A Demon's Love

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So im a slut for time travel/ fics where they change the past, along with stories where Kyuubi influences Naruto/has a human form and is a character in general rather than a grumpy fox trapped in a cage. But usually in these types of fics, Naruto always has a female harem, someone changes his gender and/or Kyuubi is usually a female when obviously he is a male...Despite that he's a demon and really has no gender technically. Anyway, I wanted to try something different that not a lot of writers have tried so I hope you like what I have in store!

Summary: He was tired of the hate, the cruel harassment, the pain, the torture, the loneliness. He was sick of watching this boy go through so much because of the damn fourth Hokage and his stupid decision before his foolish death. What if the Kyuubi had an influence on Naruto before everything? Come and read the journey as Kyuubi's love for Naruto makes him one of the strongest shinobi ever to be born into existence.

Main Pairings: KyuuNaru, NaruHaku, KakaNaru (minor NaruSasu) for now.

Rating: R for sexual content (much later in this story and when it happens, it gets smutty), cursing, death, etc.

Warnings: Team 7 Bashing. (It gets better throughout the story, trust me.)

Also: Contains Yaoi. Which means BOYXBOY love. If you can't handle it or dislike it, then you can simply press the back button. I want NO flames about it being a YAOI and I swear if I do get any, I will get my water hose and hose your ass down! Please respect that even though you may not like yaoi, other people, like myself, enjoy it! Also, this is a harem story so if you're looking for Naruto to be with just one person, you can press the back button if this story is not for you, thank you~

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Chapter 1: The Beginning of Everything

It was raining.

And just like that, the young boy of twelve who already had a shitty couple of day's mood instantly turned sour. The young man known as Naruto Uzumaki just had one of the most horrible weeks of his life, and all he wanted to do was sleep and forget it ever happened.

For starters he finally became a genin, meaning he was one step closer to his dream of becoming Hokage. His sensei Iruka, whom he deemed a father figure, had just saved his life the other night and proved to him that he was one of the few people he could finally trust in this forsaken village he called home. On that note, his week almost started off great.


However, when his 'father' Iruka had announced who his teammates were that's when it started to crumble. His childhood crush, Sakura whom he thought would love to be on a team with him called him trash and made it obvious to everyone she hated the idea of being with him almost every day. What a way to boost his ego. Next, it was his new sensei Kakashi Hatake. Why the hell was he even deemed as a sensei anyway? He never showed up on time, always mocked him and his team and then had the audacity to call them a 'team' when it was obvious he preferred Sasuke and Sakura over him any day. And then there was Sasuke.

Sasuke Uchiha.

Honestly, that boy sent Naruto through a field of emotions. One day he accepted Naruto as a teammate and an individual person. The next day he would call him 'Dead Last' or 'Loser' and tell him he would never reach his level. He was just like everyone else honestly and if Naruto didn't know any better he would say that Sasuke liked to tease him for fun because everyone else does it. People may look up to him as an almighty Uchiha, but to Naruto, he was an ordinary person who followed the crowd and while his ninja skills may be great, his personality was horrible.

On top of everything else the D-rank missions he and his team had been getting recently weren't helping his week either. He didn't want to retrieve cats or water flower's because the woman who planted them was too lazy to do so. Instead, he wanted to get stronger and rather save a princess than an old grumpy cat that obviously was tired of its owner.

All in all, Naruto was tired, lonely and just wanted to sleep.

He arrived at the little apartment he called home and instantly made a B-Line towards the bathroom. He ripped off his clothes and turned the shower to the hottest degree it could be, the bathroom immediately filling up with steam. To a normal human, the setting he had the shower on would have scolded them and they would have been screaming at how hot the water was. To Naruto, in this case, he didn't care as long as he could feel the heat touching his skin. What he didn't know was that a certain demon inside of him was healing him so that he wouldn't have any third-degree burns surfacing on his skin.

