AN: I think one of the biggest struggles the Arrowverse has is what to do with the Supers, generally Superman and Supergirl are under powered, IMO. They will not be here. This was written before Lois was cast in Arrowverse, so I mostly imagined Erica Durance's Lois Lane. Enjoy this Laurel/Clark take on Season 5 of Arrow!

Chapter Two: The Perks of Dating a Super Powered Alien

Clark hasn't been this nervous since he took Lana Lang to their high school prom fourteen years ago. Of course he's dated since then, he's not a monk, but none of those girls knew who or what he really is. He shouldn't be nervous, this is by far his most successful date: he stopped a magic obsessed mad man, saved the girl, watched the girl kick major ass, and finished off the night with good burgers and better company. But he doesn't want to mess this up, and not because Laurel knows he is Superman, but because he really likes her. "So," he begins as they reach her apartment door. "I'm still in town for a few more days to wrap up my articles and I'm free any time. Is that presumptuous? I feel like this went well and it was implied we'd have more dates, right?"

Laurel looks amused as Clark ends with a nervous laugh. Laurel is tall, and she's wearing heeled boots, so she barely has to lean up to place a soft kiss on his lips. It's a chaste kiss, a quick press of lips but it manages to leave his lips tingling and he cannot stop a goofy grin from spreading across his lips. "It went well. Dinner again tomorrow?"

"Yeah, absolutely, I am there."

Laurel grins as she opens her apartment door. "Tomorrow then. Good night!"

"Good night!" Clark responds.

The second after her door closes Clark is out of the apartment building and shooting up into the air. He leaves his clothes on a tall rooftop and takes off in his suit for a patrol to burn off his giddy energy. He's a bit too cheerful as he stops a museum robbery in National City, and he ignores one of the perps speculating if Superman just got laid.

"We missed one, and it's headed straight for Monument Point!" Felicity is on the edge of panic as she types furiously. Lyla is tight with tension as she does her best to remain calm between Felicity and Felicity's father, Noah Kuttler. Laurel waits impatiently for a few moments as the two computer geniuses spout technobabble, but neither seem to be having luck in stopping the missile.

Laurel pulls out her phone from her hidden pocket in her Canary gear. "Don't worry Felicity, we can stop this," she assures as she pulls up Clark's number.

"Don't worry? Who can you possibly be calling to stop a nuclear bomb?" Felicity's voice is shrill with panic.

"Hey Laurel, what's up?" Clark's cheerful voice greets over speakerphone. They haven't had time to meet up since Clark returned to Metropolis, between Superman crises and HIVE activities, but they regularly text and talk.

"Superman," Laurel greets in a no nonsense tone. She's not going to expose Clark's identity to Lyla, a secret government agent, nor Felicity's criminal hacker father. "We've got a situation. There's a nuclear missile headed for Monument Point from Russia. It just passed Midway City."

The sound of wind comes through the speaker and a moment later, "I see it. I've got this." And the line goes dead.

"You know Superman?" Felicity squeaks, mouth hanging open in shock.

Laurel shrugs casually, "You've missed some things." Since Felicity's break up with Oliver, the computer genius has rarely been in the Arrow Cave and the team does their best to respect her space. But when HIVE decided to continue their doomsday plan without Damien Darhk the team had to bring Felicity back into the fold.

"So, what's he like?" Felicity asks, completely distracted from the crisis on the monitors before her.

"I think we have more pressing concerns than how handsome Superman is." Laurel raises an eyebrow at Lyla while Felicity pouts and turns back to the screens.. "What? Superman may not be my jurisdiction, but that doesn't mean ARGUS isn't fully briefed."

"Oh my god!" Felicity gasps, stopping Laurel from wondering just who has jurisdiction with Superman.

"What happened?" Lyla demands.

"He flew it out of the atmosphere and detonated!" Kuttler responds for his shocked daughter.

"Detonated?" Laurel panics, "Is he okay? Can you see him on one of the sensors?"

"I don't know! I'm searching!" Felicity furiously types on her keyboard.

"Can he survive the blast? I know he's supposed to be indestructible, but this was a high yield nuclear bomb." Kuttler questions.

Nobody answers, and nobody looks at Black Canary. She's not exactly a Superman expert, she hasn't tracked down the Daily Planet's exclusive article on Superman after his debut years ago nor has she asked detailed questions on his powers, just whatever he's mentioned himself. She doesn't want to investigate Clark, Clark isn't the only one who wants a regular, normal relationship.

Laurel's heart is pounding with fear, did she just send Clark to his death? Did every man in her life need to be a self-sacrificing hero? She feels sick at the thought of never seeing Clark again. Laurel nearly has a heart attack when Clark's voice comes from behind her. "I can, but it's a hassle being radioactive and having to go through decontamination. Luckily I can also out fly the blast."

Laurel, and the rest of the team, whirl around to see Superman in blue and red with the S shield on his chest looking perfect, not a hair out of place. "You're okay!" Laurel gasps. Clark grins and shrugs. Laurel launches herself at Clark, and he catches her easily. Laurel uses her momentum to reach his lips and pulls him into a kiss. She cannot express how happy she is that she did not send Superman to his death.

"Apparently I've missed a lot of things," Laurel hears Felicity remark.

Laurel pulls away and clears her throat, slightly embarrassed by her reaction. They have only had a handful of dates, yet here Laurel is outing their relationship in front of strangers. But Clark just keeps grinning, "So, what's happening?"

