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Blaine's POV

Blaine breathed a sigh of relief when he saw Kurt walk in with Cooper, the pair of them laughing good-naturedly,

"Have a nice walk?" His mother asked politely,

Kurt nodded stiffly, "It was nice," He affirmed, sending a quick pointed glance toward Blaine,

"Just a quick get to know you session," Cooper replied with a wink,

Blaine looked at the pair of them suspiciously. He had a feeling that he had missed something important…

"Would you like a drink, Kurt?" Henry asked curiously, his head poking out of the kitchen,

"Kurt just mentioned that he was the one driving home," Cooper answered on his behalf,

Kurt nodded quickly, "Yeah, I'm not much of a drinker anyway," He shrugged,

He narrowed his eyes, something as definitely up…

Cooper clapped his hands, "Want to come upstairs with us, Squirt? We can show Kurt your old room," He suggested, looking perfectly innocent,

Perhaps too innocent,

"Of course," Blaine answered smoothly, pushing his chair out, "Please excuse us," He said to his parent before leaving the room and heading upstairs with his brother and boyfriend,

The three of them had silently come to the agreement of not talking until they were Blaine's old room, with the door shut firmly behind them,

Cooper grinned knowingly,

"Well?" Blaine asked, wincing slightly at the look on his brothers face,

Cooper grinned again, this time more directed at Kurt as he put his arm around the guy,

Kurt smiled guiltily, and Blaine was unsure as to who it was directed towards,

"Turns out, I recognise your boyfriend," Cooper explained with a cheesy grin, building suspense,

Blaine gulped, and smiled tightly, "Oh, really?" He asked lightly, "Where from?" He asked in a curious tone,

Kurt just shook his head at him, a clear sign that Blaine should quit while he's ahead,

Cooper grinned again, and Blaine was getting tired of the smug, smirky look on the guys face,

"McKinley High School," Cooper answered, "Isn't that right, Kurt?"

In that moment, Blaine was glad he hadn't been drinking, as he was sure he would have spat it out.

"Whaaat? How did that happen?" He asked in a faux cheery voice, crossing his arms and chuckling nervously,

Kurt obviously decided to take pity on him and took over from Cooper,

"Turns out, he helped direct the performance of Rocky Horror from my Sophomore year," Kurt explained, letting the information sink in,

Blaine paled,

"He knows, Blaine," He added as if it weren't obvious,

"Don't pass out," Cooper said warningly as he saw Blaine sway slightly, grabbing him by the arm and leading him to the bed,

"I'm fine," Blaine muttered,

"Don't worry, Squirt, I'm not gonna tell anybody until you say I can," Cooper assured, placing a hand on Blaine's shoulder,

Blaine looked confused,

"Then what was that whole interrogation with Kurt thing about?" He queried,

Cooper shrugged, "I was just pulling his leg," he laughed, "As soon as I saw him I knew where I'd seen him around before, but I liked him as Riff-Raff and I like him as Kurt," He explained simply, "He's a good kid," he said, more directed at Kurt, "I can tell he really cares about you,"

Blaine sighed in relief,

"Thanks, Coop," He thanked graciously,

"Don't mention it, kid," He shrugged,

Kurt smiled at the pair of them,

"God, I love your family," He decided with a smile,

The two brothers just laughed.

"My mom and dad already want to meet your parents," Blair told Kurt as they were sat at a table in the Lima Bean, "Plus Finn and Santana, of course," he added, taking a sip of his coffee,

Kurt smiled slightly shyly, "So, they liked me?" He clarified,

"Liked? They're crazy about you, and they're tough to please," Blaine assured,

Kurt was about to speak but his gaze suddenly shifted to somewhere behind Blaine, and he squirmed in his seat uncomfortably,

"What is it?" Blaine asked curiously, studying Kurt's face carefully,

"Don't look now," Kurt warned, "But there's some guy staring at us from the line," he told Blaine nervously,

Blaine's blood ran cold, but he tried to think rationally, attempting to push all panic from his mind,

"Oh?" He replied lightly, "What does he look like?" He queried worriedly,

Kurt surreptitiously studied the man,

"Around Six foot, blond hair, medium build," He explained in a worried tone, shifting in his seat,

Blaine froze at the description of the man,

"Can we go, Blaine?" Kurt asked quietly, "He's making me kind of uncomfortable,"