Said demon was getting tired of being in the back round and was ready to make their appearance.

Kyuubi has had enough of seeing Naruto go through so much pain and while that damned Minato was good at making seals...Well, if he thought he could keep one of the most powerful demons in existence fully contained in a cage for the rest of his life he was sadly mistaken. As some of the greatest ninjas have said, there's always a flaw with every jutsu.

And Kyuubi was going to prove that very saying was truthful tonight.

Naruto stepped out of the shower, quickly drying himself off since the cold rain had his whole apartment freezing and dashed to his bedroom so he could slip under his covers after putting his pj's on. He snuggled under the blankets but was still shivering due to the heater in his apartment not working. He had been thankful to the third Hokage who he saw as a grandfather for having enough power to give him this apartment. But it was so run down that the A/C never worked, and because of the pipes he sometimes had to wander off into the woods and bathe in a lake due to the water being cut off. It was rare that happened now since the third sent someone to fix the pipes and had the water in his house running like new. Still, Naruto wished someone would come and get his A/C working again. He was so cold he could see his breath!

"So sorry im late Naruto-kun, does this help you feel better?" A rather feminine, yet masculine voice said from behind him. Not a moment later a figure laid down beside him and what he assumed to be a couple of furry tails wrapped around his frame and snuggled him into the other person's chest.

The blond boy quickly wiggled his way out of those tails and jumped out of the bed to look at the other presence that wormed his way into his bedroom.

"Who the hell are you and how did you get into my house?!" Naruto pointed an accusing finger at them with eyes narrowed in suspicion. The other figure on the bed actually looked hurt, putting a clawed hand on their chest.

"Naruto, im offended. I thought you would know of the other being that resides inside of you but, seeing as you haven't lived a not so good life im sure that your trust issues are quite the problem." Naruto blinked.

No, no freaking way this could be the nine-tailed fox in his bedroom!

But taking a good look at the creature it had Naruto question everything.

They were tall, although Naruto really couldn't tell what the body structure was like underneath the thick yukata they were wearing. On top of things, the long bright orange hair that split down from the middle of their head down to their back made Naruto question if this was a male or female. It's piercing red eyes with cat-like slits that were staring right back into his own blue ones didn't help the poor boy either. And as he continued to look at the creature, he noticed from the sleeves of it's loosely fitted Yukata they sported white claw-like nails and looking up at its face again had fangs like Naruto himself, except they were sharper.

It was no mistaking that the creature before him wasn't human, no thanks to the huge tails it was sporting, but was it actually the Kyuubi no Kitsune?

"Maybe this might help." Said creature gathered it tails to create one huge tail that seconds later fanned out into nine thinner ones.

There's no mistaking it, this was definitely the nine-tailed fox.

"Okay well, that's great and all that you're the nine-tailed fox but why are you here in my bedroom?" The Kyuubi blinked, not expecting that response.

"You're not...afraid of me?" They asked Naruto shook his head.

"Well, you're not the scariest monster i've ever met, besides humans themselves. I actually think you're really pretty, beautiful in fact." Naruto noted the Kyuubi blushed red at that.

"But if you're not afraid then don't you hate me?" Once again, Naruto shook his head.

"Actually it's an honor to meet you Kyuubi." He scratched the back of his head, nervously continuing with his speech, "The reason why im not scared or hate you is that you showed up to help me keep warm, which I really appreciate. If you really hated me you would have just killed me right here right now. Instead, you showed up to wrap me in your tails because you knew I was cold. And im sure you had a very good reason for attacking the village all those years ago...From just the couple of minutes you've appeared I haven't sensed an evil aura from you...and you seem nice." He gave the fox a heartwarming smile.

Seconds later that smile turned into a frown because he started shivering.

