Face the Music, part 8

Rommie was, for the fist time in her short life, content.

It had been a long day: recovery and re-attachment of the Slipstream core had taken over 8-hours, and drove Harper to tears at one point. Rommie had spent several additional hours talking with Andromeda's AI. They had come to an agreement: Rommie was, and always would be, Andromeda's Avatar, but when she was with Dylan, the main AI would leave her alone. She could sense that Andromeda was less than happy with that agreement, but it was the only way the situation could ever work.

The rest of the crew were different: Tyr had seemed confused by the entire thing, but wished them happiness none the less. Trance had been ecstatic for them, say how they where perfect for each other. Beka was also happy for them, but seemed slightly uneasy with it. Harper said he was happy, but Rommie knew he was upset that she had chosen Dylan over her engineer and creator, but he would no doubt bounce back.

Rommie moved her head slightly to look at Dylan: he was asleep in his bed. Their bed now. It had been a long day, but that had not stopped them from consummating their relationship, several times in fact. Rommie stretched one arm across Dylan's chest, and pulled herself closer to the man she loved. She could feel the warmth of his body next to hers, could feel the steady rising and lowering of his chest as he breathed, could hear his heartbeat. She smiled.

There were still questions that had to be addressed: could they ever have a formal marriage? What would people say when their relationship became widely known? Would people change their view on joining the Commonwealth out of some objection to their relationship? There was hundreds of questions like that they needed to address, but now was not the time. Maybe tomorrow? Or the day after? Perhaps not.

She reached up and kissed him on the cheek as he slept. She gently rested her head on his shoulder and went to sleep herself.

A perfect moment may only last a moment, but sometimes, that's long enough.

The end.