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Devil's Advocates Chapter 1

Meeting The Sister


Sixteen-year-old Rika Nonaka sighed impatiently as she stared impulsively at the clock in her family's living room. It wasn't easy waiting for someone, especially when that someone was your sister that your parents never even bothered to tell you about for sixteen years. But now, she knew about her delinquent sister who had been living with her father the whole time her parents had been divorced.

Apparently, her mother had given birth to twins, but after a couple of months, she and her husband had divorced because things weren't working out between them. Rika's father had kept her sister or twin so to speak, and her mother had kept her. Even when her father had visited her when she was young, Rika had no idea that she was a part of something much greater than herself, she was a twin. Everyone had kept that secret away from her for years, until it finally was revealed during an argument between Rumiko Nonaka and her ex-husband on the phone.


"What!? What do you mean you want her to come live with us? What will Rika say when she finds out that we've being keeping a secret from her all of this time?" Rumiko yelled into the family's cordless phone as she paced up and down the room. Rika, she thought, had gone for a walk to clear her mind off homework, and Seiko, Rika's grandmother was in the next room watching television.

On the other line, Rumiko could hear faint whispering coming from the room her ex-husband was in. She was getting quite impatient to say the least.

After listening to her ex-husbands pathetic excuses about money and limited time, Rumiko considered having her daughter coming to live with them and was now trying to think of what to tell Rika. After realising the other end had become silent, she answered that she needed time to tell Rika about her sister and if she was ok with it, then they could arrange something.

Rumiko hung up the phone and turned around to walk out of the room when she froze instantly. Rika was standing in the hallway, leaning against a partially opened door, with a slight frown on her face. "Tell me what?"

~*End Flashback~*

Her mother had explained to her that she had a sister named Alicia who had been living with their father for sixteen years straight. And now, she was coming to live with them because her father was too weak to take care of one child. How pathetic.

Rika had told her friends, the other Tamers, about Alicia and how she was coming to live with them. Everyone, especially Kazu, was pumping her for information about her, but Rika couldn't answer any of their questions because she didn't know anything about her sister. And frankly, she didn't want to, either.

Hearing a car creep up the drive slowly, Rika shot her head up and walked cautiously towards the door. She took a deep breath and opened it, revealing her front garden and the familiar silver car that Rika recognised as her mother's car. 'This is it.' She thought to herself as her mother opened to door of the car, followed slowly by the passenger.

Bit by bit of Alicia Nonaka was revealed as she stepped out of the car's passenger side and swung her bag over her shoulders and onto her back. Obviously, she was Rika's age and looked hauntingly like her. She had shoulder length, reddish-orange hair, which was mostly covered with plain blue bandana, and ice violet eyes that flashed with attitude. Alicia was wearing a three-quarter light blue top, with dark blue three-quarter jeans. She wore a spike bracelet high up on her arm and Rika noticed that she had a pierced navel.

Instead of moving to help her mother with the suitcases in the back of the car, Rika just stood there staring at her sister. The resemblance between the two was uncanny, even if Alicia had been living with their father for the past sixteen years.

Seiko walked out the house to greet her granddaughter and to help her with her gear. After she had met her grandmother for the first time face-to- face, Alicia, having nothing else to do, decided to face the music and meet her sister. Rika appeared to be deciding whether or not to be warm and welcoming or not, despite what her mother had said to her about curtesy and all that crap. Finally her pride took over her. "So, I guess you're Alicia, then."

Alicia looked Rika up and down before answering. "Yeah, and I guess you're Rika. So...nice place to live?"

Not really knowing what else to say, Rika answered a simple "yes". It was hard to make a conversation with your long lost twin after sixteen whole years, but I guess you gotta start somewhere.

Rumiko came walking up behind the two and dumped a small duffel bag into Rika's arms. Rika walked into the house with the bag, followed by Alicia, Rumiko and Seiko. Rika made her way to her room, where the two girls would be sleeping until they cleaned out the guestroom. She lay the duffel bag down on the floor and waited for everyone else to do the same thing.


A few hours later and Rika had been left alone in her room with Alicia so the two could talk and "catch up". Alicia had started off by talking about what life was like living with their father and so on, while Rika half listened and half wondered the real reason why Alicia was forced to live in Shinjuku with their mother.

"So, what's it's like to live with, uh, Mom?" Alicia was sitting on her bed while she played with the edge of her shoe. Rika had found out that the two of them had something other than the attitude in common; they both were not great talkers. That, in a sense, made living with each other quite a lot harder.

Rika sighed and lay down on her bed and folded her arms behind her head. There was so much to tell about living in Shinjuku, especially over the past few years. A lot.


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