Kyuubi couldn't believe it. At first, he wanted to hate the boy for being sealed inside him, but over time he realized it wasn't Naruto's fault. It was the damned fourth Hokage's fault for him being caged. As much as he wanted to hate Naruto for being the son of the man who caged him, Naruto was different from Minato. This boy had a false innocence to him and Naruto just screamed 'I need someone in my life, please hold me.' Or at least in Kyuubi's mind, that's how he saw Naruto.

"Come here boy, you're gonna freeze to death over there." Naruto nodded and without hesitation climbed into Kyuubi's open arms to let the demon hold him until he stopped shivering. Because Kyuubi was a fire demon, they were extremely warm and it wasn't long before Naruto snuggled into them and sighed with relief. Kyuubi was like his own personal heater and he loved it. Screw blankets when you could have a beautiful demon like the nine-tailed fox hold you all night long.

"Better?" The demon asked. Naruto hummed and snuggled into Kyuubi more, giving the fox their answer. Kyuubi smiled and began to stroke Naruto's spiky hair, making sure not to scratch him with his claws.

"I can't tell if im dreaming or this is real," Naruto said quietly.

"And why would you think this is a dream?" Kyuubi questioned. The boy sat up to stare the Kyuubi dead in their eyes.

"Because no one has ever cared for me, except Jiji and Iruka sensei. Other than those two no one has ever cared for me so if im going to be honest, im not used to affection. And it should be impossible for you to be beside me right now since you should be locked away inside of me so can you blame me?" The fox frowned.

"Well, im just going to have to change that huh? Naruto, from this night on your not going to be alone anymore because im going to be with you. Although having me with you physically while other people are around would cause too much suspicion. I can't have the people of Konoha knowing the very demon that destroyed their home years ago has a human form and can communicate with you. That's too much trouble." Naruto nodded in agreement.

"So what? I think your pretty great so far and the people of Konoha should know your innocent, right? I mean im sure you didn't attack the village for no reason?" The fox shook their head.

"No kit, it's more complicated than you think, but I didn't attack the village just to attack it. However, that's another conversation for another time and by the way, your eyes are opening and closing I can tell you're too sleepy for that conversation anyway." Kyuubi chuckled at Naruto who was trying to stay awake.

The boy yawned.

"It's been a long week, so sorry that im really tired." Kyuubi tilted his head.

"It's quite alright Naruto, and just for the record, I know how your week has been. I've been seeing through your eyes since the day you were born, but I was waiting for the right moment to come and greet you. And after the week you've had I figured tonight would be a great time to meet the boy who is basically my other half, literally." Naruto raised an eyebrow.

"Basically Naruto, if you die I die. It's as simple as that. We literally are one with each other." He stroked the boy's left cheek and gave the right one a kiss. "Go to sleep Naruto, I promise i'll be here when you wake up okay? Any other questions will be answered in the morning. For now, go to sleep." Naruto yawned again and repositioned himself in Kyuubi's arms.

"You promise you'll be here in the morning?" He asked sleepily.

"Yes boy, now go to sleep." He said with another chuckle, amused by the boy's cuteness. With another yawn, Naruto closed his eyes and did just that.

Kyuubi positioned both of them so he could lay down with Naruto comfortably on his chest. Oh yes, after tonight things were certainly going to change and he was going to make sure Naruto's dream came true. Naruto was going to be the best Hokage there ever was and if anyone got in the boy's way, Kyuubi would not hesitate to kill them. Starting with his so-called 'team'. All three of them needed a reality check and starting tomorrow, he was going to make sure they gave Naruto the respect he deserved.

Naruto woke up and just like he thought he would be, he was alone.

He knew meeting the Kyuubi no Kitsune last night must have been a lie; A dream too good to become reality. To have someone that actually cared for him come in his time of need was nothing but a false reality that he wished existed. After all those cold lonely nights he spent in his bedroom to suddenly change in the course of a single night...He never felt so warm and at peace at nighttime in his whole entire life of twelve years.

For all that to quickly vanish made him feel like he wanted to cry.

That is until he smelt food being cooked in his kitchen.