Blaine shook himself and nodded quickly, "Yeah, we need to leave," He agreed, trying to be as rational as possible, praying it wasn't who he thought it was,

Kurt's eyes widened in fear, "Blaine, he's coming this way," He muttered quickly, "Do you know him?" He hissed quietly,

"Blaine?" The man interrupted before Blaine could respond to his boyfriend,

Blaine felt his hands shaking and he tried to breathe smoothly,

"Matt?" He replied, turning to face his ex,

Kurt's expression hardened, his look colder than Blaine had ever seen it at the mention of Blaine's ex,

"God, it's been so long!" Matt said in a tone Blaine couldn't decipher, "What are you doing here in Lima?" He asked conversationally, sitting down next to Blaine, "And who's this?" He asked, looking at Kurt, unable to hide the disdain in his voice,

Blaine become vaguely aware of Kurt's phone ringing as he answered Matt,

"This is my boyfriend, Kurt, Kurt, this is Matt," he introduced,

Kurt's face paled as he listened to the caller on the other side of the phone,

"Kurt?" Blaine asked worriedly,

"We'll be right there," Kurt told the caller, and he hung up the phone,

"Santana and Finn were in a car accident," Kurt told Blaine shakily, "They're in the hospital,"

Blaine paled even further,

"Shit," He cursed, unable to say anything else, "Fuck, okay, we need to go," He decided,

He turned to Matt, a small part of him grateful that this encounter had been cut short, despite the reasoning behind it,

"Sorry, Matt, it was good seeing you, but we have to go," He apologised, the lie sounding false even to him,

Kurt stood up and grabbed his food,

"It was lovely to meet you," He told Matt politely, jogging out of the store, Blaine following closely behind,

"Okay, where are we going?" Blaine asked urgently, looking to Kurt, who was looking around the car park,

"With me," A voice interrupted smoothly, gently guiding the pair out of the car park and down the first side street to the left,

"Sebastian?" Blaine asked confusedly, "Did you hear what happened? We need to get to the hospital," He explained impatiently,

"Santana and Finn weren't in an accident, Blaine, don't worry," Kurt explained softly, "They're perfectly safe,"

Blaine furrowed his brow, "What do you mean?" He asked the pair of them,

Sebastian looked over his shoulder worriedly,

"Get in the car," He instructed, opening his car door for Kurt and pushing him into the seat, nodding for Blaine to get in too,

"What's happening?" Blaine demanded after Sebastian had driven away from the café, relieved to be driving away from Matt, and already feeling his heart rate lower,

"I went to the Lima Bean for my morning coffee and was greeted by the sight of your asshole ex-boyfriend interrogating you and your boyfriend, so I felt it necessary to forego my morning coffee and intervene," Sebastian explained, looking over his shoulder as he switched lanes,

"You called Kurt," Blaine realised,

"He told me what to say and that he would meet us outside," Kurt added to clarify,

Blaine breathed a sigh of relief, "Well, two heart attacks in one morning," He muttered, "How eventful," He added sarcastically,

"Who wants coffee?" Sebastian asked in a faux cheery voice, turning towards the nearest coffee shop,

"You okay?" Kurt asked in a worried voice,

Blaine gritted his teeth, "I'm just wondering how much of a coincidence it is that the bastard found me," He replied,

Sebastian glanced in the rear view mirror,

"Honestly?" He asked,

Blaine nodded,

"Not a coincidence," Sebastian told him.

Sebastian's POV

As soon as he had dropped Klaine off at Kurt's house, he headed in the direction of Brittany Pierce's house, already knowing his accomplice would be there,

He jumped out of the car once he had reached the house and ran up to the front door, ringing the door bell twice,

Brittany answered the door, her hair slightly messy by apart from that, no reason for alarm,

"Sebastian?" She asked confusedly, standing to invite him in, "What are you doing here?" In a light voice,

"Hey, Britt, I need to talk to Santana," He told her in an urgent tone,

Brittany's eyes widened worriedly and she nodded,

"Santana!" She called out,

"Can it wait, Britts? I wants to get my Mack on," Santana called back, clearly from the bedroom,

"It's Sebastian, San," Brittany called back, cutting straight to the chase,

There was silence upstairs before some banging and Santana appeared at the top of the stairs in an instant,

"What?" She demanded, clearly not liking the look on his face,

"Come downstairs," Sebastian suggested, waving his hand in the direction of the living room,

She paled slightly, and rushed around the banister and down the stairs, grabbing Brittany's hand when she reached her and tugging her along to the living room,

