A Demon's Love

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Chapter 8: Lovesick

Sasuke, Kakashi, and Sakura blinked and stared at Naruto.

Almost like it was the most normal thing in the world, a little brown fox was laying on his lap as Kakashi explained to the whole team what the Chunnin Exams were and why they should participate. The whole team had been quiet, giving Kakashi their full attention as he explained. Until Naruto heard a fox cry, and out of nowhere, a poof of a smoke appeared and a little fox came to sit on his lap. The little critter that had been following him since their mission in Wave wouldn't leave his side, and he was fine with that. He even brought a bowl and was tempted to buy a collar and chew toys for it.

"Uh..Naruto. When did you get a pet fox?" Kakashi asked, rather curious about where it came from.

"Im not sure actually. It's been following me since we've been in Wave, and it's sorta my pet now. Oh! And I think it's a she, haven't given her a name just yet. For now, her name is Little Buddy." Sakura see's the fox incline it's head to her, and she gives it a pet. It licks her fingers and nuzzles into her hand.

"Tch, seems stupid to me," Sasuke mumbled.

The fox glared at him and jumped out of Naruto's lap to viciously bite Sasuke's hand off. Sasuke actually yelped and backed away from the rabid thing, before running and trying to get away from it. Sakura, Naruto, and Kakashi watched the scene for a minute before laughing at how terrified Sasuke was of a little fox.

"Naruto, call off your stupid pet!" Sasuke pleaded and Naruto is rolling on the ground in tears at this point.

"Th-Then maybe you should be nice to her and not c-call *laughs* her stupid haha!" Sasuke groaned and did the impossible.

"Alright, alright," He glared down at the fox with red eyes. "Im sorry, now leave me alone." The fox huffed and headed back to sit on Naruto's lap. Sasuke gave a sigh of relief and regained his composure. Itachi would have laughed and called him a disappointment to the clan if he saw what just happened.

Kakashi coughed to gain their attention. "Well, now that that's over. It's up to you all to decide if you want to participate. No pressure." With a poof of smoke, Kakashi disappeared from the trio.

Sasuke dusted himself off, then coolly put his hands in his pocket and walked away. He looked back, expecting Sakura to be following him. No, instead she's talking to Naruto with a blush on her cheeks. They're both chatting up a storm while petting that stupid fox, and it angered him. So in spite, he turned back around and stomps to where the two are talking.

The two don't even look up at his approaching figure.

"Hey, you two." Sakura blinked and stared up at the boy.

"What is it Sasuke?" Sasuke looked back at her in shock. What happened to 'Sasuke-kun'?

"I just want you two to not mess this up for me. I. want to go and participate in the Chunnin Exams-" He was cut off by the icy blue glare Naruto was giving him.

"And so do I, but im not going to force Sakura if she doesn't want to. She can decide that all on her own you jerk." Naruto bit out, and Sakura put a hand over his to calm him down. She stood up and faced Sasuke with a smile.

"It's okay Naruto-kun. Actually Sasuke, I was just thinking that our whole team should participate in this and see how far our skills as a team have improved." Sasuke narrowed his eyes at her.

"You do understand that only one of us could become Chunnin and we may have to fight each other at the end right? I won't hold back if I end up fighting either one of you." Sakura smirked and looked back at Naruto who was grinning up at her, then back to Sasuke.

"Then...I guess we'll have to fight each other. For now, I really think we should all go in as a team and do our best!" Sasuke looked away from her smiling face, hiding the fact that he was extremely shocked by the way she was acting towards him. It's almost like the inner fangirl in her disappeared. Did Naruto have something to do with that?

"Well, what are we all sitting around here for, Sakura, Sasuke. We need to start training and coming up with strategies. I know who some of the other teams are, and we're gonna be in some major trouble if we don't get our team work together. What do you say, guys?" Sakura wholeheartedly agreed with Naruto, and Sasuke just nodded his head.

Kakashi looked down at his three students with a smile, hidden in the trees to watch their interactions once he 'left'. He was glad his team was getting along because teamwork is the only way they're going to survive these exams.

"So Haku, I want you to know that I do not care if you are a boy! Gai Sensei says that is another part of youth that is wonderful to enjoy, so I am asking...Haku, will you be my boyfriend?!" Haku blinked twice, seeing the boy clad in a green leotard on his knees, confessing to him and handing him a rose he picked from the fields.

Tenten sighed and put a hand on her forehead to rub out her oncoming headache.

"Lee, you just met Haku and you're already proposing to him like some lovesick puppy dog?!" Tenten slapped Lee gently upside the head.

