Bladed Hero: Marimo!

"GET BACK HERE DEKU!" A young voice rang out, its owner was running through the streets of the city, a young blonde boy with crimson eyes, he couldn't have been older than 5 or 6. He seemed rather irate as he, along with a couple of other children, were chasing after another boy, this one had a mop of dark green hair, and he looked positively frightened as he was running away from his trio of pursuers.

"Kacchan! Why do you have to be so mean?! Heroes shouldn't be bullying others!" The young green boy was thinking, although this was at the back of his mind as he was fleeing from the young bakugo and company. Their pursuit took them into the down town of the city, as the children had finally cornered the green haired child at the corner of an alley way, facing a door.

"Alright Deku, I think it's time I show you why you're a useless, quirkless nobody." The young boy's voice was filled with an unfiltered malic, his words slowly bringing the fear within Izuku to the surface. As blonde and his two accomplices were closing in on the green-haired child, the door behind him creaked open, and almost immediately, the trio of aggressors stopped dead in their tracks, frozen by a presence that could only be described as demonic.

"Oi… what's going on here…" a deep, and rather rough voice rang out as a man steppe out of the door way. He was tanned and possessed a mop of mostly grey hair, with a shock of almost minty green on top of his head. He also wore a darker green yukata with a red sash to act as a belt tied around his waist, with a trio of swords strapped to it. The man's most menacing feature though, had to be his eyes. He seemed to possess no iris, just a black pupil, but one of his eyes as closed, a scar running through it The look on his face appeared… bored almost, looking at this child's confrontation, but it was quick to change to annoyance as he took in the situation. He looked to Bakugo and his two friends and grabbed the hilt of the bottom most sword, its hilt black with a red interweave.

"You three, out." He said, his voice never wavering, but the children could tell this was not a man to be trifled with, and with a grunt, Bakugo turned tail and ran, his two friends quickly followed suit.

Izuku was left alone with this man, who then knelt to meet the young boy at eye level, his eyes once again looking plain and apparently disinterested. "So, why were those kids chasing you?" The man asked as he stared down the kid, waiting for his answer.

Izuku sniffled a bit, rubbing away some of the tears from his eyes as he looked up at the man who had saved him. "I was trying to stop them from bullying another kid, but I couldn't do anything since I don't have a quirk.." was all he had to say.

"No quirk huh?" the greying man said as he looked Izuku over. "What a shame. With determination like that, you could've become a hero." He said and stood up, turning around to go back inside. Izuku seemed to be on the verge of tears again, once again hearing his dream being dragged through the dirt.

"But…." Izuku turned his head up, and saw the mysterious man looking at him. "If you learned how to fight, maybe you could make up for the fact you're quirkless." He said as the man looked at Izuku, and then he reached to his waist and pulled forth the top blade, its sheath a beautiful white, like an ivory tusk. The sword itself was a Japanese straight sword, a silvery gleam shined from its edge as Zoro held it lengthwise for the younger boy to marvel at, which Izuku did. The boy's young, wide eyes marveled at the blade before him.

"You think I could become a hero with this?" Izuku asked the man, truthfully. Nobody before had believed his dream. Not Bakugo, not his school, not even his mother.

"I'll be honest with you." The man said as he resheathed his sword, "If you go down the path I did, it will be hell on Earth. You must make up for your weakness by becoming stronger. You will have to train day and night, tirelessly if you want to make up the ground between you and those around you, born with their strength." His gaze became serious, almost savage as he looked down at this boy with a ferocious visage.

"Are you willing to do this? To go through hell and back to achieve your dream?" He asked, the young boy faltered a bit at those words, but he clenched his fist, and smiled up to the man. "Yes, if it means I can become a hero, I'll do whatever it takes!" He yelled, and the man's angry scowl broke into a small grin.

"Good, I wouldn't want to train someone with no resolve." The graying man said as he turned around. "Come here every day, and I'll train you, and call me Roronoa, kid." He said and shut the door in Izuku's face, quite abruptly. But young Izuku could only smile with hope as he rushed back home, to prepare for the next day.

Midoriya House, 1 week later

Inko Midoriya was a worried mother.

Every day Izuku would come home, he would look like death warmed over, he was almost always covered in bruises, but he never came home sad. His smile was genuine, filled with determination and joy. It wasn't the usual smile he wore, one that was hollow, and attempting to appease her.

