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Bladed Hero: Marimo!

Ch. 4: Hone your blade, a class of monsters!

Class 1-A U.A

Izuku stood outside of the classroom, room 1-A. Izuku wore the standard male uniform for a U.A student, and he chose to wear his hair in a slightly more organized top knot, although it seemed naturally messy due to the curly nature of his hair. On his right side were his three swords, is two standard katana being contained within drab looking black sheaths, while Wado sat in its pristine white one. In addition he wore his green bandanna tied around his right wrist. Building up his courage, he finally stepped through the door to be greeted with the first shouting match of the school year, and class hadn't even begun.

The blue haired guy from his portion of the exam was yelling at Bakugo quite fervently, while repeatedly chopping his hand through the air in Bakugo's direction, while the blonde in question was resting his feet upon the desk he sat at.

"HOW DARE YOU PUT YOUR FEET ON THESE DESKS?! DON'T YOU CARE ABOUT THE SACREDNESS OF THESE GROUNDS?! THIS IS WHERE HEROES ARE SHAPED!" Tenya yelled at Bakugo who grunted in response as he waved off the fervent man.

"Whatever, side character!" Bakugo responded, standing up to meet Tenya's unannounced challenge. He stared the glasses wearing nerd student with eyes of fire and brimstone, and anybody who looked on at Bakugo may even call him a villain. But, Izuku tried to stay silent, not wanting the attention. Unfortunately, Iida noticed him almost immediately and approached.

"I'm happy to see that you passed the exam!" He told Izuku, who seemed a little tired and flinched from being at the point-blank range of Tenya's yelling. "My name is Tenya Iida! It will be a pleasure to be learning alongside you. But as Tenya was talking to him, he felt the piercing eyes of his old bully attempting to pierce through him. He turned from Iida wan walked to Bakugo, and the two exchanged heated glances. Bakugo's, a fiery passion and disdain for his rival, while Izuku's gaze was calm, placid, but it masked the equal amounts of rage and aggression Bakugo held. Their staring contest was interrupted by a pair of pink arms wrapping around their necks. They belonged to an entirely pale pink girl, with black sclera, little yellow horns on her head and yellow irises.

"Cmon, guys! Let's not fight! It's only the first day of school and you guys already can't get along?" She asked, looking at the two. The feelings of intimidation only increased from the two of them, the two boys almost being surrounded by energy before their attention was pulled by this yellow… thing rising from the ground. Most of those present thought it was a caterpillar, until it turned to show a human face to the class, the same face as the same teacher that delivered Izuku's acceptance speech over the hologram. The yellow turned out to be a sleeping bag that was unzipped from within and now showed the man was human.

"You two, quit staring at each other. We don't have time to be wasting on petty squabbling. Now all of you, change into your gym uniforms and meet me on the field." Their instructor said before leaving them all to change.

UA Training Field

The students were all lined up out on a sandy field, each of them wearing a primarily blue uniform featuring an arch on the top and bottom of the shirt, meaning to symbolize the letters 'UA'. Once again, Izuku carried with him his blades, which all of his peers were curious to look at. One of the students, Uraraka, approached Izuku.

"Hey, it's you! Thanks for helping me in the exam!" She said happily, looking at Izuku. The green haired teen could only blush a bit, and rub the back of his head.
"It's not a problem, Uraraka! I would have done it for anybody! We are all training for hero work, after all." He said, and then their teacher gestured to them.

"Enough talk, it's time to begin." He said and he looked to Izuku. "We're going to be doing a physical examination to test your prowess. Any questions?" the instructor asked, when Uraraka raised her hand.

"Why didn't we go to the opening ceremony? Or orientation? It's a first day of school!" She asked aloud, and the man merely sighed.

"Such activities are a waste of time, if you were to ask me. Time spent on introductions like those of a school should be used for training which is what we'll be doing here. In addition, you will be allowed to use your Quirk, to maximize your scores." The teacher said as he gestured to Izuku. "Midoriya. You can start." He said, and tossed the ball to the green haired man, who let it fall to the ground.

"It says here your highest middle school score was 50 meters, correct?" the tired looking man asked. Izuku nodded, and unsheathed the gleaming blade of Wado Ichimonji. Its released surprised most of those present, none but a few had ever seen a sword in real life.

"Because you're Quirkless, the principal had to sign off on you bringing weapons to school. Don't make us regret this decision." The thick haired man said as he stepped away to allow Izuku the full room he required. However, the whole class was looking on in awe.

"Quirkless?!" one of the male students exclaimed, he seemed to have an antenna with yellow and black hair. This was Denki Kaminari.

"I didn't even know you were ALLOWED to take the test if you don't have a Quirk." An invisible girl said.

"Quirkless have always been allowed the opportunity to try out. However most don't bother to try." The teacher said as Izuku was lining up his shot. He sank the tip of Wado into the ball, and cocked his arm back like a major league baseball player, and swung with one arm, sending the ball flying. Aizawa casually recorded it and displayed a score of 750 meters.

"This is the standard you all will be measured up against. If a Quirkless can get a score like this, there's no reason that any of you should get anything less." Aizawa said, but earned a look of ire from Izuku, who then looked away from his teacher. He walked back to the students and brushed shoulders with Bakugo, who seemed to be absolutely seething.