Haku just wanted to see Naruto, as usual, but he was busy strategizing with his team today. So, Tenten had stopped by Naruto's house and invited him to hang out with her today while she did some training with her teammate, Lee. Her other teammate, Neji, was apparently going to join them later, and their sensei was out at an official Jonin meeting right now.

But Lee, oh Kami, poor Lee. As soon as he gave Haku a good head to toe look he was smitten, just as every other guy that came across Haku. He dashed off when the two arrived at the training fields and came back five minutes later with a shiny fresh rose in his hand. He bent down and then confessed his 'undying love' for Haku. Tenten felt a headache coming on at that. Lee always did this when he saw a pretty girl, but this was a first for him to confess to a guy. Then again, he did think Haku was a girl at first, but even after Tenten explained Haku was just a gorgeous guy, Lee didn't care and that kind of shocked the bunned girl to say the least.

Haku gave the boy with a bowl cut hairstyle a sweet smile and accepted the rose.

"While im flattered Lee, you haven't even offered to take me out on a date yet! Plus, unfortunately, im involved with someone." Lee looked crush, and if one could hear the sound of a heart being broken, Lee felt his heart go into tiny little pieces being shattered.

"O-Oh...you are with someone." Tenten put her hands on her hips.

"Yeah, Haku is with Naruto and they even live together!" Now there was a fire in Lee's eyes, and he took Haku's hands into his, Haku accidentally dropping the rose.

"Is this Naruto entering in the Chunnin Exams by any chance?" Tenten and Haku looked at each other cautiously before nodding their heads.

"THEN I SHALL CHALLENGE HIM FOR YOUR LOVE HAKU...I-If that is alright with you of course!" Haku gave him a light peck on the cheek and nodded his head.

"Whatever you like Lee. But for now, if you want to get to know a girl, how about asking her out on a date, or at least getting to know five facts about them before confessing. It'll be easier that way so you don't get heartbroken when you are rejected. You seem like a very sweet boy, and if I wasn't with Naruto I would consider dating you." Lee blushed and took mental notes of Haku's advice. He should get to know someone before asking them out. What if they were crazy or worse...

"Well then Haku, I shall take what you said into consideration of how to approach people I like better! Thank you." Lee smiled at the pretty boy.

"No problem Le-"

"What is he doing here?" The trio turn around to see the third teammate of Team Gai, Neji. And needless to say, he looked pissed.

Neji looked at Tenten, then at Haku and Lee who were holding hands, and Lee was...blushing? Just what the hell was this boy doing that made Tenten and Lee fall for his charm. He was pretty, but he's a national criminal from another country and is not to be trusted. From what he has heard from eavesdropping on fellow Jonins, Haku is a vicious vixen known for seducing men and women, while his partner Zabuza Momochi went in for the kill. They were a notorious duo and he couldn't understand why they were accepted into the village.

And now one of them was wooing not one, but both of his teammates, and watching them while they trained? Oh no, no, no, this would not do. At least, not while Neji Hyuga was around, he was not gonna let that shit fly.

"Sorry, but when we train we do it in private, no visitors allowed. Especially you. You need to leave the premises immediately." Haku slowly raised an eyebrow at the bitter sounding boy.

"Hey Neji, chill out. Im the one that invited Haku to hang out with us in the first place!" Neji scowled at Tenten.

"Then I suggest you reconsider and take him back to where you found him for the day." Okay, this guy was an asshole, Haku officially declared.

"Im am not a dog, Hyuga." Neji focused his attention on Haku and crossed his arms.

"Well, from your history you seem like one. Doing whatever you can just to pick up scraps to eat for the night like some stray hound. Killing and seducing, what a cheap trick." Tenten went up to Neji and placed her hands on his chest as he stalked forward to where Haku was. That was way out of line and this could get out of hand if she didn't stop Neji. He was quick to get angry and jump to conclusions after all...

"Woah, Neji that was not nice. I am so sorry Haku-Kun." Lee apologized. He patted the pretty boy on the shoulder while glaring at his teammate.

Then Tenten said, "Neji, you need to apologize. Why would you say something like tha-"

"No, it's alright Tenten, Lee. Let the asshole think what he wants." Haku, with a witty look on his face, walked up to Neji. Tenten moved so they could be face to face, knowing Haku could defend himself. Haku was declared a Chunnin after all, and he had a special ability no one else in the world had anymore. He could handle himself against a bratty Hyuga.

"So, seducing is a cheap trick huh? Well then, I challenge you to a fight Hyuga." Neji smirked, this would be a piece of cake.