Lyla, Felicity, and even Kuttler all start talking at once, all eager to be the one to explain the HIVE situation. Laurel hides her grin in Clark's shoulder.

"Wow," Laurel marvels at the view, snuggling into Clark's side for warmth. Despite being late May, it's still chilly at the top of the mountain, the cold stings her cheeks but it's easy to ignore when the entire bay area is sprawled out in the distance, Star City's dim lights twinkling merrily, the destruction caused by HIVE weeks ago not noticeable from this distance. They are perched on a wide, flat boulder on a picnic blanket under the bright, star filled sky. Laurel has never seen so many stars. "I don't think I've ever seen the sky like this," She tells Clark.

"This is nothing. The view from the North Pole in winter? Fantastic. But not the kindest environment for most people. Next time I'll take you to the desert or the Rockies, less light pollution."

Laurel hides her grin at 'next time'. Laurel Lance, steadily dating a man who can fly her literally anywhere and the flight is way more intimate than a private jet.

Clark is only wearing a Henley, sleeves pushed up his forearms, and yet he radiates heat. Laurel hasn't seen him without his shirt on yet, and she is just aching to get underneath his clothes. At Laurel's shudder, which doesn't have much to do with the cold, Clark moves for his messenger bag. "Ta dah!" He presents a thermos with a bright grin.

Laurel laughs and accepts the thermos. She unscrews the lid to the smell of hazelnut coffee. "Mmm, this is really good. Is this from Metropolis?"

"Nah, it's from the Jitters in Star City. I stashed a bag in the city, normal clothes and such don't stand up well to flying at high speeds." Clark has clothes stashed in the city just to see her?

"You know, I can think of other ways to warm up," Laurel hints with a mischievous grin.

The hinting goes right over Clark's head: "Oh, would you rather a fire? I can get some logs, but it's a bit breezy up here, I'm not sure how well-"

Laurel, setting aside the thermos, interrupts Clark mid sentence with a kiss. "Oh! Right!" Clark mumbles against her lips, warm arms wrapping around her as she moves to straddle his lap, and responds eagerly to her kiss.

Clark has never had sex with someone who knew he was a super-powered alien. Honestly he hasn't had a lot of sex for that same reason so being with Laurel leaves him a little eager. Laurel doesn't seem to mind his enthusiasm. Laurel lays back on a mound of pillows, a beautiful, panting mess after their latest round. "I may never move again," she tells him with a content sigh.

"What about for food? Are you hungry?"

"Food sounds amazing," Laurel agrees.

"Yeah? Any good Chinese places around?"

"Heaven Dragon delivers, there's a menu on the fridge."

Clark uses Laurel's cell to order, and orders enough for six people. Laurel giggles as Clark repeats his order. "What? I burn like a million calories a day." He tells her after he ends the call.

"Oh god, I feel like a catastrophe and you haven't even broken a sweat," Laurel complains as she gathers her hair into a messy bun.

"No, you're beautiful," Clark tells her honestly. Laurel pulls him into a long kiss muttering, "charmer".

Fifteen minutes later there is a knock at the door interrupting their leisurely make out session. Clark pulls on just his jeans to answer the door while Laurel stretches her glorious, tan figure. His jeans are barely sitting on his hips and he's rifling through his wallet for cash as he opens the apartment door. "What the hell?"

Clark looks up at the rude greeting. He blurts out, "Oh, you're not the delivery guy." Clark has never met the man standing in front of him, but recognizes him instantly from all the pictures around Laurel's apartment. Quentin Lance, former Police Captain, current Deputy Mayor and Laurel's father. "Um, hi?"

"Who the hell are you? Please tell me you are Thea's new boy toy because if not, with god as my witness-"

"Um, why don't I grab Laurel? No, you should wait here-"

"Babe, let's eat on the couch, the bedroom should be declared a disaster zone-Dad?" Laurel makes a timely entrance wearing nothing but Clark's flannel shirt barely buttoned and Clark's missing boxers. "Oh god!" Both father and daughter exclaim. Clark seriously considers faking an emergency so he can fly off. Surely Lois or Jimmy are in some sort of trouble.

"Dad, what are you doing here?"

"I've barely seen you in weeks and I wanted to spend some time with you. I called but you didn't answer, now I see why," Quentin glares at Clark. "Why didn't you tell me you are in... whatever this relationship is?"

"I'm sorry, are you mad at me? I thought keeping things from me was your MO this year. And Clark and I have been dating a little over a month, how long were you and Donna dating before you let Felicity and I stumble onto that?"

"That's different, you're my daughter-" Quentin has moved further into the apartment to face Laurel, who is standing arms crossed glaring at her father. Clark is still standing at the open door when the delivery boy arrives. He looks between the scene inside and gives Clark a sympathetic look.

"Yeah, thanks," Clark says as he hands over cash and accepts the food. The closing of the door catches both father and daughter's attention.

"Oh you're still here? Put a shirt on for Christ's sake."

"Don't you dare talk to him like that!"

"Why don't I put this in the kitchen?" Clark says as he steps carefully around Laurel's father. He doesn't wait for a reply while he flees. And once the food is on the counter he goes looking for his t-shirt. Feeling a bit better about being clothed (and looking at his phone, no alerts from Lois or Jimmy-drat) he heads back to Laurel and Quentin.

"-Of course you should have told me! This town is full of psychopaths, and I still have connections at the station, I can run background checks."