Slowly getting up and wiping the crust out of his eyes Naruto headed towards the kitchen to see a sight he never thought he would have in a million years. There they were, the Kyuubi no Kitsune, a demon feared by all and one of the most powerful beings from the underworld in his kitchen cooking breakfast for him. Naruto blinked twice and even pinched himself hard just to make sure what he was seeing was real.

"Come take a seat Naruto, I was just about to put breakfast on the table." Kyuubi turned around and smiled at the blond boy.

Naruto obediently sat down and watched as the Kyuubi washed the dishes, set the table and filled his plate up with a delicious breakfast. Naruto noted how the Kyuubi only made a plate for him and sat down across the table with a cup of what he assumed to be wine in it's hand, staring out of the window in his kitchen with a content look on their face.

Naruto had many questions for the demon, so he tried to quickly stuff down his meal. Kyuubi chuckled at his little brat and reached out to fluff his blond hair. Naruto blinked at the action, never before having someone fluff his hair like the third once did when Naruto showed him a new technique or Iruka when they went out for ramen and he wanted to praise him for something amazing he did.

"Slow down there kit or your gonna choke. Any questions you have to ask me will be answered after you properly eat your food and put your dishes in the sink. I told you last night, im not going anywhere Naruto. I promise." Kyuubi gave Naruto a kiss on the cheek then sat back down in their seat to finish the cup of wine they poured. Naruto ate at a slower but still quick pace after that.

Finally finished with his food, he put his plate in the sink then lead Kyuubi into the living room ready to interrogate the demon.

They sat on the couch.

"Well Naruto?" Kyuubi raised an eyebrow at an unusually silent Naruto who was so prepared to ask him questions just minutes ago.

"I-Uh, sorry, I just don't really know where to start so excuse me for trying to...Really believe you're here and that I just sat down and had breakfast with you." He finished with a sheepish grin.

Kyuubi gave him a small smile. "Well for starters you could take a deep breath and think of five questions at a time to ask me before thinking of the next round of questions you have for me." Naruto had a determined look in his eyes and nodded his head, thinking of the first five questions he had. Kyuubi shook his head, amused at the little blond brat that he grew to love so much.

"Alright, how are you out of my body? Are you real? Are you a girl or boy? How old are you? And where did you get this food from!?" Naruto said these all so quick, that if Kyuubi were a regular human being he most likely would not have been able to catch what all Naruto said.

"Well for one, your fa- the fourth Hokage was good with seals but he wasn't perfect like Kushina Uzumaki was. It's not every day one seal's the Kyuubi no Kitsune without any flaws, and unfortunately, the damned fourth was a tad bit sloppy, not realizing some of my chakra could slip out of his seal and I could manifest a bit myself in the outside world to create my human form. Two, yes Naruto I am real. Does this prove it?" Kyuubi disappeared only to reappear in front of Naruto and pick him up in the air to hug him followed by a kiss on his left cheek.

"I...Y-yeah, your pretty real to me!" Naruto said, staring back at Kyuubi with a red face. Kyuubi laughed and put him down, then grabbed Naruto's hand and led him to the couch in Naruto's small living room so they could sit back down on it together and finish talking.

"Alright, answer my other questions Kyuubi!" Naruto bounced up and down on the couch, excitement written all over his face.

"Well, as for my gender im a demon, so technically I don't have one. However, if you need one you can refer to me as a male, but," Kyuubi opened his kimono to reveal his well-built chest that quickly changed into a slender built waist and his pecs grew into breast which was covered by the sides of his yukata. Naruto got the jutsu that he could change his gender and stared in awe. A more feminine voice spoke, "If you feel more comfortable with me as a female rather than a male I wouldn't be angry at you Naruto." Naruto shook his head.