"Fine, but I won't go easy on you stary." Lee and Tenten backed away to watch from the sidelines, while Neji and Haku got in their positions for their fighting stances.

"One strike of my gentle fist and you're done for. Let me show you your place when talking to someone of my caliber!" Neji rushed forward and immediately struck Haku in his heart, making Lee and Tenten gasps at his speed and accuracy. He didn't even need to activate his Byakugan for this, it was child's play.

However, Neji's blood ran cold when he realized 'Haku' was smirking back at him, but it was too late. Haku's body shattered into ice and Neji felt a prick in his left arm. He immediately snatched the sebon out and looked up to see Haku wink at him in the trees above them, sitting up there with his legs crossed and waving hi to Lee who was cheering him on. Neji growled and grabbed his arm, feeling it immediately go limp.

Haku, with a speed far greater than Neji's, jumped from the tree's and aimed to punch Neji in the face, but Neji easily dodged him and kicked Haku hard in the stomach, sending the boy across the field.

Haku!" Lee and Tenten screamed out.

Haku coughed and shakily tried to stand himself up. Neji, with a limp arm, walked over to Haku with a victorious look on his face. He knew Haku was all bark and no bite.

"So, how does it feel to be on your knees where you belong, scum." He was prepared to kick Haku once more, that is, until Haku looked up at him.

Neji suddenly froze.

Something in him was not letting him move and his heart started racing fast. What the hell, what was going on with him. What was it about those inviting tan colored orbs, those plump peach lips, long lashes, or that cute blush on the other boy's cheeks, that was making him feel like this. He has never felt this way when fighting someone before, so what was it about this boy that made his face heat up?

"So, seduction is a cheap trick you said." The boy below Neji's feet smirked turned into ice once again. Neji cursed and suddenly found himself pinned down on the ground, one of Haku's arms holding both his writs above his head, while the other had a kunai dangerously close to Neji's neck.

Lee and Tenten cheered for the beautiful blacked haired boy, Haku easily flipping off of a shocked Neji.

"So, here I am with no scratches or a speck of dirt on me, while you, on the other hand, have a limp arm and a few specks of mud and scratches on yourself. Now who looks like a stray? You should learn to be careful and respect your superiors more, Huyga. Sorry, Tenten and Lee, I would love to stay but I feel a bit unwelcomed. Come and get me when you would like some proper company and not one of a disrespectful brat." Haku gave Neji a wink and walked away.

"Bye Haku!" Tenten waved goodbye, meanwhile, Lee knew he was definitely smitten and felt a case of lovesickness coming on watching Haku walk away.

"That dirty little tram-"

"Easy Neji, Haku was just kidding!" Tenten quickly helped Neji up and dusted the dirt off of his clothes.

"Neji, Haku is older than you and he's a Chunnin. You shouldn't have disrespected him like that...He's really cool once you get to know him, so you should just give him a chance!" Neji rudely swatted Tenten's hands away and narrowed his eyes in the direction Haku disappeared into.

"Never. I don't trust him and you two should know better. He is not to be trusted, nor around when you know I am going to be around. Do I make myself clear?" Tenten sighed and decided arguing with an embarrassed Neji would be futile.

"Crystal Neji..." Both of them looked over at Lee, who was quietly singing to himself with heart eyes.

"Oh boy, it's official. Lee is in love and Naruto has a new rival im sure." Neji raised an eyebrow at her.

"Naruto...wasn't that the boy Haku was with the other day, when we ran into them while running laps around the village. You were practically drooling when you first meet them." Neji asked in disgust.

"Yeah, Naruto and Haku live together after all and they're sort of a thing." Neji nodded at the information given to him.

Given the circumstances, Naruto was on Gai sensei's rival's team, Kakashi Hatake. Naruto was a genin and would most likely be entering the Chunnin exams...With that being said, it looked like Naruto was not going to have one, but two rivals from Gai sensei's team. If Neji couldn't get a scratch on Haku, when not go for his significant other that was weaker. If he couldn't hurt him physically, why not hurt his ego?

Oh yes, let the plotting begin. The Chunnin Exams were going to be quiet fun this year.

"So...You think this is a good idea? The fact that we decided to put all the rookie babies into the exams." Kurenai asked, taking a sip of her wine.

Her, Asuma, Kakashi, Anko and a couple other Jonin's were in the lounge right now discussing the topic of the Chunnin Exams, now finished with their meeting with the third.