"Uh, sir, let's try this again? I'm Clark Kent," Clark holds his hand out and Quentin stares suspiciously for a moment before shaking.

"Clark Kent. And what do you do Mr. Kent?" Laurel's father goes straight to interrogation.

"I'm a reporter."

"A reporter?" Quentin turns back to Laurel, "Sweetie, a reporter? That's a terrible idea! Even if he's not using you to get a story-and you better not be-you, of all people, should be staying far away from reporters."

Laurel rolls her eyes, "Dad, the Daily Planet hardly cares about Star City politics let alone vigilante activities."

"Daily Planet? What's an east coast boy doing in Star City?" Quentin asks before Laurel's words fully sink in. "Wait, he knows?" Quentin hisses.

"Dad, it's okay. I trust him. Clark wrote that article on me back in May, and then he was a hostage at the prison and recognized me when we stopped Damien Darhk."

"You trust a reporter that knows about you? Is he blackmailing you? If you're blackmailing my daughter I will end you." Clark doesn't doubt Quentin's seriousness.

The Arrow team is the largest number of people that know Clark's identity, and while that makes him vastly uncomfortable he's highly optimistic that this relationship with Laurel will work out. And not having her father gunning for him would probably be for the best. "Metropolis has a few vigilantes of its own."

"I thought they just had that alien clown Superman," Quentin glares.

"There are a few others, but Superman gets the most screen time..." Clark trails off. He's never outright told anyone that he's Superman. He's not sure he can actually form the words, and it's not just because he's never been a fan of the title.

"So you're some Metropolis vigilante, what, in town to pick up tips and my daughter?"

"Dad, could you cool the melodrama?"

"I will not. You're my daughter, and I will do everything in my power to protect you, whether you need it or not." Laurel smiles despite her exasperation. "So, do you actually know that Superman guy? He did stop a nuclear missile when HIVE was trying to destroy the world, so I guess that makes him not-so-bad in my book."

"I didn't technically stop the missile, just forced it out of the atmosphere where it would do the least amount of damage." Shocked silence greets his words. Even Laurel looks floored at what Clark just admitted.

"Are you telling me you're the Superman?" Quentin manages to sputter.

"Dad, how do you think I contacted Superman?" Laurel asks, she takes a step between her father and Clark, like her father might be wielding kryptonite, not that either of them even know about kryptonite.

"I never really thought about it, you know there was a lot going on at the time, you might remember how Darhk wanted to kill you because I was spying on him?" Quentin sighs and studies Clark for a moment. "Well, you don't look like an alien."

"Well, we come in all shapes and sizes," Clark tries for light-hearted.

"Wait, are you saying there's more aliens than you on this planet?"

Quentin is a former cop, of course that's what he latches on to. Clark only personally knows two other aliens, his nineteen year old cousin that he'll do anything to protect and a Martian parading as a DEO agent that he has a very tentative accord with. There is also a crashed kryptonian prison full of inmates, but wherever the escaped prisoners are they are very good at keeping off Superman's radar. "Um, no?"

Oliver stands slouched outside Laurel's door as Laurel answers the door, until he catches sight of who is in Laurel's kitchen. He immediately straightens up and puffs out his chest. Laurel barely restrains an eye roll. "Wait, what's he doing here?" Oliver gestures to Clark. Clark looks up from the mixing bowl and waves with the spatula. God, sometimes he's so adorable Laurel wants to squeeze him into a hug until her arms are sore. Or drag him off into her bedroom and have her way with him. Or both. Laurel shakes herself from her fantasy and returns her attention to Oliver's wary glare. "Well, it's date night."

Oliver visibly starts. "This is real? This is a thing, you and a super strong alien we know nothing about?"

"Generally the point of dating is to get to know someone, so yes, this is a thing. A thing that you have no say in."

"Laurel," Oliver whispers tensely, "he could hurt you, and you wouldn't be able to stop him. He's inhumanly strong, fast, can fly, light things on fire with a look, who knows what else!"

"Don't forget super hearing!" Clark calls from the kitchen. Oliver gives her a look, see what I mean?

Laurel looks over at Clark, wearing an apron in her kitchen, with flour smudged on his cheek and rolling cookie dough balls onto a baking sheet. Not exactly the image of a hostile, invading alien. She gives Oliver one of her no nonsense looks, "What stops you from shooting me full of arrows?"

"I would never hurt you."

"Yeah, well, neither would Clark." Oliver still looks doubtful. "You trust the Flash, and he is pretty much like Clark but with less powers."

"I Knew the Flash before he was the Flash, I know who he is as a person. That is completely different."

"Well, you'll just have to trust me that I know Clark and who he is as a person." Oliver still looks mulish. "Is this because you can't shoot him with arrows, like you did when training Arsenal or Flash?"

"What? No! Of course not," Oliver's voice takes a higher tone and then he clears his throat, obviously looking for a subject change.

"I've got a batch about to come out of the oven, Oliver, do you want one?" Clark asks. Oliver nods and steps past Laurel into the apartment, secretly wondering if he can fit in an unnoticed trip to Gotham to get the real dirt on Superman.

"So, what's sex with Superman like?"

"Felicity!" Oliver objects. Laurel glances around at the group, they're all together for a Sunday brunch at Felicity's loft. Thankfully, her father and Donna are on the other side of the room near the fireplace chatting with Lyla and John. Only Oliver, Thea, Felicity and Curtis are with Laurel at the kitchen island. They are drinking mimosas while Oliver works an omelette bar, well, Laurel's mimosa is orange juice and fizzy apple cider, same as her father.