"That's alright Kyuubi, I like you as you originally are being a male! And the cool thing about that is that I can do it too, watch me!" He stood up and distanced himself. "SEXY NO JUTSU!" Kyuubi shrunk his chest into a male's once again and stared at Naruto's jutsu, then threw his head back to laugh. Naruto grinned and turned back to his original form then jumped back on the couch next to Kyuubi.

"Impressive kit! I've seen you do that jutsu several times but somehow seeing you do it in person is hysterical. You're one with weird, you know that?" Naruto smiled back at him in response.

"Anyways as for how old I am, I was one of the first demonic being's created in this world and im older than you, your parents, their parents, your great-grandparents. In short im an old demon that has been around for hundreds of years and seen too much. And the food...Well Naruto im just as much of a ninja as you are so getting food without being seen isn't too much of a struggle. However, I don't want you going around and stealing food unless necessary, got it?" Naruto nodded his head with a smile.

"You got it Kyuubi!" Kyuubi frowned and puts a hand on Naruto's shoulder.

"For safety sakes call me Kurama from now on unless we're alone okay kit?" A blonde eyebrow rose.

"Then does that mean you," He starts, rethinking his sentence before continuing. "Does that mean you're actually gonna be with me from now on?" Kyuubi sadly shakes his head.

"I wish, but honestly I feel like an orange haired, red-eyed being with nine tails and claws would be too suspicious walking next to you around the village. Don't you think?" Naruto has to agree, but he's not ready to give up.

He looked at Kurama then away. "What if you make your claws and tails disappear?" Kyuubi knows this is Naruto having wishful thinking and doesn't want to hurt the sad boy any more than he already has.

"How about this kit," This grabs Naruto's attention back on him. "When we're alone i'll appear automatically, but around other people like your teammates, especially your sensei, i'll talk to you from your mental state. Unfortunately, your teacher is smarter than you think and Kakashi may catch onto me randomly making an appearance in the village. But if it makes you feel better we can tell the third Hokage about me. He's a man that I can trust and will listen to reason when I tell him what actually happened that night." Unlike the fourth who he will hate for the rest of his immortal life, he likes the third.

A smart, reliable, and cunning shinobi who may be old but doesn't have the title of the third Hokage for nothing. Unlike the previous Hokage, Kyuubi would have to say Sarutobi was his favorite. The first, Hashirama, was an adorable doofus who he couldn't understand why a woman like Mito herself would get involved with and have a family together at that. The second was too uptight and walked around with a stick up his ass all the time, but he was powerful. However, not as powerful as his brother who he could tolerate to a degree when Mito didn't catch Hashirama too close for comfort around Madara Uchiha, but that was another story for another time.

"Yeah, yeah let's go tell Jiji right now!" He said getting up and rushing to his room to get dressed.

Kyuubi sighed and followed the boy into the other room to see him with all of his clothes on, struggling with his pants. He leaned on the doorframe, "Now hold on Naruto, not just yet but we will tell the third, I promise." He walked in to give Naruto a pat on the shoulder "But right now you need to see your team. I let you sleep in so your two hours late but Kakashi, knowing how lazy he can be won't show up for a couple of minutes. You'll still be late though." Naruto's eyes went wide.

"Oh no, im gonna be late and Sakura's gonna be mad at me!" Naruto quickly gathered his ninja pouch and zipped up his jacket.

Kyuubi frowned. "And why should Sakura's opinion matter to you?" Naruto looked back at Kyuubi to see the much older man's eyes narrowed and arms crossed.

"Because I...I..." Naruto didn't want to tell Kyuubi about his secret crush for the pink haired kunoichi since it was embarrassing to tell anyone, and if he did they called him stupid, including her himself.

Kyuubi gave a heavy sigh. "You like her right?" The boy slowly nodded his head. "If I were you I would get rid of that silly crush quickly. Right now, she's a stupid girl with no real skills of being a kunoichi and is obsessed with the retarded Uchiha kid that thinks he's special. If she can't treat you like a human being but wants to praise the Uchiha brat for being a dick to her then let her. Don't let that bitch talk you down and delude yourself into thinking you have a crush on her. Besides you can do so much better." Kyuubi took a strand of hair and flipped it.

