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Devil's Advocates
Chapter 20: The Devil's Advocates

Then, all at once, the clouds swirled together and the water spiraled upwards, creating a giant tidal wave that gave way when the ground beneath it shifted. Thunder crackled in the distance, causing a bolt of blue electricity to spurt through the sky. Through the cracks in the parched ground came seeping lava that trailed along beneath the raging fire that was sparked by the bolt of electricity. Falling victim to the deadly fire was the lush greenery that surrounded most parts of the Digital World. Then finally, devouring the entire world with a sigh, were the powerful jaws of a mythical creature whose resemblance to that of a saber-toothed cat was uncanny. It was finally the end of the Digital World, its Guardians surrendering to the clenching evil that self-destructed only when the world had sighed its last breath…

Struggling desperately for breath, Rika gasped an almost silent help. In the midst of the clatter her plea went unheard. She tried again, louder this time to enforce the fact that she really needed what she was saying. Only then did Ryo hear her and hooked his arm skillfully up beneath Jeri's grip, unclipping her arms from around Rika's neck. Jeri staggered back, Ryo holding her arm firmly. She then looked sheepish, blushing a slight shade of pink before searching Rika's eyes.

"Sorry…I just thought…" she began quietly.

Rika smiled warmly, placing her hand softly on Jeri's shoulder reassuringly. "It's ok, Jeri. I'm fine."

Her hair fell down loosely below her shoulders, a few unruly strands peering out from over her forehead to cover her eyes enigmatically. She brushed them away instinctively and gave Ryo a knowing look. He knew what she was trying to convey, but he had no way of knowing exactly how to tell the others exactly what had happened to the Digital World. So he didn't. Instead he let Alice take over that job, while he helped Rika walk over to the door. It was extremely humid and claustrophobic in the small warehouse…and they both needed air desperately.

Before Ryo could turn the handle on the rusted door, someone placed a comforting hand on his shoulder. It was Henry. "We're glad you both are ok."

Ryo returned his friend's warm smile with one of his own. Then both he and Rika stepped outside…only to be almost blinded by the surfacing sunlight of the day. Ryo slipped an arm around Rika's waist just before the door closed behind them. But not before the others caught a glimpse of the…very strange gesture.

Kazu could only stare…then spluttered out, "Are they on drugs?"

Jeri turned to Renamon with a smirk. "Prozac, perhaps."

Renamon just looked past them both with a worried look. "Did you feel that storm before?"

Her question was directed at no one in particular but Alice stood up from the ground, her laptop firmly clutched in her arms. "Yeah. The entire earth shook; it's all over the news."

The group turned simultaneously to look at the small computer screen, listening intently to the different broadcasts. Takato shifted his eyes apprehensively.

"Must have been pretty big if it was felt everywhere."

Henry frowned grimly. "Well…there's nothing left of the Digital World so…"

Alicia sighed impatiently. "Haven't we been through this already? The universe has lost of part of itself…blah, blah, blah."

Henry gave her a stern look. "It's nothing to mock, Alicia. All of those Digimon have been killed."

Alicia twisted her lips sourly, regarding Henry with dark eyes. "And how am I supposed to respond to that, exactly? It meant nothing to me, that world. In fact, I'm glad it's gone."

"Shut up! Everybody!"

Everyone turned to stare at Kenta's outstretched arms and grave look. "If we argue about it then we're going to get nowhere. We have to think this over rationally so we can move on."

Brad, who had been silent beside Alicia, stood up next to Kenta. "He's right, we all have to calm down. There's nothing we can do for that world, now, so we should all stop arguing about it."

A spluttered cough interrupted the talking suddenly. It came from a dark corner, over where the portal had been not long ago. Heads turned from all directions to squint in the darkness. At first no one could make out a thing…then it became apparent that something was there, covered in darkness. A life form…maybe even a Digimon. If was too small to be a human. The…thing stood up suddenly, staggering around before righting itself and limping forward into the faint light. It looked like a tiny kitten, all washed-up and wounded with sticky grey fur. Red wings sprouted shakily from its sides, while its whiskers shook with brilliant golden light and grew with grace into large white strings. Its tail was not that of a cat's. In fact, it looked more like a tiny turtle's tail, curved up slightly at the ends. The creature pulsed a deep purple shade before five golden spheres appeared around its body.

Eyes everywhere peered at the little cat-like creature, it being no bigger than Calumon in size. It looked for a moment into each of the eyes with its own golden yellow ones, sniffing every now and then to familiarise its surroundings. Jeri reached out a ginger hand cautiously and the creature lifted its head to sniff her stiff fingers. Jeri relaxed slightly when she realised it wasn't going to bite off her hand and giggled when it tickled her with its soft nose.