"I mean, can he even have sex? He looks human but what does he look like under his clothes? Does he even have compatible parts?" Felicity continues, ignoring her former fiancee's objections.

"Yes, he has compatible parts," Laurel laughs.

"Does he? That brings up some interesting theories on how life started in the universe, if an alien species can pass so well as human." Curtis looks like he could talk about the science of Clark's anatomy all afternoon.

"Very compatible. I swear a few times the very foundation of our building shakes." Thea leans in to conspire. Felicity mouths the word 'wow'.

"Shakes the foundation? I think I would notice that."

Thea continues, ignoring Laurel. "And, he makes a fantastic breakfast spread. I have to get an extra workout in when he's staying over."

"Now that is true." Laurel nods.

"So is there any downside?" Felicity asks.

"Well, there's the whole, we live on opposite sides of the country thing, and he's also a superhero so that means we get a lot of interruptions."

"Can we discuss something other than Laurel's sex life?" Oliver tries to object again.

"Wait, no, but I want to hear more!" Curtis and Felicity manage the same pout at Oliver.

Oliver growls and stalks off leaving an omelette frying in the pan. They all glance at the abandoned food before Laurel finally gives in: "I will say this, he's got an amazing tongue, tireless, and has the stamina of a machine."

Felicity squeals.

"The evidence on the Chambers case has been... misplaced."

"Misplaced!? Did they really have the nerve to say misplaced?" Laurel fumed. Sometimes she really wanted to smash everything in her office with a Canary baton. HIVE was destroyed, the League of Assassins disbanded, Slade Wilson in prison, so why is their city still falling apart? Why are the police in the worst shape they've ever been in? Laurel takes a deep breath, doing her best to remain calm in front of ADA Adrian Chase. A knock on her open office door nearly undoes the calm. "What?" She snaps, turning on her heel, only to be greeted with one of the best sights in the world: Clark Kent. "Clark?" Laurel gapes. It's the middle of a weekday, how is Clark Kent at her office?

"Hey, bad time?" Clark is wearing work clothes: navy slacks, plaid shirt and solid tie, and he has a bouquet of flowers haphazardly hidden behind his back.

"No! Well, sort of. What are you doing in Star City?"

"LexCorp is making a bid for Palmer Tech. Lois and I are covering the story. We got the assignment this morning and I thought I would surprise you?" Clark holds out the bouquet tentatively with an adorable smile. Laurel's frustration with Star City Police Department melts away.

"These are beautiful, thank you," Laurel accepts the flowers, the bouquet is made up of yellow sunflowers, orange lilies, blue cornflowers, and white gerbera daisies. So very Clark Kent.

Laurel catches sight of Andy hovering in her doorway with a vase, "I'll take care of them for you."

"Great, thank you, Andy." Laurel hands over the bouquet. Once Andy's back is turned Laurel leans up for a quick kiss.

"So, the Chambers case?" Adrian interrupts. Laurel honestly forgot the other man was in her office.

"Oh, sorry, Clark, this is ADA Adrian Chase, Adrian this is Clark Kent, my boyfriend." Laurel is fairly sure that's the first time she's said it out loud, it's both weird and amazing. They've been dating five months now, but since Clark Kent lives in Metropolis and it would be awkward to explain how he is Star City so often, they rarely go out anywhere either of them will be recognized.

"Hi," Clark holds out his hand and Adrian meets his in a firm shake.

"A pleasure. I actually didn't know Laurel was seeing someone."

"I don't see how that's relevant to work," Laurel says at the same time as Andy says, "five months!" As he breezes back into her office with her bouquet. Laurel rolls her eyes. Her secretary Andy is the champion of her relationship with Clark, he feels responsible for them meeting even though he merely scheduled their first meeting, it was the former DA who forced Laurel to take the fateful interview.

"It's long distance," Clark adds.

"Adrian, I want you to review the chain of evidence on the Chambers case against similar cases, maybe see if we can finally find out who the weak link over at police plaza is."

"Right away," Adrian snaps the file he has open closed and leaves her office. Andy follows him out, and winks as he closes the office door behind him. She's not sure what that would help, her walls are all glass overlooking the other offices.

"So, I should probably run too, no doubt Lois is trying to sneak into Palmer Tech's R&D lab to see why Lex is interested. Maybe we can do dinner tonight?"

"Hopefully? There's some sort of gala tonight I have to make an appearance at. Plus Oliver and I are training some new recruits."

"Hey, no worries. We'll figure it out," Clark grins. Laurel can't resist leaning up for another kiss.

Clark is leaning against the bar sipping a beer while Lois glares at Lex Luthor across the room over the rim of her glass of gin. Alcohol has no effect on Clark, but after listening to Lex and Lois snipe at each other most of the day Clark has wishful thinking. "Lois, do you think you might be overreacting a tiny, teeny bit?" Clark asks, knowing it'll have a bad reaction but hoping that after Lois gets some anger off her chest she'll stop scaring the locals.

"Are you out of your mind? Smallville, it's like you didn't even read your own research! Palmer Technologies is the former Queen Consolidated, and Queen Consolidated made iffy technology like an earthquake machine that killed five hundred people. Do you really want that kind of technology falling into Lex's hands?" Lois seethed. Five years ago, Clark would have defended Lex Luthor but now Clark isn't so sure. Lex usually doesn't start out with evil intentions, but his good intentions have been known to have disastrous results.

