing more of my other fics but this idea has been stuck in my head for a long time now. I am going to start it, and work on it as well as all my others.time permitting.

This is going to be an Evangelion/ Onegai Teacher cross over so.hope you stay with it and like it.

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Divergence Chapter One - Desperate Times

Ritsuko was growing nervous and time was growing short. Gendo had insisted that she develop a new weapon to assist in the defeat of the angels. The last angel had shook Nerv mentally. Nobody had suspected that one angel could become two. The cross synchronization of pilots had worked to defeat it, but what if it hadn't worked?

That's why Gendo had insisted Ritsuko either develop herself or attain a new weapon that would insure they lasted long enough for the Human Completion Project to be completed.

It was not proceeding well. Not being an engineer herself, Ritsuko had to rely on outside assistance for such a weapon. While she was receiving a great deal of replies, none of them were going to work. They were either to weak to penetrate an AT field, too costly, or too improbable.

Desperation was sinking in, and now the crazy ideas were getting second notice. She had to find something for Gendo or he may not even call her for their late night sessions. She knew she was hardly a mote in the man's eye, but she could try to gain his love, and by succeeding she could hope.

"Virus asinine!" She bellowed as she tossed the folder into the trash. 'Special at field nullifying bullets, dimension warps, a original. What is wrong with these people! Wait.' Ritsuko stopped and re- examined the folder in her hand.

"A singularity cannon," she read the prospected readouts for such a weapon if it proved successful. "That could work."


Work on the singularity cannon preceded quickly. They meet only a few actual delays on the project and three weeks after they began, a working prototype was ready for testing. However a problem did arise from that.

"I won't let you use Shinji as a guinea pig for your damn gun!"

Misato, Ritsuko was expecting a small amount of apprehension from her friend not this much however.

"We need him to Misato! We don't have any other choice. We need an Eva unit to do it, Unit-01 still has the power hook ups from the 5th angel, it's the perfect choice."

Not buying Ritsuko's excuse, "Power hook-ups, why is that important?"

Doubting Misato would understand the physics of a black hole, Ritsuko opted for lames terms, and "To power the prototype we need a large amount of power more so than a battery could provide. So we're going to set up a power grid to the cannon using the pre-existing hook-ups on Unit-02."

Understanding slowly started to form on the Captain's face, "Will Shinji be safe? What is it that this cannon will really do?"

'Why is she so concerned about Shinji, yes he is a pilot but if this works we won't need more than one.' After directing a few subordinates to their final tasks, Ritsuko answered Misato, "Unit-00 is not developed enough to support the required outputs, and Unit-02 was designed to a specific frame work. If we added or subtracted from it, the Unit may stop operating."

Misato stopped and looked at the prototype, and felt a cold chill, "I just don't want anything to happen to Shinji."

Ritsuko couldn't stop herself from speaking, "What makes him so special to you, he's not your son, not your lover, he's just a tool you picked up to gain rank."

Misato whipped her head back to face Ritsuko, while it was true that her original intent for Shinji was purely selfish, she now saw something in the boy. 'He's not a boy.not anymore,' she thought. "He's my ward and it's my responsibility to look out for his well being. Why don't we use Rei instead?"

Ritsuko had thought of that, Shinji was growing in talent and it would be a shame to lose that, but this test required skills that Rei didn't have, and Asuka was untested in Unit-01 and they didn't have time to both test her and the cannon. So instead of addressing that question she attempted to bypass it.

"Shinji will be fine. Don't worry. On a related note, how are things at your apartment with the addition of Asuka?" Ritsuko asked mainly to draw Misato's attention away from the upcoming test.

Smiling, "Shinji's getting better. Asuka's not so bad once you get used to her. I think she may have a lil thing for Shinji."

Ritsuko smiled at that, "How can you tell, they've only lived together for about a month now."

"Call it women's intuition. She calls him names all the time, but its almost like a pet name kinda thing," Misato's face actually dropping a bit.

The drop in her friend's consonance was not missed by the doctor, "You're not.jealous are you? Do we need to find Shinji a new guardian, one that one 'make passes' at him?"

The rest of the conversation degraded into petty bickering.