Ouch. Kyuubi knew he went a bit overboard and looked away, not wanting to see the hurt look on Naruto's face for telling the truth.

Naruto frowned wanting to defend Sakura so much, but a part of him agreed with Kyuubi. What did he honestly see in Sakura anyway? She was rude, selfish and although she had great skills in chakra control and was smart when it came to the basics, she had no real talent except for being an asshole to him. Was he really that blind?

Kyuubi walked forward and bent down so he could level with Naruto to look into his sea blue eyes. "I didn't mean to be so harsh on you Naruto. It's the truth and I know it hurts, but I'd rather you be truly happy than having the impression that the people on your team actually care about you and want to be your friends. Sakura doesn't care, Sasuke certainly doesn't care about anyone else but himself and Kakashi is honestly a closed book to me. But from the looks of it, Kakashi could put more effort into working with you since he obviously invests his time into your other teammates more than you, especially the Uchiha." Kurama unconsciously growled.

Naruto surprisingly hugged him, wrapping his arms around the demon's neck. "Thank you for caring for me Kyuubi. I've had a horrible week but just by spending a day and night with you I feel better than I have in a long time. I hate that the village hates you but maybe one day they'll see that your not dangerous and will look up to you." Kyuubi scoffed. The village look up to him? How absurd.

Kyuubi hugged him back, slowly starting to fade away back into Naruto's mental state. Naruto panicked, seeing Kyuubi's body fade away.

"Wh-Where are you going!?" The boy panicked, feeling his anxiety kick up seeing Kyuubi fade like that.

"I said I would be back didn't I? You have a team to meet, and if you need me you can talk to me through your mental state." Kyuubi disappeared out of sight, but Naruto could hear him chuckling from his mind.

Maybe having Kyuubi around wouldn't be so bad.


In his mental state, Naruto could hear Kyuubi laughing his ass off at his final attempt to catch a brown cat named Tora that a rich villager keeps asking them to retrieve. Oh yea, Naruto was so over these D rank missions. He would rather have spent the morning talking to Kyuubi more instead of this.

Later after that mission was successful he was in the mission room with his team watching as the lady squished her cat and walked off, happy they could retrieve it for her for what felt like the thousandth time. And once again Sarutobi started reading off more D-rank missions for them to do. That is until Naruto protested and Iruka scolded him, saying every ninja has to start off with basic missions and develop.

After it got quiet, Sarutobi then explained the importance of each mission and how they ranked. Of course, Naruto got bored again and started whining about having a real ninja mission to Iruka, Sarutobi and Kyuubi's amusement.

"Alright Naruto, you want a real mission, is that right? Well i'll move you up a rank and give you and your team a C rank mission, how does that sound!" His team cheered, and even Kakashi was surprised that Sarutobi moved them up a level so quickly because of Naruto. "You'll be bodyguards on a semi-long mission, so be on your best behavior. Bring in our visitor." Sarutobi gestured and in came in a drunken old dark-skinned man with glasses.

He took a sip from his bottle then looked at Naruto and his team with a scowl. "What's this, a bunch of snot noise kids are supposed to protect me?" Another sip. "And you, the little one with the idiotic look on your face. You really expect me to believe you're a ninja?" Naruto looked around at his team.

"Who's the little one with the i-" He noticed his teammates looking directly at him and then...

"I'LL KILL YOU OLD MAN!" He shouted, having to be held back by Sasuke on his right arm, Sakura on his left and Kakashi pulling at the back of his jacket. Sarutobi smiled while Iruka shoved his hands in his face shaking his head.

Kyuubi smirked, putting one paw on top of the other as he watched the scene unfold inside of his cage.

"This should be good, the brat's first real mission." Kurama yawned out before he went back to sleep.

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