"Well, I think it would be a good way to test their skills. Choji, Shikamaru, and Ino need this, and I had consent from their parents before I recommend them today." Asuma leaned back and wrapped his arm around Kurenai's shoulders on the love seat. Kurenai smiled and laid her head on his shoulder.

"As did I from Hinata, Kiba, and Shino's parents. We all know how dangerous the Exams can be. What about you, Kakashi?" Kakashi looked up from his book and hummed.

"Ohhh, I think they'll be just fine. Besides what's the worst that could happen?"

"Death." Anko cheerfully said, her mouth full of Dango sitting on the window seal. That earned her a glare from Raidou across the room and Kurenai.

That too." Kakashi coolly agreed with her, but he knew his team would be fine.

"You know I have to agree with what Iruka said earlier to you Kakashi, they are just babies after all. Even Gai held his team back for a year." Genma strolled in and took a seat next to Kakashi on the couch. Kakashi gave Genma his famous side eye.

"Genma, I become and Chunnin at six." Kakashi flat out states and Genma holds his hands up in defense.

"Yeah, but im just saying. By the way, I came in here for a reason since it's been so hard to find you recently. I wanted to ask about that new cute little Chunnin that's staying with one of your kittens, Haku was it? When am I going to get to meet him? I heard he's quite the sight to behold and I wanna see for myself since everyone keeps talking about him."

"He's fifteen." Genma gives Kakashi his famous 'I don't give a fuck' look and shrugs.

"I didn't say I wanted to get into his pants, I just want to meet him is all." They both hear Kurenai scoff on the love cough.

"Well, knowing your reputation Genma, that is exactly what you want to do." Asama looked at her, then a Genma with a raised eyebrow. Everyone who was a Jonin, and closes with Genma knew he was a bit of a playboy.

"Hey! I still have my dignity and morals."

Anko chuckled, chewing her Dango stick slowly. "You only have one of those." And then laughter burst out into the room.

"What th- Speak for yourself you dammed crazy snake woman. Raidou, back me up here!" He looked back at his partner who's sipping his tea and talking the Aoba in the kitchen area. Raidou glared at him and continued to sip his drink. "Awww come on princess, you still mad about earlier when I said I didn't like your cookies? I liked them, I just hate raisins okay?" Raidou stalked out the room, Genma quickly following after him.

"Ahhh, the mother hen lovebirds have left the building! Speaking of which, when am I going to see that hunk of a rouge Jonin Kakashi. Word on the street is that he lives you now!" Anko jumped off from the window and took the empty seat next to the silver-haired Jonin. Kakashi looked at her, then went back to reading his book, making her pout.

"I don't know where you got that information from, but I don't know where he is Anko..." He ignored the kunai at his throat and flipped to the next page in his book.

"You listen and you listen good Hatake. I don't know if you're hiding him from me because you want him all to yourself, but if I find out he lives with you and you didn't tell me. You're a dead man." Kakashi inclined his head to her.

"What would give you the implication that im gay?" Anko put her kunai back in her pouch and cracked her knuckles.

"There's been a pot going around for seven years now since no one has ever seen you with a woman. And no one simply reads as much porn, in public, like you do." Kakashi gave her a ludicrous look and looked at the couple on the love couch.

"I don't see what my reading has to do wit- Ausma, Kurenai, did you know about this pot?" Asuma blushed and coughed into his hand. Kurenai also had a blush on her face and looked out the window, commenting how lovely a day it is. The other Jonin around the room began to whistle and pretend like they didn't just hear what Anko said, or Kakashi talking to them.

"You know what, Im going to retire for the day." Kakashi stood up and began to walk out, ignoring some of the snickers from his fellow Jonin.

"Oh wait, before you go...there's also the pot of you and one your little blonde kittens getting together." Kakashi tilted his head at the snake woman he, unfortunately, called his friend.

"Okay for one, why are you all calking them my kittens? Two, are you referring to Naruto? He's twelve." Anko looked at Kurenai with a playful look, then back at Kakashi.

"Well, we were gonna call them your pups since you know, you're all about dogs and shit, but that little blonde brat you have has whiskers and they all remind me of kittens."

"So you started tha-"

"And a little birdy told me you actually have an interest in one of them, and Naruto is going to be quiet handsome when he grows up. I might even flirt with him when his balls drop." Kurenai shakes her head at how blunt her female best friend could be sometimes.

"What is going on with all these rumors...Anyway, Im not going to indulge you today Anko. Bye." Kakashi huffed and teleported back to his apartment, his fellow Jonin's laughter as he left not making him feel any better.

Kami forbid that rumor get back to Sarutobi that he had a small crush on his grandson.

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