Kazu frowned at it. "Who is…"

A footfall from behind made the group glance around. Stacie hobbled up to the creature and ran a soothing hand down its curved back. "This is Guardianmon."

Frowning harder at the girl, Kazu growled softly. "Stay back, I know karate!"

Takato flicked around his head confusedly. "No you don't."

Kazu lowered his voice to a threatening whisper. "Shut up, man."

Stacie shook her head. "Look, I'm not a bad guy. I'm with you guys…now."

Pointing an accusing finger at her, Kazu glared. "How do we know you're telling the truth?"

"You don't."

Kazu nodded emphatically, pretending to be considering the statement. "Fine. Welcome aboard…uh…?"

Gesturing out her arm to Kazu, who had to lean forward to take it, Stacie smiled. "Stacie Tseng."

Alicia sized the tall blonde up from bottom to top. "Oh, so you're Stacie."

Stacie suspiciously considered Alicia's tone but Brad vaulted himself up off of the wall he was leaning on. "Don't mind her, she's hormonal. So you know this little guy?"

Stacie looked down at Guardianmon. "No," she said enigmatically. "But I think you guys do."

Henry frowned and looked closer at the little Digimon. "He's the Guardians…reborn."

Alicia raised her eyebrows. "Guardians? You mean that place had guardians?!"

Kenta waved his hand. "Long story."

"Hey guys?" Alice was once again sitting down on the cold concrete, her head buried in her laptop. "Look at this."

The group leaned forward in a hustle, just as Ryo and Rika reappeared from outside. They both huddled close to the group to catch a look at Alice's laptop. It was a broadcast, a broadcast of Talley speaking into a camera. The notes on the bottom of the screen read 'Prague – Live'. They all listened intently as she spoke clearly into her microphone.

"Today, a very strange happening occurred. A latent volcano erupted violently, spurting hot lava into the air with such a force that this small town had to be evacuated for fear of an overflow into the village. However, it appears that the eruption died down after one entire hour of spurting into the sky. Now, it seems that the sky is literally on fire."

The camera swung from the blonde reporter to the sky, which was a sickly blood-red shade. The entire sky was this colour, as if the sun was setting, which was not possible considering it had just struck midday in Prague. In streaks lay a golden layer of colour, patterning itself with the redness of the ethereal scene. Then, all of a sudden, streaked a golden ray of light – right across the sky. And the Tamers knew what it was.

Henry exhaled with one word, "Phoenixmon."

Guardianmon playfully pounced on the laptop, slamming it shut. Alice gave a cry of anger and stood up suddenly, cursing the creature. Guardianmon just smiled innocently. Then Calumon stalked up to the little cat, sniffing precariously and sprouting out his ears. Well…if Calumon liked the tiny Digimon…then so should everyone else.

Terriermon jogged past the group and joined with Calumon to playfully tickle Guardianmon. Henry just shook his head while Ai and Mako dragged on Impmon's arm and pulled him over to where the new friend was. The tension in the air was released calmly through the children's act of innocence and Henry found himself fleetingly wonder about Suzie.

I hope she's safe at school…

Alicia turned her head to the side to face the blue-haired teenager. "Can I talk to you…alone?"

Henry smiled warmly. "Sure. Outside?"

Alicia nodded and promptly walked over to the door, opening it and stepping outside, waiting for Henry to do the same. When he reached the door, however, he gave a quick look behind him to glance at Alice…who was staring straight back, her blue eyes reflecting her emotions plainly. Henry swallowed and turned to walk out of the door, closing it softly behind him.

Rika noticed the way Alice dropped her head suddenly when the door clicked shut. She walked up to her friend and placed a supporting hand on her shoulder. "Don't worry about them, they'll get over it."

Alice fixed her pale blue eyes on Rika's equally pale amethyst ones, tears fleetingly filling before she wiped them gingerly away with one finger. "Yeah, he's not worth it, right?"

Rika inclined her head. "Well…"

Two arms encircled Rika's waist from behind then, drawing her in close. Ryo smiled at Alice. "Fight for him. You'll win if you want him."

Alice raised an eyebrow when Ryo planted a kiss on Rika's neck. "What happened to you two?"

Rika smirked at Alice's incredulous voice. "We won the battle."

Outside, Alicia was pacing with Henry staring at her movements. He finally grabbed her arm and turned her around to face him. His face was close…too close. She stepped back, breaking his grip on her arm. Her eyes were fretful, her mind racing. All of those thoughts…those emotions…

"Alicia…you wanted to talk," Henry raised an eyebrow. "This isn't talking. This is pacing. Pacing is bad."