"Clark? Clark!" Clark is saved by a familiar energetic blonde.

"Felicity!" Clark greets as Felicity reaches his side. Felicity ignores Clark's outstretched hand for a shake and hugs him.

"What are you doing in Star City?" She asks as she pulls away. Lois has an eyebrow raised at the familiar greeting.

"Felicity, meet Lois Lane. Lois, this is Felicity Smoak. We're covering the LexCorp buyout attempt on Palmer Tech."

"Oh wow, Lois Lane! I subscribe to the Daily Planet ever since Clark's piece on Palmer Tech and wow, your expose on that sex trafficking ring on the east coast? Brilliant. You are amazing!" Felicity gushes as she shakes Lois's hand.

"Felicity Smoak? Former CEO of Palmer Tech? You wouldn't happen to have any insight into the board's deliberations, would you?"

"Oh, they can all go to hell. Oh my god! Please keep that off the record! No, I don't have any insight since they kicked me out." Felicity laughs nervously and eyes Clark for a rescue.

"So, Felicity, how've you been?" Clark asks, he may see Laurel as often as possible, but the rest of the Arrow crew Clark hasn't seen in months.

"And, if you are on the outs of the board, why are you at a joint city and business shindig to impress Lex Luthor?" Lois cuts in.

Felicity squeaks nervously before replying, "I'm just a plus one tonight. I am currently dating a member of the mayor's elite anti-crime unit."

"Hmm," Lois looks like she is debating whether taking the blonde apart is worth it anymore. Clark motions for the bartender to bring Lois another drink, hopefully Felicity can slip away once the drink arrives. "Any insight into this alleged Laurel Lance? Clark is gaga over this girl, but I'm starting to think she doesn't exist."

"Oh! Laurel is one of my closest friends, and her dad is dating my mother. Not that any of that is relevant. She's just over there arguing with Oliver. Not arguing! The DA and Mayor have a great relationship! Well, not a relationship, relationship, a working relationship. Nothing romantic. Clark has no competition in that field."

"Thanks, Felicity," Clark responds trying not to laugh.

"I'm sorry, but she's so scary!" Felicity whispers. Lois towers over Felicity even though both are wearing heels. Lois is dressed to impress and intimidate in a dark grey Alexander McQueen tapered pants suit with red Louboutin heels. Lois has never been afraid to speak her mind or barge into dangerous situations, she grew up on military bases and Clark hasn't ever seen her scared or even nervous, not even when face to face with a murderous robot.

"That's Laurel Lance? Damn, Smallville, she is way out of your league," Lois says as she sips her new drink and studies the blonde across the room.

"Whoa, that hardly seems fair," Felicity mumbles.

Laurel does look fantastic, she's wearing a figure hugging forest green dress that stops below her knees and shows off her toned calves. Her hair is swept to the side and held with a clip and Clark wants nothing more to nuzzle into her exposed neck.

As if Laurel can sense their scrutiny she looks in their direction. Her face brightens and she offers a small wave. She says something to Oliver ("We'll finish this later." Clark isn't intentionally listening in, but his senses hone in on Laurel subconsciously these days.) and starts to make their way through the crowd towards them. "Clark!" She greets with a soft kiss to Clark's cheek.

Clark, despite being with Laurel for nearly half a year, blushes. "You look amazing," he tells her.

"Everything okay over there?" Felicity asks and nods into Oliver's direction. Even Clark can tell Oliver's smile is fake as he is roped into a conversation with a group of stodgy looking old white men.

"Oh yeah, just a difference of opinion on training techniques of our new joint interns."

"Ugh, tell me about it," Felicity mumbles.

Clark, recognizing code for their new vigilante recruits, speaks up before Lois can bite into joint interns. "Laurel, I want you to meet my partner Lois Lane. Lois, this is Laurel Lance, youngest District Attorney in Star City history."

"Lois, a pleasure to finally meet you. Clark mentions you often," Laurel greets.

"Likewise. You're definitely not what I expected," Lois replies, ever blunt.

Laurel just raises an eyebrow before turning back to Clark. "Can you sneak away yet? I haven't eaten a real meal yet today, and there's a Big Belly just a few blocks away."

Clark glances at Lois, she rolls her eyes and nods. Clark grins at Laurel, "I'm all yours."

It isn't until he and Laurel are walking into Big Belly Burgers that Clark remembers he left poor Felicity alone with Lois.

Laurel watches the Legends crew pop into existence. Despite the seriousness of the situation (alien invasion! Laurel, who is dating an alien, is having a hard time wrapping her mind around the concept), Laurel is excited to see her sister. "I'm worried we won't be enough," Laurel hears Barry sigh as the ship lands outside the STAR Labs hanger.

"Well, maybe we need an alien of our own," Oliver replies and gives Laurel a significant look. Laurel nods back at him with a grin, proud that Oliver, despite not being a fan of Superman, can put aside his differences for the fate of the world.

"Wait, you guys know an alien?" Barry asks curiously.

"Just wait, c'mon, let's gather everyone. Laurel will call in the big guns."

"Wait, you guys know Superman?" Barry gasps as Laurel walks into the hanger with Superman following only minutes later. The three teams are gathered in a half circle, and their expressions ranging from awestruck to skeptical. Barry zips over, Laurel barely moves out of the way in time. "Oh my god. Superman. I'm Flash Allen. Barry Allen! The Flash. Hello Superman," Barry stumbles over his words as he shakes Clark's hand.