Shinji sat nervously in his entry plug. A huge cannon strapped around his Evangelion. He didn't know what to expect. He opened his video feed and saw Unit-02 and Unit -00 watching him from a distance. He was told they were there to insure safety, whose safety he didn't know.

He had about an hour before the charge for the test was built up, so until then he was to just sit. He had already been sitting for two hours. He tried not to let the apprehension show on his face, but trace elements of it were evident. So when a video connection with his fellow pilot opened he wasn't surprised to hear.

A red headed German stated, "You look like crap Baka. Try to calm down."

Another window opened, its source the other unit on hand, "Ikari-kun you will be protected. There are fail safes in place to secure your life."

"Yeah like Wondergirl said, you'll be fine."

Shinji could only think, would they be fine if they had a black hole generator strapped to their unit? He said he'd try to calm down and not worry. Misato listened over the comm to the pilots talk. She was relieved that Shinji had in fact calmed down a degree, and that the others were their.

She didn't want anything to happen to Shinji, or any of the other pilots. Safely in the Geofront, twenty miles away from the test site she had her fingers crossed. 'If this does work, he won't have to fight anymore.'

Asuka was nervous; she was starting to grow fond of his rather puny boy. He was skinny, shy, and overly apologetic, but not a bad person. She was slowly starting to enjoy his company more and more, she'd never admit to this of course. So she called him 'baka' as a pet name. She only wondered what life was like at the Katsuragi apartment before she arrived.

Rei watched the form of Unit-01 like a nervous mother. She had a sense of foreboding deep within her that she couldn't explain. She felt that Shinji was in danger, but her obligation as a pilot forbid her from any action. So she watched and hoped that Shinji would be safe. Her feelings would have matched that of a concerned mother.

Each participant waited for the inevitable test to commence, and each dealt with their anxiety in their own way. And the time marched on.


"Ok Shinji. When we give you the signal pull the switch and depress the button. The switch acts as the failsafe, if something goes wrong let go of it," Ritsuko informed the boy. However she didn't tell him that she had paid the techs to not truly install the failsafe. She was so desperate for success she would sacrifice the boys life for it.

"I understand, what am I to shoot at?" came the boys reply.

Activating a console next to her, a 1/1-scale replica of the 3rd angel appeared not 500 yards from Shinji's position. "That. Test will commence in one minute."

Even though he was surrounded by LCL his lips felt dry, his stomach clenched. Something felt off. He felt as if something within him was accelerating. He felt the cannon's internal components begin to churn and build up a charge.

Part of the boy was saying its goodbye's to his friends and even his father. Unit-01 began to vibrate under the power being used by the cannon. As he waited for the signal, he thought of Rei, the girl felt familiar to him, as if she was something that was taken from him a long time ago, something so very familiar.

He thought of the new girl he had met, Asuka. She was.unique. Not the bitch that people often claim her to be. In Shinji's mind, she was a scared girl that tried to hide her fears by using her temper. 'Just a variation of my own running away,' he thought. He liked Asuka, not like he felt for Rei, it was something else.

And finally Misato. He didn't know what to think of the woman that took him in. At first he thought she was just using him. Then he thought of her as a sister. But now, things weren't so clear. His thoughts were pulled away from him as Ritsuko's voice pierced through them.

"Fire Shinji!"

Willing Unit-01 to draw back the lever in its hand and depress the button. All viewers watched as electricity danced around the mighty defender.

Ritsuko held her breath as she viewed the on-screen display of the test. The singularity was forming, all that was required now was to fire it, but something drew her attention. Not only was the singularity forming, it wasn't being contained as it was supposed to be.

The nature of the cannon was to form a microscopic black hole, contain it, use high-energy electrons to displace it to the desired location, and then dissipate. What the test was showing was that the singularity was leaking out of the status field. Space-time was warping now only within the cannons internal structure, but all around Unit-01.

'Damn.this could be a major disaster, but I've gone to far to back out now,' the doctor thought as she watched the build-up continue.

Shinji felt himself being torn and compressed at the same time. He was told that the weapon would have already discharged by now, yet it hadn't. His body was losing feeling, he wanted to cry out in pain, but he couldn't find his voice. Pain rocked his frame as the singularity continued to leak out and grow.