"BULLSHIT!" He yelled and grabbed Izuku by the neck of his shirt, and yanking him close. "There's NO WAY you're that strong without a Quirk. You have to be lying!" He yelled, and then Izuku gave him another one of his blank looks, like the many other times they have clashed. He didn't seem scared, even as Bakugo was about to blast his face off, at least until a white strip yanked on his arm. It belonged to their teacher, whose hair was now floating and eyes glowing a vibrant red.

"Quit your complaints, brat." He said, and Bakugo looked at his teacher, a lot of his rage now festering and under the surface, but he begrudgingly let go of Izuku. "You chose to train your Quirk, Izuku trained his body alone. We all have our ways of becoming stronger, and if you can't deal with someone outclassing you, then you might as well quit here and now." Aizawa said, "You can thank your blonde friend here too, because I'll be kicking out the weakest among you after these tests, so whoever scores last will be expelled from 1-A, and possibly U.A. itself."

The class all tensed up at hearing this. "You can't expel us! There has to be some regulations to this!" Ochako said out loud, vocalizing what the rest of the class probably thought.

"U.A. is famed for the freedom it grants its students, right?" Aizawa said neutrally. "This freedom extends to us teachers, and we're allowed to run our classes how we see fit." He said to the round faced girl. "You're welcome to leave and give your spot to someone who isn't so weak willed about things." Aizawa said.

This sentence alone got all the other students rigid and at attention, they all realized that where they were: A school for Heroes. Of course there would be some anomalies. The rest of the students soon began psyching themselves up, hoping to receive prominent scores.

Montage Time!

Grip Test

"God damn it, kid." Aizawa said as he was looking at Izuku. Izuku seemed a little nervous as he held the grip tester, which now had 4 large indentations in it from when Izuku had crushed in his hand.

"Sorry, Aizawa sensei!" He said nervously, while a couple of the other kids just looked on, somewhat dumb founded. Shouji's grip, while impressive, only got him second place.

Side to Side Step

Mineta was standing between his balls, bouncing quite aggressively. However, his pace was put to shame by the faster Izuku, who was even more of a blur than the grape headed student was, just on sheer strength alone.

"He's certainly… Impressive." The pony-tailed girl said, watching his performances.

"There's no way he doesn't have a Quirk, just look at the pace he's going!" Another boy yelled, this one with red, spiky hair and a mouth full of sharp teeth.

"No, he's definitely Quirkless." Aizawa said, staring at Izuku. However his hair was floating above his head to give him a more octopus like appearance, and his eyes glowing red. He let it release after a few seconds. "All his feats today aren't linked to a Quirk. It's all pure strength and skill." Aizawa said. The students looked on in awe as Midoriya stopped his reps, body covered in sweat.

"Quirkless… Just like him…" All Might thought. He was watching the class through the bushes. He looked on at Izuku's performances, his mind wondering throughout it all. The same thought was running through the head of Aizawa.

"I wonder… Will he become one of them?" The bored looking man thought. But they were thoughts for another day. For now, it was time to focus on the students.

Later, after the test

"Alright, now that you've all completed the physical examinations, I'll be placing your scores up all at once. It's inconvenient to just call names one at a time." Aizawa said, and then he pressed a button, placing all the scores of the students on an electronic bulletin. The students all rushed up, to see where they were. But one thing was certain, Katsuki Bakugo was infuriated even further by the scores and he looked back at the ever calm looking Izuku, standing there, because to the two of them, only two scores mattered.

Izuku Midoriya

Katsuki Bakugo

While the rest of the class fawned, or groaned, at the results of the examinations, the blonde and the green haired boys focused intently on one another, one of them the calm before the storm, while the other was a raging typhoon. But the two never got to break their stand off, as Aizawa sent them to go to their next class. Before Izuku could go, the whole class swarmed him, shooting off multiple questions.

"You're really quirkless?"

"How did you get so strong?!"

"What's with the swords?!"

All these questions and more were bombarding Izuku as he was quickly growing flustered, a blush growing on his face as he rubbed the back of his head.

"Cmon guys! I can answer your questions later." He said to the other teens surrounding him. muscled past the other students in a panic, and they all just… watched.

"Hmph… Our first Quirkless students in years…" Aizawa said under his breath. His mouth was curling up into a grin as he looked at them. "Looks like this year will be pretty interesting."

Musutafu Train Station

"Wait up, Midoriya-san!" A young man yelled as Izuku was waiting for the train. He was caught by Iida, who was walking towards him along with Uraraka.

"Ah, Iida and Uraraka! It's good to see you again!" He said pleasantly.

"You were amazing in the entrance exam, Deku-kun! I've never seen anybody practice swordplay before." The round faced girl said, Iida nodding in agreement.

"Indeed! Your performance was unique, and unlike anything I've ever seen before!" Iida said, "How did you it all without a Quirk?" He asked, but Izuku was instead focusing on Ochako, with a gaze that was calm, but nonetheless threatening. It unnerved the both of them.

"I'm sorry, Ochako-san! Deku is a name I'd prefer you didn't call me. The blonde Kacchan calls me that to try and make fun of me." He requested, and Ochako blushed.

"Oh, I'm so sorry!" She said, looking flustered. "Is Midoriya okay?" She asked, and Izuku nodded. She quickly lost her nervous look and smiled once more.

"Sorry to ignore you, Iida." Izuku said, "I don't really have any secrets. I just worked to earn my strength. I hope that my presence will inspire other Quirkless to follow in my footsteps." He said as his train arrived. "I'll see you two later." He said, and he stepped on. Iida and Ochako watched in awe as he seemingly disappeared into the crowd, the last thing they saw was the white hilt on his waist.

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