"Just Clark is fine," Clark responds with a smile.

"Everyone, meet Clark Kent, the Superman." Laurel introduces.

"Superman? And what makes you so super?" Mick Rory snorts.

Clark takes into the air and hovers in the ground, his eyes start to glow and he lasers his shield into the hanger floor.

"Well… that is pretty super." Mick admits, looking impressed.

Laurel wishes she could curl up with a glass of wine to unwind from the crazy week she's had, but she knows that she wouldn't be able to stop at one glass. Nor is Clark around, he is back in Metropolis writing an article on the invasion and making Superman appearances to keep the peace and reassure the public. So Laurel settles for over the counter drugs to combat her budding headache. But before Laurel can open her bottle of aspirin there's a knock at her door. Laurel sets the aspirin down and heads for the door. She does glance through the peephole before opening her door, aliens might be taken care of but Prometheus is still running around Star City.

"Oliver?" Laurel greets questioningly as she opens the door. Despite the late hour Thea wasn't home, she had gone to the office after a quick shower to triage the Mayor's office. Laurel wasn't worried about the District Attorney office, Adrian Chase is very capable and Laurel doesn't doubt he handled any problems that rose up in her absence.

"Hey, can I come in?" Oliver asks hesitantly. Laurel lets him in and Oliver paces her living room for a few moments before speaking again. "I want to talk to you about the dream we had."

"Dream? Do you mean the shared alien-induced hallucination?" Both Sara and Thea had filled her in on the shared 'dream' while they were held captive by the Dominators. Laurel had been so worried about her friends and sister while she had been stuck trying to help Curtis and Felicity unlock alien technology. They had thought Laurel might have some insight since she was dating an alien, but the only alien thing she had ever touched was Clark's suit.

"So you know?"

"That you all dreamed we were getting married? Yes. It makes sense, in a way, if they had gone with a wedding between you and Felicity, why would Sara and Ray be there? And John as the Arrow? I wish I could have seen that." Laurel prattles on, hoping to convey that she doesn't care so he shouldn't care and they can avoid an awkward conversation.

"The dream made me realize some things..." a sense of dread fills Laurel, she could really use that drink to get through this conversation. Oliver squares his shoulders, gathering confidence, "About you and I. about how much I miss you. Miss us. I was a fool to ever let you go."

Now Laurel wants to smash something. "How dare you," she hisses. "Every time I get my life back together, every time I get just a bit of happiness, you come crashing in."

"That's not-"

"I never said a word when you started dating Felicity, I was supportive to both of you during your relationship. Do you think that didn't kill me? That I wasn't still gone for you? I've never stopped loving you but I just wanted you to be happy. But now that I've finally-finally-moved on, you want me again? Clark and I are great. He's amazing, he thinks I'm amazing, and despite some serious self-sacrificing tendencies he's never wanted to leave me because he feels he isn't good enough, or whatever bullshit you spewed after Tommy's death. I lov-" Laurel stops herself, realizing what she was about to say. And it hits her: I love Clark. She loves her superpowered alien boyfriend who geeks out over Star Wars and cringes at zombie movies. His brilliant smile, his expressive blue eyes, his tendency to cuddle, his drooling habit when he actually falls into a deep sleep.

"Oh," she blinks at Oliver. Oliver has a mournful expression on his face. "Look... I think you and I should take a break."

"A break from what?" Oliver asks hesitantly.

"I'm going to name Adrian Chase as the mayor's office liaison. I won't step back from Black Canary, I'll still help train the recruits and track down Prometheus, but we need less Arrow-Canary one on one time."

Oliver's sad puppy dog eyes a year ago, heck six months ago, would have had Laurel caving. She would have pulled Oliver into a hug, her heart, her bedroom. But things are different now. Laurel has finally moved on from Oliver Queen.

Oliver leaves without a fight. Laurel breathes a sigh of relief as she shuts the door and heads back towards her kitchen only to be faced with a mirror image of herself, smirking. "Well, that makes my job easier."

The wake of the Dominator invasion left Clark very busy, between catching up on his Daily Planet work (Perry White was overworking all of them for the best stories, angry that the aliens hadn't started in Metropolis), making public Superman appearances to assuage fears, and debriefing with Batman. So when he finally does have a break to head over to Star City, he pit stops in Zurich for a box of Teuscher chocolate truffles and then a flower shop a few blocks from Laurel's apartment for a bouquet of seasonal flowers before heading to her place to surprise her.

Laurel answers her door and seems more startled than happy to see him. "Clark?" She asks hesitantly.

"Hey," he scans her apartment, looking for her father's familiar skeleton to explain her hesitation, but there's no other people, not even Thea. "Is everything okay?"

Laurel seems to shake herself out of whatever funk she's in, and smiles warmly at him, but something still seems off to Clark. "Sorry, just surprised. I wasn't expecting to see you. These are beautiful, thank you." She accepts the offered bouquet and chocolates and Clark presses a soft kiss on her cheek before following her into the apartment.

"I'm sorry I haven't been by sooner, the Planet has been swamped. Perry was furious that the aliens chose Central City as their invasion starting point. Apparently he thinks all aliens must stop in Metropolis first." Clark jokes. Laurel's posture is relaxed as she hunts through her kitchen cabinets for a vase. Clark hands her a glass vase from the top pantry shelf, bemused. "How is work, did Adrian keep the city together while you were in Central?"

