Happy Friday the 13th everyone! I almost forgot... In case anyone was wondering WHY I got started on KHR, you can thank Umei no Mai and their story "Black Sky". If I hadn't read that I never would have become interested in KHR.

You could say the entire mess began with a desire to live anywhere but the Dursleys next summer. After his narrow escape from Privet Drive and being almost complete access to Diagon (and subsequently his vaults), Harry was more than eager to abuse his new freedom.

Which was why, a week after the initial excitement wore off, he went to the goblins to find out if they did blood tests. It only made sense, because they controlled the bank after all.

So imagine his surprise when he found out that he had several living relatives...all Italian, on his mother's side. There were one or two in what he thought might be Japanese, but most of them were on the Italian side. With the first name on that list next to his grandfather's name being "Daniella Vongola" with a star notation next to it.

"Excuse me, but what's this notation?" he asked the goblin politely.

"Honorary pureblood. Means that they're considered on the level of at least the Ancient and Noble houses because they have a hereditary magic and did something to earn the attention of the Ministry to be considered pure bloods, even if they marry outside the usual lines and bring fresh blood in. It's something that fell out of favor in England, but the Italians still practice it so long as the heir fits the requirements," said the goblin after looking at it.

Harry thought that one over slowly.

"Wait... wouldn't that automatically make me a 'pure blood' by current standards by extension?"

"If you can prove you have the family magics or meet the requirement set, then yes. Look if you want a list of things most pure bloods know, go three doors down that hall and take a left. That's the inheritance office... You can waste their time instead of mine," said the goblin curtly.

Rather than be offended, Harry grinned.

"I will. Many thanks, Master goblin," he said taking his advice.

What he found in that office was highly enlightening. Like the fact he could have claimed his heir ring two years ago and have been protected from mind readers and poisons!

The new blood (he insisted it was a far less derogatory term than 'muggleborn') was horrified at how little Harry knew of his inheritance. So much so that he agreed to get into contact with this 'Daniella' with a vial of freshly drawn blood in the hopes of proving that she was in fact the same Daniella who was related to his grandfather. From what he could see she was his great-aunt.

Another week passed...and when it was close to the time the Weasleys would be arriving, an oddly prim and proper owl arrived with a letter and an odd book.

He was quick to open it.

Dear Mr. Potter,

I hope you don't mind me calling you Harry... Mr. Potter seems a bit formal for a boy your age. My name is Daniella and as it turns out I am in fact your great aunt. Imagine my surprise being contacted by the goblins after all this time and finding out I have a great nephew in England!

I had no idea my little brother Giovanni left behind a grandson... though I have no complaints.

The book is a 'two-way diary', and is far more secure than simple owl post...though I wouldn't say no to pictures and actual letters I can show off!

I am glad that you were brave enough to reach out to me first... if you had tried to show up claiming to be Giovanni's grandson out of the blue, I doubt my son would have reacted well. He is young and far too foolish for his own good.

If you genuinely wish to learn more about our family, feel free to use the diary. I'd love to have someone new to chat with.


Harry eagerly opened up the diary and wrote a simple hello... within a few minutes he got a reply back and he beamed.

From the letter alone, Daniella seemed like a fun person. And that impression only grew when he talked to her. She seemed ecstatic to have such a 'young and open-minded young man' who was willing to spend hours chatting with an 'old fuddy-duddy' like her.

The wording alone made him giggle.

It was with a much lighter heart that he went to Hogwarts, even if his mood was slightly marred by the fact that a serial killer was after him.

Daniella Vongola, the retired Ottavo of the Vongola Familigia, read the two-way diary and giggled. Her great-nephew was simply adorable! It had taken her a month of coaxing before he reluctantly sent a current picture of himself. It was even one of those magical ones that moved~!

Harry was very cute, though she had frowned at how skinny he was in the picture. The poor boy needed to eat more.

She could see Giovanni's features in him...especially the eyes. They were warm and kind just like her poor younger brother. At least now she knew why he had spent so much time in the UK!

But... as adorable and shy as Harry was, Daniella was a former mafia donna. She could read between a lot of the things he wasn't saying and pick up on something that she definitely didn't like.

For one thing, he had an absurd amount of snake anti-venom in his blood. Her personal doctor had been appalled when he measured out how much was in a few drops... the dose of venom he had to have been given to develop that amount would have been enough to kill a full grown man in the peak of health twenty times over. And whatever snake bit him was extremely potent and more worrying, magical.

The fact there were also undiluted phoenix tears present in his blood was a testament to how he survived being bit in the first place.

She noted he said absolutely nothing about his family and instead went on about the surrogate one that belonged to an almost friend.

At least the boy was reasonable enough to realize on his own that perhaps this "Ron" wasn't such a good idea for a best friend, and Hermione would need to get a reality check before he started sharing her beliefs.

The twins sounded hilarious though, and from how devious Harry made them out to be, she wouldn't be shocked if they were Mists with a Storm secondary.

The boy would wax on certain subjects but was very cagey on others. And it was those 'other' subjects that had her concerned.