Alicia sighed nervously. "Sorry," she paused for a moment, regaining her composure. "I have a confession to make."

Henry nodded as Rika's twin began leading him to a grey concrete bench. "Ok. Confess."

Alicia turned sideways to face Henry, her eyes locking with his. "I know how you feel about Alice. And before you say anything, just hear me out. The ability I have to see what's happening to complete strangers isn't all I can do. I can…toy with people's thoughts…and emotions. When I met you…I was going through a really tough time with my dad and I was hurt. I wanted to make someone else feel what I was going through. I sensed that you and Alice had feelings for each other, so I played with them. I wanted to make Alice feel jealous, so I may have…flirted with you a little. Inadvertently."

Henry nodded slowly, absorbing what Alicia was saying. "So then…how do you 'play' with those emotions?"

Alicia could tell he was joking, trying to lighten the conversation. But she didn't buy it; he felt betrayed. "Through my voice, whether it be singing or talking, I can sway people's thoughts and emotions, and I did that to you. When we were in the Digital World, and you were fighting, I realised that how you feel is important to not only you…but to Alice as well. I'm sorry, Henry, for doing that to you; for making you feel things you didn't want to."

She was still looking into his eyes, and he could see one true emotion showing in her amethyst ones: sorrow. "I forgive you."

Sincerely was his acceptance of her apology and she immediately relaxed, exhaling loudly. "Good. I was afraid you would kill me with your martial arts skills."

Tracing along her cheek with his finger, Henry smiled. "Then you'd just kill me back with your own."

Alicia laughed slightly. "Yeah, you know I would," she sobered quickly. "You have one more person to talk to, though. Tell her."

With that, Alicia stood from the bench and walked back to the warehouse, leaving Henry to stare after her as she gestured to Alice silently. The blonde girl flickered a look over to Rika before breathing hard and walking over to the door…and to Henry. She was walking slowly, almost fearing meeting the bench, but when she did she sat down to squarely face him.


Her voice reached him and then he was certain. "Alice, I'm not going to explain, but I'm so sorry. I was blinded and it was my fault I could not see what was in front of me. I like you…a lot and I'm hoping that you can forgive me for being a jackass to you before."

Alice smiled warmly before drawing back her hand and slapping Henry viciously across the face. "No, I wouldn't call it 'jackass', I'd call it bitch. But…since you're apologizing…then I forgive you."

Henry looked once again at her smirking face before laughing. "I deserved that, didn't I?"

Alice nodded approvingly. "You sure as hell did. But…you also deserve this…"

She placed her lips over his for but a moment before drawing back with a smile. Henry returned it with one of his and leaned over, kissing her harder. They were soon interrupted but a gruff clearing of the throat and, as they looked up apprehensively, they saw what they were dreading: Yamaki and Riley…along with Henry's dad and Rika's mother. Suzie was also there, Lopmon hovering by her side. She was old enough now to understand what her brother was doing and smirked at him. She said nothing but her eyes met with his for a second in a silent match.

Janyu nodded his head once. "Aren't you guys supposed to be at school…?"

Henry swallowed once again and laughed nervously. "Yeah, Dad, we would be except we were…you know, saving the world."

The humour died on his tongue though, for knowing that they had only saved one world this time was really nothing to joke about. But…they had tried, hadn't they?

Rumiko laughed, however. "We know."

Alice smiled and stood from the bench. "Everyone else is inside."

The older woman smiled. "Thanks, Sweetie."

She and Janyu walked over to the door, accompanied slowly by Riley, who glanced back at the two teenagers. With a wink she turned back and walked through the door. Henry sighed while Alice just smirked.

Yamaki considered them both with a stern look. "We are going to have to have a serious talk, the three of us."

Henry chuckled nervously before walking back over to he warehouse. "Not too serious, I hope."

The three walked into the shed and joined the rest of the group. Alicia and Brad were over in the corner where the band's equipment was, and they were plugging in random leads and cords.

Alice looked quizzical. "What's going on?"

Riley crossed her arms over her chest and smiled at Alice. "They're going to play for us. Just the two of them."

Henry nodded. "Oh. Ok."

Brad picked up his electric guitar and warmed it up, strumming a few random notes. Alicia took up the microphone and warmed up her vocal chords. The group waited patiently for the music to begin, and when it did, it whistled eerily inside of the warehouse.