"Everything is great, Adrian handled everything perfectly… is this German?" Laurel asks as she studies the box of chocolates.

"Fresh from Zurich. Are you sure you're okay? Something feels weird, was it because of the run in with hostile aliens? I can understand if the situation with the Dominators is making you rethink—"

Laurel cuts Clark off with a kiss. She yanks him down to her level, Clark willingly follows and allows the rough and wild kiss. Her nails run down his neck to the collar of his button up shirt and then she's clawing open his shirt. "Oh, hello!" Laurel murmurs as she studies Clark's bare chest and abs. His armor is packed, mostly for this reason.

Clark feels a scar he knows Laurel shouldn't have, questions, she screams him out a window.

Clark lays in the dirty alley surrounded by shards of glass, he's not hurt but he is stunned at the force of the canary cry. The canary cry that Laurel performed without any device. His phone is undamaged when he pulls it out of his jeans' pocket and he scrolls through his phone for Felicity's number. She answers on the second ring, "Hey, Felicity, something really weird just happened."

Clearly Tahlia's newest batch of recruits were not the same caliber as himself and Oliver Queen. Adrian Chase tries to keep his temper under control as the shrouded figure reports, "It is inexpiable. This bumbling reporter keeps managing to dodge our attempts to snatch him. There was even one occasion where he went into a phone booth and never came back out. Three of us had been watching."

"So he realized you were tailing him?" Adrian asks, breathing evenly to keep his voice calm.

"I don't believe so. He is very unaware of his surroundings. Just yesterday he collided with a woman carrying groceries in his apartment building atrium. There were eggs and broccoli crowns everywhere."

Adrian sighs, closing his eyes and counting to ten. He would go to Metropolis himself to capture Clark Kent, but as the main assistant district attorney liaising with the mayor's office, he can't take a trip across the country without anyone noticing. The murder of one of Metropolis' beloved Daily Planet reporters by the Green Arrow would have been a crown jewel in his torment of Oliver Queen. No doubt Laurel would never forgive her long time friend. And the national storm of media it would have brought down on both Oliver Queen and the Green Arrow would have been amazing. But alas, Talia's incompetent students have been failing for over two weeks to catch one Midwestern farm boy. Adrian would have to move on to Plan B, Felicity Smoak's cop boyfriend. How unfortunate.

(Also see:

Clark is about to duck into an alley when he feels something hit his neck. He catches the dart as it falls away from his invulnerable skin, needle bent from impact. Is this a tranquilizer? He frowns and then scans his surroundings, nothing looks out of the ordinary, no one lurking in a windowless van or in ninja get up. He focuses into his x-ray vision, concentrating through buildings and across the bay to the Wayne Enterprises building. It doesn't take long to lock onto a familiar skeleton, so many broken bones, some healed properly and some not, make Batman a distinct figure. Bruce is in his office, slouched back in a chair... napping? Clearly he isn't running some sort of test or drill on Clark. Or is he and he's being over nonchalant? Clark shakes his head, clearing his concentrated vision and scans his surroundings again. Still nothing. He shrugs, pockets the dart, and ducks into the alley faster than the human eye can follow, ready to respond to the cry for help that originally caught his attention.)

Clark is propping up an unstable, partially destroyed roof of a school while aid workers swarm around him rescuing the elementary school children from debris when his Team Arrow communicator starts chirping. He doesn't realize it's going off, his senses are tuned into the bodies around him and he is x-raying his surroundings to make sure no survivors are missed, until a small girl tugs on his cape. "Superman, you should answer that. It could be your mama, worried about you," she tells him matter of factly in Spanish, face smudge in dirt but healthy and hale.

"Oh, thank you, I will," he responds, not bothering to correct the small girl that Superman is an orphan, refugee alien and last son of Krypton. He doesn't answer until the last aid worker is out and he's sure everyone is clear. He lets go of the roof and it collapses. It's still chaos around him, the earthquake that shook Mexico City registered as a 7.1 and Clark had been on scene for hours already helping dig out survivors. There are still plenty of people to rescue, but he takes a moment to answer the communicator. Even though Adrian Chase is in custody, it is May so there could be some other evildoer setting off nuclear bombs in Star City. "Overwatch?"

"It's Green Arrow, actually," Oliver's gravelly voice greets him.

"What's wrong?" Clark asks, ready to spring into action. The Green Arrow was almost on Batman levels of ridiculousness in insisting Superman stay out of Star City affairs, unless it involved world-wide destruction like HIVE. So if Oliver was asking for help, something must be terribly wrong.

"Adrian Chase has kidnapped the team."

"What do you mean 'the team?' Like, the whole team? And how did he escape?"

"The how isn't important, but he has everyone: Black Canary, Spartan, Mad Dog, Mr. Terrific, Overwatch, and even Thea, Captain Lance and… my son," Oliver's voice cracks.

Clark didn't even know Oliver Queen had a son, but he couldn't focus on that when Laurel was the first name listed. "What do you need me to do?"

"I'm gathering some unlikely allies, but I could really use you as my ace."

Clark spends the next twelve hours in Mexico, helping dig out survivors. It's slow work, he has to be careful with his super strength in the unstable debris, but it keeps his mind from panicking over Laurel and the others. He could beat Oliver to the island, be there in minutes while Oliver's flight takes nearly twelve hours. But Adrian Chase has contingencies for everything, and Superman flying in without backup could make the deranged man murder everyone in spite.