"Honey, where do you keep going?" She asked young Izuku, looking down at her son. Izuku however could only smile wider.

"I'm training to become a hero, mom!" He said excitedly, looking up at his mother. His mom seemed bewildered by this statement.

"B-but Izuku, you don't have a quirk, how are you going to-" asked inko as she was interrupted by her son.

"With this!" the young boy said, and he pulled out one, two three shinai were taken out of their He placed one in his mouth and took up an attempt to look threatening, but it ended up looking adorable.

"Shhheeee?" He said, his voice muffled with the bokken in his mouth.

Inko looked down at Izuku, looking nervous at her son.

"Could you take me to where ever it is you train then? I'd like to talk with your… sensei." She said, and Izuku nodded happily.

"I'll show you tomorrow, Momma, Roronoa-Sensei likes to go out at night." Izuku said, as he rushed off to his room to change out of his school clothes. Inko on the other hand seemed nervous, going out to meet this… Roronoa. She didn't entirely trust her son's judgement, having seen him come home with bruises even before he started 'training'. She wanted to confront this man herself.

Roronoa Dojo, 14:30

Inko Midoriya and her son had arrived at the dojo, and Inko was far from impressed at the sight she saw. It was extremely simplistic, with a couple mats on the floor and a circle drawn with chalk, most likely used for sparring. What did draw her attention was a man who stood off to the side, and was lifting weights, more specifically, a barbell that was easily double his size on each end of the metallic rod, and he was lifting it with one arm. This sight alone sent a small shiver up her spine.

"Finally came to check it out, huh?" Inko was snapped out of her stupor at being addressed, and a loud metallic thunk echoed through the room as the weights crashed to the ground, making small fractures in the cement. Roronoa was walking to the pair and almost immediately the young Izuku stood at attention, stance straight and strong.

"Welcome to my Dojo, Midoriya-san." He said as politely as his rough, deep voice would allow before looking down to his pupil. "And you, I suggest you get started with your weights, go to 50 today." He instructed, and almost immediately Izuku nodded.

"Yes, sensei!" The young child said excitedly, but with as much seriousness as he could muster. He ran to the weight rack across the room as he struggled the lift the discs from the rack and sliding them onto a much smaller rod than his mentors. Once the weights were loaded, Izuku grasped it with both his hands and groaned as he was attempting to lift it. Inko was watching with worried eyes as her son was attempting to lift something almost as heavy as he was, and saw the strain on his face. As she was about to help, a bamboo shinai was placed in her path, held by the green haired man.

"Don't interrupt him. He won't get any stronger otherwise." Were Roronoa's words to Inko as he never took his eyes off of Izuku, the same said for her mother.

"Why are you doing this? He can't become a hero without a Quirk, he could be hurt, or worse!" Was Inko's response, the look of fear in her eyes was apparent, but it soon became surprise as her son made progress, sweat covering his brow as the young boy cleared the weight off of the ground and held it proudly above his head, and then he dropped it onto the floor, panting as he then approached the rod so he could repeat the whole process.

"Why do you think I'm doing this? For the fun of it?" The master asked as he watched his pupil doing the exercises. His face never wavering. "The kid lives in a world where everyone wants to beat him down for being weak, unable to manifest a power." He said, and Inko looked on, watching her son slowly easing into his weight exercise and lifting the comparatively heav weights, struggling each time, breathing ragged with each rise and drop of the weight, but the look in his eyes was unlike any other, eyes full of fire, passion, utter determination and obsession on the task at hand. He'd only ever held a look like that when watching the All Might video.

"So if he lives in a world where the strong rule, Izuku has two options: Learn to live with being weak, or become strong." Were Zoro's words to Inko, and it was then that Roronoa turned to the mother of his student. "Do ypu think Izuku is the kind of kid who wants to be weak? Would be happy with merely being on the sidelines?" He asked, and pointed to Izuku.

"Besides, what kind of parent would try and kill their child's dream?" He asked simply. "If you want to pull him out, go ahead. It's none of my business. But if he doesn't learn under me, he'll try to find some other way to become a hero, you won't be able to stop him…"

Inko let the words sink in as she watched her son's work out, and had to mull on their discussion.

"Izuku… can keep training under you." Inko said as she looked to the greying man. She seemed uneasy about the process, but the look on Izuku's face made her rethink it.

"Don't worry, Midoriya-san. I'll take care of the kid." He said.

Izuku had begun his path, the path to becoming the strongest hero.

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