See the Devil on the doorstep now

My, oh, my

Telling everybody just how to live their lives

Sliding down the information highway

Buying in just like a bunch of fools

Time is ticking and we can't go back

My, oh, my

What about the world today?

What about the place what we call home?

We've never been so many

And we've never been…so alone

Keep watching from your picket fence

Keep talking but it makes no sense

You say we're not responsible

But we are…we are

You wash your hands and come out clean

Fail to recognise the enemies within

You say we're not responsible

But we are…we are

One step forward making two steps back

My, oh, my

Riding piggy on the bad boy's back for life

Lining up for the grand illusion

No answers for no questions asked

Lining up for the execution

Without knowing why

Keep watching from your picket fence

Keep talking but it makes no sense

You say we're not responsible

But we are…we are

You wash your hands and come out clean

Fail to recognise the enemies within

You say we're not responsible

But we are…we are

It's all about power then take control

Breaking the rule

Breaking the soul

They suck us dry till there's nothing left

My, oh, my

My, oh, my

What about the world today?

What about the place that we call home?

We've never been so many

And we've never been so alone…so alone

Keep watching from your picket fence

Keep talking but it makes no sense

You say we're not responsible

But we are…we are

You wash your hands and come out clean

Fail to recognise the enemies within

You say we're not responsible

But we are…we are

It's all about power then (we are)

Take control (we are)

Breaking the rule (we are)

Breaking the soul (we are)

They suck us dry till there's nothing left (we are)

My, oh, my

My, oh, my

We are

We are (it's all)

We are

It's all about power…then take control

They all marveled at the touching song, Alicia's vocal fading into the distance. Mephismon's reign for power had been undermined for years by the Guardians, and it was only when the legendary creature of the Phoenixmon had been arisen were they frightened at what was to come. They knew that with the birth of the Phoenixmon came a great evil from the skies…and that evil would eventually destroy the Digital World when it manifested. The Guardians had known that…however Mephismon did not. So whatever had happened in the end…the Digital World would not have been saved. Albeit, in going to the Digital, the Tamers had managed to stop Mephismon's reign on their world from happening, thwarting the evil spirit of the Phoenixmon in the process.

The Phoenixmon still did exist, but only as a protector. A seal of protection over the world from the evil.

The group clapped loudly at the performance, everyone smiling at the realisation that they had ultimately saved the day. Kazu and Kenta looked at each other and gave a thumbs up signal. Ai and Mako both took turns in hugging Impmon, whose squished face smiled despite himself. Henry smiled at Alice, who it turn smiled gratefully at Alicia. Suzie hugged Lopmon tightly, though not as tightly as she would have done if it were three years ago. Takato and Jeri held hands, looking around them at the warehouse, slightly dazed. The adults stood in a bunch, admiring the two musicians as they bowed. Calumon and Guardianmon jumped up and down with joy and gave little shouts of happiness.

And Rika and Ryo stood aloof from the others, Rika resting her head on Ryo's shoulder. His arm was tightly wrapped around her waist while Rika's arm rested by her side. This would be a day the both of them would never forget…for so many reasons.

Kazu laughed suddenly, pointing to the lone drum set. "It says 'Phoenix'…"

Rika smiled at Alicia. "Original, eh, Nonaka?"

Alicia returned her twin's grin. "Right on, Nonaka."

The group laughed at this…even Stacie, who walked up to Rika. Holding out her hand, she smiled apologetically. "Friends?"

Rika looked at the hand, then locked eyes with Stacie. "Only if you promise not to kiss my boyfriend."

Ryo laughed. Boyfriend? Stacie grinned and Rika smiled warmly.


Janyu cleared his throat suddenly, gaining everyone's attention. "I have something to say…to you all you."

The group listened intently, some frowning at the man's serious tone.

"I know about the Phoenixmon. Why? Because he was the first Digimon we ever created as the Monster Makers,' Janyu eyed each and every person present. "The file became corrupted shortly after it was creature, and we had to create a firewall against it so it couldn't manifest into the software. It was latent for years until one day I stumbled upon it accidentally. It did manifest into our computer so I had to shut it down and I never used it again after that incident. That was how the remote area of the Digital World you guys stumbled upon was created; it was that hard drive that I had to shut down. The Phoenixmon was not evil; far from it. But it was powerful…and vulnerable to other powers, such as other Digimon trying to control it. Which is what happened."

Henry smiled kindly at his father. "Don't worry, Dad. We fought the evil…and beat it."

Alicia turned and smiled at Brad, who grinned in return. All of them had fought that evil…and without both of them, the world wouldn't have been saved from the evil. By helping the Devil, they had helped the entire world. They were The Devil's Advocates. Forever.

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