Eternally dancing

Warnings/notes : Schuldich pov, Crawford x Aya

Disclaimer : I don't own Weiss Kreuz.

written at 5th march 2003, by Misura



That is the first word that comes to mind when I think of the two people I'm watching.

They know I'm there of course, or at least they should.

It's not like I try to hide or anything.

In the, shall we say, heat of battle though they might have forgotten me.

And the other persons looking at them.

They are completely wrapt up in their own small world, in which a mistake might be fatal.

We, the onlookers, don't dare to interfere for exactly that reason.

Of course, it's also a lot more entertaining to watch the spectacle than to try and kill someone, who'll probably return the favor and get your clothes dirty.

But that's just my personal opinion.


Red hair flying and amethyst eyes burning.

There's a rare passion in those eyes, that normally show so little of the soul behind them.

A desire to kill, the fires of hatred.

A wish to cherish, the dangerous longing for someone to understand.

He moves like a cat showing of his suppleness and gracefulness.

A born dancer, and a pleasure to watch.

Far too easy to forget how lethal he can be if he chooses.

Currently he chooses not to.

Make no mistake ; if he could he would still kill his partner.

But it's not his aim, he doesn't dance to end a life.

He dances for the dance's sake. Because he enjoys it.

Beautiful in a different way is the other person I'm watching.

Nothing reminding you of fire here, no visible feelings.

Cold eyes, giving nothing away about the person behind them.

His moves are economic, just enough to prevent the other one's katana from touching him.

And yet he too moves with grace. With beauty.

And yet he too doesn't kill, doesn't intend to do so either.

While their dance nears its ending, the shields around his mind grow weaker, revealing what's behind them, hidden for most other people.

I can see now but I know it will not be for long.

Maybe they once really hated eachother, I don't know.

It's highly unlikely it was like this from the beginning.

Hatred can become obsession, obsession can turn into lust. Or love, if you prefer.

Two people, thought of by most people as utterly cold and heartless, both tortured by such strong feelings.

Naturally neither of them admits to having them.

Denial though can never be maintained forever.

Especially not when a certain bored telepath is in a match-making kind of mood and more than willing to help two poor souls along.

I don't expect them to thank me for it, but watching them will make my efforts more than worthwhile, I'm sure.

And it would be such a shame, such a waste if they just kept up this act.

If they just kept on dancing eternally, never touching, never reaching out to eachother.

I can't allow that to happen.

A last look, and then the inevitable words of departure.


: Schuldich, get moving! We're leaving. Weiss will not be able to complete their mission ; Nagi and Farfarello have already escorted the intended victim to safety. :

Excuse me please, I have to leave now.

I'm a busy person, you know.

So many minds to read, twist and influence.

So many rights to wrong, and wrongs to right.

No wonder I get headaches on such a regular base.


Endnote : Or maybe tbc? I actually like Crawford x Schuldich better than Crawford x anyone else.