"Somethings wrong," She commented, "What's wrong?" She demanded,

Sebastian breathed out,

"Matt's in town," He revealed, knowing Santana was aware of Blaine's past,

Her face was blank for a moment before the realisation hit her,

"Matt, Matt?" She gulped,

Seb nodded,

"Who's Matt?" Brittany interjected confusedly, squeezing Santana's hand gently,

Seb nodded towards Britt, signalling for Santana to tell her,

Santana turned to Brittany with a shaky smile,

"Remember the person that I told you used to be mean to Blaine? The one that used to hurt him?" She asked gently,

Brittany nodded concernedly,

"That's the Matt that Bas is talking about," She explained,

"Blaine's ex is in Lima?" Brittany clarified with a worried look that broke Sebastian's heart, she looked far too innocent to understand this, but he knew that Brittany was smart in her own way,

Santana nodded in confirmation,

Brittany frowned, and Santana patting her leg slightly before turning to Sebastian,

"How do you know he's in town?" She queried, already wanting to make the guy 'disappear',

"I saw him talking to Kurt and Blaine at the Lima Bean," He explained,

"What's he doing here?" She pressed,

Sebastian shook his head, "I don't know," He replied, "But it can't be good,"

Santana frowned, "We should tell Coach Sue," She said decisively, "She can keep an eye out for him at school,"

Sebastian nodded, "Right, yeah, she'll be able to help us," He agreed,

Santana looked at her phone, "She should be home now, want to visit her?" She asked Sebastian, standing up and grabbing her bag and shoes,

Sebastian nodded, "Yeah, I think we should," He affirmed, standing up,

"You coming Britt?" Santana asked curiously, "It shouldn't take long, but with Sue there's always strength in numbers,"

Brittany nodded, "Yeah, I'm too worried about Blaine and Kurt to stay here and do nothing," She replied, slipping on her own shoes and grabbing a jacket, "Besides, I need to discuss Lord Tubbington's Mafia connections with her,"

Santana smiled and Sebastian blinked a couple of times before nodding,

"Let's go!" He decided, walking out of her house.

Kurt's POV

It was late evening by the time Santana came back home. Kurt heard the key in the door and jumped up from his spot on the couch, glaring at her as she tried to be as inconspicuous as possible,

"Nice try, Tana," He said sarcastically,

She winced, "I was with Brittany," She replied defensively, but judging by the look on her face, she knew it was a weak argument,

"I tried to call and text you," He informed her with a stern tone,

"My phone ran out of charge," She defended,

Kurt looked at her pointedly,

"I'm sorry," She apologised guiltily, "I had a busy day and I didn't realise how late it was," She muttered, rubbing her face tiredly,

Kurt sighed, "I was just worried, Tana, you know I worry about you,"

Santana walked up to him and gave him a hug,

"I know," She replied, "I worry about you too," She admitted, speaking into his neck,

"I had a terrible day," He muttered, hugging her tighter,

"I know, I'm sorry about Matt," She apologised, pulling away from Kurt to slip her shoes off,

"How do you know about Matt?" He asked her confusedly,

"Blaine rang me to give me a heads up," Santana shrugged,

Kurt furrowed his brow, "Really?" He asked, tilting his head slightly,

Santana didn't reply, but Kurt could faintly see her nod her head in the dark,

Kurt shrugged, "Huh," He replied, "I covered for you with Carole and dad by the way,"

Santana chuckled, "Thank you," She thanked,

"Finn was a different story though," He added,

Santana glared at him, "Great, now I have to deal with an over-protective Finnessa," She muttered sarcastically,

"You know we love you," Kurt teased,

Santana elbowed him playfully, "I love you too," She replied softly,

Kurt kissed her on the cheek, "I made cookies!" He declared, all 'arguing' forgotten as he pulled her towards the kitchen, Santana laughing as she followed him.

Blaine's POV

As Blaine went home that night, it was safe to say that he was much jumpier than usual.

On at least three occasions, he could have sworn that he saw a white car following behind him, but whenever he turned around it had disappeared from view.

He chalked it up to his stressful day and sighed as he opened the door, glad to finally be home.

He made himself dinner and sat at the table, scrolling through Facebook on his phone, wincing at what he saw on the screen:

'Friend Request from Matthew Green'

He shivered and clicked the decline button, desperately hoping that by ignoring the problem it would go away.

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