Written for the Pairing the Character Drabble Competition.

*This contains an incestuous pairing, but nothing too graphic*

"The train leaves at eleven," said Draco, depositing his trunk by the door.

"I was aware of that. I went to Hogwarts as well, you know," Bellatrix replied.

"I'll have to leave for the station soon,"

"That you will," said Bellatrix, looking over at the clock. "You have forty-two minutes until it leaves."

Forty-two minutes. That gave Draco a very short amount of time left with his favorite aunt. Technically, she was his only aunt, but that was irrelevant. Bellatrix would have been Draco's favorite even if she had countless competition.

"Will you be okay?" he found himself asking. "With just Mother?"

Bellatrix shrugged. "She's trainable."

They sat in silence for a few long minutes. Long wasted minutes. Minutes they could have been savoring their last alone time for a while.

Finally, Bellatrix broke the silence. "You'll be back for Christmas, won't you?"

"Of course," said Draco. "You'll be here, won't you?"

Bellatrix nodded. Draco took a small amount of time to appreciate this gesture from her. With anyone else, she would have said, "Why wouldn't I be?" It was only with Draco (and sometimes his mother) that Bellatrix showed her other side.

Sixth year was nothing important. Draco was beginning to want to stay here. He was sure his mother would appreciate it-she was not exactly taking her husband's incarceration well. And there was the added positive of the presence of Aunt Bellatrix, or just Bella in private.

Draco longed for more Bella moments. Moments he could aim his kisses for her lips, not those other places he had to settle for when his mother was around. Moments he could run his fingers through her unmanageable hair, doing his best to coat each strand he touched in love. Moments he could love her the way a man loved a woman, not how a nephew loved his aunt.

"Draco!" The voice belonged to his mother, and was undoubtedly going to utter the words Draco wanted to hear least. "It is time to leave!"

He turned to his aunt. "I should go,"

When Draco crossed the room to pick up his trunk, he asked, "Are you sure you don't want me to stay here?"

Because if you do, I will.

"I think not. Now that you have your Mark, it will be useful to have you at Hogwarts," Bellatrix seemed to want to say something more, but no more words came from her mouth.

Nodding his understanding, Draco took the arm of his mother and allowed her to take them to King's Cross Station. It was a good thing Draco missed the look on Bellatrix's face as he left, or he might have abandoned his trip entirely.


It was only after Draco had left that Bellatrix remembered what she had wanted to say.

But it would be useful to have you here, too.

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