A/N: This scene was inspired by a very yummy fanart by Fila. I'd originally written this as part of "To Want And To Wait" as a way of showing how Rukawa's feelings for Hanamichi were changing, but then I decided I wanted to save the hot bits til the end, and I managed to get across Rukawa's change without this part. But I've uploaded it anyway in case you're interested to read it. It would take place between scene 4 and 5 in "To Want And To Wait", shortly after Hanamichi returns to Shohoku from the hospital.

It was a very energetic practice that day. Even though Hanamichi had been forced to stand on the sidelines doing basic drills, the mere presence of the redhead had been enough to boost the team's spirit to higher levels. And if it hadn't been enough, Hanamichi's customary taunts and rambunctious laughter would have pushed them all to that edge anyway! But as much as they cursed and complained and bewailed the loss of blessed peace and quiet, they were all glad to have the redhead back. Even Ayako had eased up on her fan-whacking... but that may have been due to consideration for Hanamichi's still-healing back injury more than anything else. However impressive the redhead's recovery had been, no one was going to risk sending him back to the hospital anytime soon, especially not on the day of his return!

But even more surprising than the redhead's unexpected reappearance in their gym that day... was the shocking shift in his behavior towards a certain foxy-eyed boy... and said boy's behavior in response! It seemed the venom between the two former-archenemies had mysteriously, and considerably, lessened. The verbal taunts between the two were the same, but now it seemed less like barbs between enemies, and more like friendly trash-talk between two... friends. Needless to say, more than a few jaws dropped during practice. And again after practice, when Rukawa stayed behind to train himself as usual, the redhead stayed behind with him, striking up an actual conversation with the kitsune while he watched the raven-haired boy practice.

It was the talk of the locker room.

Some suggested that perhaps Hanamichi had finally administered one-too-many headbutts for his own good, others speculated that it was an inevitable psychotic break resulting from years of manic delusions of grandeur, but the more reflective ones of the team suggested that maybe something had changed during their game with Sannoh at the Inter High, that the two rivals had finally decided to get along after cooperating so well together.

All in all no one had any complaints with the result, and filtering out of the showers one-by-one to go home, they each shook their heads in amused disbelief at the pair who were now mopping the gym, and actually still seeming to be having some sort of decent conversation while they did it.

But eventually the sound of running showers stopped, the lockers stopped banging open and closed, and the last player left the gym... at which point that conversation abruptly came to a standstill.

They were finally alone.

They hadn't exactly planned for it to happen... it was just some sort of unspoken agreement that Hanamichi had stayed behind with Rukawa, but they hadn't really been fully aware of where that would put them at the time.

And now they had no idea what to say to each other.

Rukawa stopped cleaning, looking over at the redhead who was still mopping the floor, albeit a little more stiffly now that he sensed he was being watched, yet the redhead wouldn't turn to meet his gaze.

Rukawa struggled to find something to say to break the suddenly thick silence in the air... but as the moments passed the realization that they were well and truly alone sunk in even further... and in the place where he had first kissed the redhead, no less.

Suddenly Hanamichi stood up and turned around. As their eyes finally met, the redhead instantly turned two shades darker. His mouth opened and closed a few times, attempting to say something but not knowing exactly what... until he finally gave up, whirling around and stalking off to the storage cabinet.

Rukawa blinked a few times, then finally found himself following the other boy, momentarily occupying themselves with locking up the cleaning equipment. They moved awkwardly as they tried to stay out of each other's way, steadfastly avoiding the other's gaze... but then, when they closed the cabinet doors, their hands accidentally brushed against each other, the contact between their skin like an electric shock.

As if burned they pulled away from each other, heads whipping up in surprise. And when their eyes finally met again, they suddenly realized just how close they were standing next to each other.

Hanamichi gulped nervously, but neither of them moved away.

"So... you're back." Rukawa finally managed to say.

"Aa." Hanamichi replied, his voice cracking. The redhead awkwardly cleared his throat.

"I'm glad." Rukawa whispered, unconsciously moving closer as his voice lowered. Hanamichi reflexively drew in a sharp breath at the movement, his gaze involuntarily flickering down towards Rukawa's mouth.

"So am I." the redhead replied softly.

The next second was a blur, their lips coming together and locking in furious battle. Rukawa pushed the redhead to the wall as they grabbed at each other, pulling each other tight against the other's body. He groaned as he was pressed against the redhead, unconsciously rubbing himself against Hanamichi's hips, and the redhead whimpered into his mouth in response.

Abruptly Rukawa broke the kiss, moving his lips to the redhead's neck, tasting the salty-sweet flavor of his skin. Hanamichi squirmed, surprised sounds of pleasure escaping his throat as his fingers wound through Rukawa's hair. Wasting no time, Rukawa hungrily dove his hand down, pressing his palm against Hanamichi's shorts and cupping the redhead's hardening length. Hanamichi threw his head back, the cupboard doors banging with a thud as his head made contact.

Rukawa watched the other boy hungrily, taking in every sound Hanamichi made as he coaxed the redhead's length into full hardness. Opening his clenched-shut eyes, Hanamichi locked them onto Rukawa's, bewildered, lost, and hungry all at the same time.

Rukawa ceased his ministrations, pulling his hand away and sliding his fingers into the waistband of the redhead's shorts. Slowly he started pulling them down, exposing Hanamichi's heated arousal, and the redhead bit his lip hard as his breath quickened anxiously. Never breaking eye contact Rukawa pushed at the material until it fell to the ground, pooling around the redhead's ankles, and quickly he leaned close again, lips wetly soothing the teeth marks Hanamichi had inflicted on his own lip. His kisses trailed down the redhead's neck, to his chest... and when his path was obstructed by the redhead's black tank top he pushed it up, bending to continue his lips' journey.

