Author's Notes: Thanks to Stonedtoad for betaing as always.

The SGC was quiet.

In the infirmary Janet was pleased to see all of the few patients she had were fast asleep.

All that was except one.

"Colonel," Janet said walking over to him with a disapproving frown, "You need to sleep."

"Not just now, Doc," Jack sighed, "Don't really want to dream."

Janet nodded; from the small snatches of information they had, what Jack had just experienced had not been pleasant.

"Well, I wouldn't do this for all my patients," Janet smiled.

"No drugs doc," Jack sighed.

"Not what I had in mind," Janet disappeared into her office for a few minutes; she reappeared holding something in her hand.

"Cards?" Jack asked.

"Feel like a game of something?" she asked, "I don't have any work I can't do later. So?"

Jack smiled pulling himself up to sit, "Deal."

Janet pulled the tray up to him and took a seat on the bed before opening the cards and cutting the deck. Jack looked at her suspiciously as she shuffled expertly.

"Do this often?" he asked taking the cards.

"Not much these days," Janet admitted, "But I used to play Daniel a lot. When he couldn't sleep while he was in here."

Jack nodded understanding, "He wasn't very good at cards."

"Yeah," Janet agreed, "But a chess set wasn't as easy to hide."

She frowned seeing Jack's eyes close at the thought of his friend; she caught his hand.

"It's your turn," she said with a smile trying to move his attention back to the game.

They played a few more hands before Jack spoke again.

"He was there."

"What?" Janet asked confused.

"Daniel," Jack clarified, "When I was in the prison, he was there."

Janet stared at him their game forgotten.

"At first I thought it was a hallucination, I'm still not sure about that though," Jack laughed slightly, "I threw my shoe through him."

"That must have put him in a wonderful mood," she teased.

"He became slightly sarcastic," Jack smiled.

"I think that was your influence over the years," Janet told him.

"He said he couldn't do anything to get me out of there," Jack sighed, "So he decided to help me ascend. I didn't want to."

"Daniel wouldn't want you in pain," Janet said, "Hallucination or not."

"I know but I couldn't give up," he told her, "I couldn't give in. I think he did something...something to give them the idea, something to give me the chance to get out."

"And you got home," Janet reminded him.

"Home," Jack repeated, "Doesn't feel right without him here."

Janet looked at him amazed; Jack never talked about how much he missed Daniel.

"He's always here," Janet told him.

Jack looked just past her shoulder and smiled to himself, "More than you know Janet, more than you know. I think I'll try and get some sleep now. Night Doc."

"Goodnight Colonel."