He willed Unit-01 to push the lever back into place and in-act the failsafe, however after he did, the upwelling didn't stop. 'Am.I going to die?' was the last thought Shinji had before blackness enveloped him.


As soon as the blackness overtook him, it was gone; instead he was standing in a classroom. He couldn't explain how he had arrived at this classroom, or had changed into a school uniform.

"Am I dead?"

"Dead, no silly. You're not dead. You've finally stopped being in that dream world of yours," a voice defiantly female said to him.

He turned to face the voice but when he did, he couldn't identify the source. It appeared to be a girl but her eyes."Your eyes.they don't have any color."

And in truth her eyes were without any actual color, the color of her face seemed to have flooded the whites and the irises of her eyes.

"Kei, or is it Shinji now. You're a bad person. You're selfish." her words slowly being drowned out as Shinji's vision faded to white.


Opening his eyes again, he felt himself in a bed. 'That was an odd dream, I must have passed out during the test.' Glad to be alive, Shinji sat up.

He was in what looked like a different hospital room than before. It felt nicer, homier. A look to his right was a vision of loveliness. There sat a sleeping woman, a nurse Shinji suspected. The moonlight danced on her features. Her long dark pink hair, rather impressive bust line. He blushed as he compared her bust to Misato's and thought they were about even.

He wondered why he had never met this nurse before, even though he spent so much time in the hospital. "Must be new."

His voice caused the woman to stir and awaken. At seeing him sitting up, she rushed over to his side and hugged him fiercely, again Shinji was reminded of a certain woman who could hug a piece of coal into a diamond.

He was shocked to feel tears washing down his shirt, 'She's crying?'

" something wrong?"

Pushing back from him, "Miss? Kei don't you recognize me? Its Mizaho!"

'Mizaho?' Something about the name caused a slight warming of his heart, "I'm sorry miss Mizaho I don't remember you. Where am I? Is Misato here?"

Mizaho looked crushed, 'This has never happened when Kei 'withdrew' before.I need to get Minoru.'

Before she torn herself away from him, "Kei, you lost your memories? I'm Mizaho Kusanagi, your wife."

Shinji stared at the woman, the woman who had just cried her heart out, and he believed her, he didn't know why he did, but something about how she reacted, made him believe her. "I'm married.miss Mizaho, you called me Kei, my name is Shinji."

Shock registered deeply on her face as a fresh bout of tears started to fall down her face, "This is terrible, what happened to you when you 'withdrew' this time? Please Kei, sit still why I get Minoru. He should be able to tell us what happened to you."

With that Mizaho left the room, leaving Shinji in a state of confusion. 'I'm married? How can that be possible? I've never met that woman. Why does it feel right though? Who is this Minoru? Where is everybody else?'

As he pondered the recent happenings, the door opened again and the light turned on. Before him was his father, but he looked different. Gone were the ever-present glasses and the Nerv uniform. The very air the man had about him was wrong, it wasn't cold and vile, and it was different.

"Father?" Shinji meeped out.

Minoru stopped, "Father? Mizaho he didn't hit his head when he 'withdrew' did he? Kei I'm your uncle, not your father."

It was too much for Shinji to bear; he shook his head and started to cry. "What's going on? Who are you people? Somebody help me."

Mizaho instinctively rushed to his aid and hugged him again, kissing his cheek and trying to sooth him. In re-assuring tones, "We'll get through this Kei, we will. I wont let you go."

Holding to Mizaho like a lifeline, Shinji cried in frustration and fear. His life had changed again, and this time he had no idea what had truly happened.


Well there it is the first chapter.

I'll go into more depth on the Onegai Teacher characters for those of you that don't know the show.

And before you think this is just your average dump Shinji into another anime fic, you're wrong. Shinji will not stay in on 'anime' he will cross between the two. And I prompt you to think. Which reality is real for him? Is he Shinji or is he really Kei? Is he both?

"withdraw" Kei when overly depressed goes into a state of shock where his body is in semi-comatose state, his cells don't age and his body is basically dead.

Singularitis are the point in which space time is torn and a black hole is created.

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