Making his way to the redhead's left nipple, his hand slid up, thumb grazing the right one, eliciting a breathy gasp from above. Hanamichi began to moan as Rukawa toyed with the nub in his fingers, and when Rukawa's mouth closed on the other one to suckle it, the redhead's groans grew even louder. Hanamichi's knees began to weaken, and he grabbed at Rukawa's wrist as he slid down the the wall slightly. But now with the redhead's knees bent, Rukawa could reach back, cupping Hanamichi's rear in his palm possessively.

"Kitsune!" the redhead gasped. Rukawa growled at the sound. Abruptly he pulled away, going down on his knees, and was greeted with the sight of the redhead's semi-hard length. Unconsciously he licked his lips in anticipation, and when he looked up at the redhead, Hanamichi's eyes burned back down at him. Rukawa returned his gaze to the redhead's waiting arousal, and leaning forward, took the tip into his mouth.

The redhead yelped out loud, and Rukawa heard another thud against the door as Hanamichi's head flew back again. He sucked thirstily on the redhead's length, tasting it and savoring it as the redhead gasped helplessly above him. Then abruptly he sucked the redhead in deep, and Hanamichi cried out, the doors banging again as the redhead slammed his fist against it. Soothingly Rukawa stroked Hanamichi's hips as he began a gentle rhythm on the redhead's length, letting it slide out of his mouth, then slowly taking it back in, over and over as the redhead groaned and thrashed his head.

But then suddenly Hanamichi fell, kneeling in front of Rukawa and grabbing him, pressing their lips together again and desperately plundering his mouth. A startled sound of surprise escaped Rukawa's throat, but he quickly began to respond, wrapping his arms around the redhead's back and pulling him close.

Running out of air, Hanamichi finally pulled back, his eyes intense as they locked gazes again. Rukawa lifted his hand to the redhead's face, cupping his cheek as the redhead gulped in breaths. Eyes drawn down to those bruised, parted lips, Rukawa raised his other hand, tracing them with his fingertips. Almost instinctively the redhead kissed his fingers, then again, openmouthed and wet. Entranced, Rukawa slid his fingers into the redhead's mouth, and as the redhead willingly sucked them he felt his own erection begin to strain in his shorts.

He pulled his fingers out of the redhead's mouth with a growl, reaching down behind Hanamichi and in between the redhead's legs, caressing his hidden entrance.

"Ohhhhhh" the redhead moaned low, parting his legs ever so slightly and dropping his head back. Gently, Rukawa then pressed his fingers against the tight ring, and Hanamichi gasped in pleasure, pushing back against him. Encouraged by the redhead's reactions, Rukawa slid a finger inside.

The redhead's breath quickened as he accommodated the new sensation, clutching at Rukawa's shoulders. Hanamichi was so warm inside, so tight around his finger, Rukawa's length ached to be inside him. He pushed another finger in, scissoring and stretching the redhead, and Hanamichi gasped, his hips beginning to thrust against those fingers.

Hanamichi's lips found his again, kissing him hungrily, and Rukawa pulled his fingers out, unable to wait any longer. Breaking their kiss, Hanamichi pressed his forehead against the raven-haired boy's.

"Kaede..." the redhead exhaled breathily.

Rukawa froze in his lust-filled haze, shocked to hear Hanamichi call him that for the first time. But he didn't have much time to process the revelation as he was suddenly pushed onto his back, the redhead's weight straddling him as he came down for another fervent kiss. His lust quickly consuming him again, Rukawa grabbed Hanamichi to himself, flipping the redhead over onto his back.

"Argh!" the redhead yelped, squirming away from the floor, "Cold..." he frowned.

Rukawa abruptly pulled away.

He looked down at the redhead, his brain suddenly beginning to regain control over his libido. Shakily he backed away, sitting back on his heels.

Hanamichi propped himself up, his eyes questioning.

"What... what is it?" the redhead asked, still panting slightly, his eyes still filled with hunger even in his confusion.

Rukawa opened his mouth to speak, but could say nothing as he stared at the oh-so-enticing vision before him.

Hanamichi's brows furrowed even further at the lack of response.

Rukawa clenched his fists as he tore his gaze away from the redhead, standing up and making his way to the locker room as quickly as he could, marching himself straight to the sink and dunking his head under the cold spray.

"Oi!" Hanamichi called after him angrily, "What was that about?!" he yelled, finally catching up to the raven-haired boy.

When Rukawa was sure he had himself under control he turned off the sink and straightened up to face the fuming redhead.

"If we had kept going, I wouldn't have been able to stop myself later."

"So?!" the redhead practically screeched.

"It... it might've strained you injury."

Hanamichi's eyes went wide at that, his mouth snapping shut.


The redhead heaved a deep breath, then promptly walked over to the next sink and stuck his head under the tap.

"Hn." Rukawa smirked.

But as he watched the other boy he soon found himself frowning. How could he have let himself get carried away like that? With so much at risk? It was as if one taste of the redhead had unlocked some kind of floodgate of desire in him and he couldn't stop himself from being swept away. And that's not how he wanted it to happen. Even though Hanamichi had been willing, he didn't want some hot and heavy quickie on the cold court floor... he wanted... he wanted...

Rukawa frowned. He would just have to play it cool again, he'd been alright until now.

He turned to head for the showers with a sigh. "Hurry and get cleaned up, I'll walk you home." Rukawa said over his shoulder as he walked off.

Hanamichi lifted his head from the tap momentarily, a soft smile creeping up onto his face as he watched Rukawa's retreating back.

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