Rampage of souls

There was a peacefull land of hop and kindness. Un was shinnin and
everything was hapy. I't was disgutin and weak and unmanlly.

But then out of nowhere cam 100000000000 MANLY legions of blessed
hard ass balls IMPERIUM ov MAN to cleans the weaklings. Skys were
roaring like essenc of steel in the bone tower of Odin. They roasted
the boring sissy pacifist land with HOLY retributn of flame and bloodied
iron. "Blessed are the gunmakers!" screamejected the humin commande like
the MANLY lion of the norse god crowned with BLOOD and black mwtal

But then out of nowhere came dark hordes of space demons, like
bloodthirsty dogs of IRON, tremplin on remnais of disgusting pacifist
mouth breathers.

"FLAMING GLORY!" ejaculated the Human commadner as he pierced the dempns
exposed fleesh with wis mighty steel sword. "weak shall PERsh!" screamed
the ODIN'S sky, "KIIL THE WEAKLINGS!" answered humna commander like manly
bear consumed in blood TRANCE.

ORGY OF violence, their manly uniforms gliming and OILED. Remainign
pacifist weaklings were hudld togehter like sSHITS tehy are.
"Liv eby the sword!" Human com mander boild with rage.
"Live noone alive!" screamned SOLDIERS of odin.

Humans are carnivorous BADASSES with pension for meat and red blooded

But then out of nowhere came the GODLIKE EXTERMINATUS to lcense this
filthy xeno plcae. Btatle reached CHLIMAH of gore and ORGY. aND THAN
MANLY space ship ov his impperial MAJESTY Ov Man Fly of like manly
bastard heis!