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(Sam and Dean are driving back home. Dean looks at Sam, knowingly. But there is nothing more that words can say. Sam is rubbing the pinky that the ring had been on; feeling its emptiness. Dean could tell by that lost look in his eyes that Sam was blaming himself, and his heart went out to his little brother, who doesn't deserve to suffer like this and never seems to get a break.)

Dean: It wasn't your fault, you know?

(But Sam wouldn't engage. They've had this exact conversation before, and Sam is in no mood to have it again.)

Sam: Shut up, Dean.

(It took Dean a moment to realize what Sam was thinking, but Dean knew he had to snap Sammy out of this, or he just might end up like Paul.)

Dean: Bitch

(Sam doesn't answer right away. But it made him stop, and think, though he didn't want to. Sam is a very deep and spiritual man; and it seems he's always feeling guilty for any part he has in any harm done, especially to those who are innocents. Like his brother before him; his father instilled in Sam a peculiar realm of right and wrong; of justice, and vengeance. For Dean, these ideals were cut and dry, but not for Sam; who always tried too hard, and thought too much. Sam instinctively knew he had to think twice because he was corrupted by evil; he just didn't know why or how, and even though his blood has since been purified; and all the evil has been cleansed and purged from his body; Sam still tends to think along the same lines as he did in his troubled past. Sam realizes that he must now force himself out of his dread, before he can truly appreciate Dean's word, and respond in kind.)

Sam: Jerk

(Two words, two small words that represented a bond between two brothers; a connection that was somehow larger than the universe itself; unending, unbreakable, undeniable; this was something for Sam to hold onto; and on that long drive home, Dean periodically watched as that lost look focused into something worth living for.)

[The End]

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