He arrives at Lian Yu later than anticipated, but at least he's confident that he is leaving the earthquake impacted area in good hands. All trapped survivors are either rescued or located and just need digging out. He doesn't have any guilt about leaving the scene.

Superman hovers over the island, high in the sky, he turns on his communicator but doesn't announce his presence in case Oliver or one of his 'unlikely' allies is compromised. He listens carefully, trying to focus on the familiar: Laurel's voice and heartbeat. Her heart rate is steady, and she sounds annoyed as she snaps at someone. He uses his x-ray vision and sees Laurel's skeleton with several others. She's fine for now, and Clark knows Laurel can handle herself, so he widens his senses to track down Oliver's preteen son. But his x-ray vision picks up something else, and it gets worse as he scans the island. "Green Arrow, we have a problem," Clark hails.

"Just one?" Comes the dry response.

Clark focuses on him, he's in the same old temple as Laurel, just a different area, and he's with one man, who asks, "Who you talkin' to, kid?"

"The whole island is laced with explosives," Clark answers Oliver.


"It's excessive, but roughly every fifty square feet has some sort of C4 explosive device. I'm no expert, but they look radio controlled."

"Fuck," Oliver curses. He relays the information to the other man. "Any chance you can disarm?"

"I'm not exactly an expert. And tampering with one could set them all off."

"Have you found my son?"

"I think so, there's a young kid on a small boat at a dock. He's unharmed."

There's a breath of relief, "Okay, Slade and I will stick with the plan to free the others. You stay with my son, see if you can get him out of there without setting off the explosives."

Clark keeps an ear tuned into Oliver as Slade (the Slade Wilson?) 'betrays' Oliver and Oliver hand over a new, modified canary cry to Laurel while Clark slowly approaches the boat and scans for anything that could set the whole island ablaze. When Oliver confronts Chase, and Chase escapes, Clark makes his move. He can see Chase's skeleton making his way towards the boat. "Oliver, order everyone to the plane that Thea and the others are already heading to. I'll bring your son there and I'll get everyone off the island."

"Okay, I'm following Adrian, I'll keep him distracted until everyone is clear." Oliver replies.

Clark lands on the boat, the cabin is locked but Clark breaks the lock with a flick of his wrist on the doorknob. There's a young, blonde boy huddled with his head in his knees, but he peeks up at the noise and then gasps, "Superman?!"

"Hi William, I'm a friend of your dad's and I'm here to rescue you."

"My dad?" the kid is instantly wary, "that man said he was a friend of my dad's."

That man can only be Adrian Chase. "That man is definitely not a friend of your father's. Oliver has better taste than that," Clark says with a smile. "But how about I take you to your mom?" the kid nods, and slowly leaves the cabin.

William's trepidation disappears once they are in the air, "Wow, you really are Superman!" He says in awe as Clark slowly flies them toward the plane the others are gathering at. He sees that Adrian isn't far from the boat, and Oliver is hot on his heels, but still they only have a few minutes before Chase realizes he no longer has Oliver's son. The team is all gathered in the clearing the plane is parked in but no one is actually on the plane, instead they're arguing.

William whoops as they descend fast enough to feel like an amusement park ride, catching the attention of the group. "Superman!" Laurel is the first to get over the shock of his appearance, followed by a pretty brunette that cries, "William!"

"Hi mom!" Clark sets William down gently and the boy takes off to his mother.

"We don't have much time before Adrian Chase realizes he no longer has William, everyone needs to get on the plane," Superman orders.

"Sorry, Supes, this plane isn't going anywhere." John Diggle holds up something electronic and important looking. "It's been sabotaged."

"Don't worry I have this, everyone on the plane." Still no one moves. Usually Clark in Superman mode has people scramble to obey him.

"Is fixing planes one of your superpowers?" John asks skeptically. "This isn't a John Deer tractor."

"No, but lifting heavy things is one of my superpowers and we're losing time," Clark checks over his shoulder, Adrian is at the boat, starting the ignition and Oliver is chasing him down the dock.

"C'mon, everyone on the plane, Superman can catch an airplane falling out the sky, getting one into the sky should be much easier. Now move!" Laurel orders, and everyone scrambles to obey the blonde. She flashes him a bright smile as she boards last.

As soon as the door is shut Clark braces himself off beneath the plane and pushes. He has to be slow in the application of force, too much too quickly will result in him punching through the plane, but he manages to rise slowly with the plane into the air. He's only about fifty feet into the air when Chase, realizing William is gone, puts a gun to his head and yells at Oliver about losing everyone. Clark puts on a burst of speed. His hands warp the metal, but the steel holds and they rise another hundred feet before Chase pulls the trigger. The force of the explosion pushes the plane off balance, and Clark struggles to keep his grip on the rocking plane as flames lick at his feet, but he manages to keep the plane steady.

Lian Yu is luckily in an island chain, and Clark flies the plane, slowly, over Oliver's boat to the next island just south of Lian Yu. He sets the plane down on the beach as Oliver steers the boat into the shallows.

"Everyone is fine," Clark reassures the blonde man as he splashes through the shallows.

The plane door opens, and Slade hops out. "Shit, Kid, you know Superman?"

"Actually, I know Superman," Laurel says as she follows Slade. Laurel grins at him and Clark can't resist pulling her into his arms, thankful that she is safe.