She was already aware of his unfortunate fame... the boy handled it well. He was a kind, gentle child who would rather have his parents than all the staring he was subjected to.

However she would be a fool not to pick up on the subtle, yet obvious hints of a master manipulator trying to get her nephew killed from the shadows.

A test eleven-year-old children could figure out and none of the teachers would believe their honest concerns? A massive snake that had lived in the school for years and even killed a student previously, and no one figured it out sooner? At the very least they should have investigated the bathroom properly!

And now... now there was an escaped 'convict' out to kill him, but no one would tell him any real information. Instead they posted soul-devouring monsters which would be drawn to his Latent flames like moths! He already had a near miss with them before he even got to the school!

At least Harry was trying to investigate what was going on. Daniella suggested he find out what the trial said about Sirius Black... what his motivations for betraying his best friend were so that they could possibly predict what he had to gain from coming after him now.

She noticed the book's gem glowing and opened it.

There's nothing.

Daniella blinked.


I looked around the old copies of the Daily Prophet, I even owled the Ministry. There wasn't a single copy of a trial record and according to the scribe who sent the letter back it appears to either be misfiled or missing entirely. I even sent letters to the current head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement through her niece... she couldn't find any copies of her predecessor either. ...I think I might have accidentally sparked an inquiry.

He almost certainly did.

You didn't use your real name, did you?

And risk it getting out that Harry bloody Potter was asking about his parent's betrayer? I used Hadrian Evans.

Daniella beamed at the book. Clever boy.

Well how is school going?

It feels like a cage.

She suspected Harry might have a Cloud flame or at least a secondary. Considering how much he loved flying it was entirely possible he was a Latent Sky... it would explain a lot.

Still, until he accidentally unlocked his flames she was loath to remove him from his civilian life. Remove him from his home life, yes. Bring him properly into the family, no.

What little her men found out by doing a discreet search revealed that someone definitely wanted Harry to stay in that abusive home. The idiot woman hadn't even realized they found the little 'room' (and Daniella was loath to call it that) under the stairs, a place people NORMALLY stored cleaning supplies. And the less said about the multiple locks, the cat flap and the strong indication that there had previously been bars on the window before they were somehow ripped out, the better.

And that was before they got a good read on how Petunia, who was only Lily's half sister and damn well knew that fact, felt about her nephew.

In short, she was petty, jealous and wanted nothing to do with something she could have shared with her younger sister. To be fair, the only reason the Vongola hadn't caught on to the fact that there were more heirs in England was because Giovanni died the night he was going to propose to Lily and Petunia's mother, Rosemary.

Rose had quickly remarried because she had news of her own to share, as she had been three weeks along with Lily at the time. She decided to 'give her former husband a second chance' without telling him she was pregnant with another man's child to avoid the shame of it all. She was an Irish Catholic, and they took a dim view of unwed mothers, even if the woman already had a child.

However Petunia was old enough that she was able to figure out that the reason Lily looked almost nothing like their father... was because Lily's father was her mother's boyfriend. The one who died before he had a chance to propose. Naturally it only added to the reason why Petunia hated Lily and everything to do with her, even if her father never found out that Lily wasn't his even at his death. It was a secret Rose took to her grave.

Well I might be able to help with your summer at least. However I would be unable to bring you here directly. I would be sending one of my trusted friends to come get you.

She wouldn't dare bring the boy into their family formally. He deserved to have some freedom from their fate. But she could at least let him stay in their family vacation homes and introduce him to one of his cousins.

Xanxus liked her better than her foolish son, after all.

She could feel the hope in his soul even from the diary.

Really? I won't be a burden, will I?

Daniella was very, very glad this "Petunia" wasn't related to her by blood. That spiteful fool had left invisible scars on her great nephew!

Children should never consider themselves a burden. And it means I can introduce you to my youngest grandson. You might like him... he's rather rough around the edges, but under that he's a good boy. Though his friend is very loud.

What's he like?

Daniella chuckled. Harry was such an innocent, sweet boy. It would be amusing to see how he reacted to Xanxus. Though from what she saw of the "lost" reports (which weren't lost but deliberately misfiled by an outsider) the poor boy had been abused and neglected by those fools.

The sheer number of reports she found on the 'cousin' Dudley also suggested that the adults left the physical abuse to the son, rather than risk being caught themselves.

A child beating up another was usually brushed off. Especially if they were both boys. Children being children after all... but an adult striking a child was taken much more seriously.

Daniella grinned as she gave a slightly biased summary of Xanxus and his Rain Squalo. Harry asked multiple questions, but he honestly seemed interested in meeting his cousin.

It was close to when the 'school' (she would be more likely to call it a death trap) was about to let out for summer when she opened up the book to something she had been dreading.

Auntie... (Harry never called her 'granny' or anything to insinuate she was "old", to her open delight) do you know anything about weird fire?

Daniella felt a pit of dread in her gut.

Weird fire?

I was trying to keep Sirius from getting killed by the dementors and this weird fire seemed to surge through me... except it only made them swarm us even more! If not for Hermione and her time turner, I don't know if we would have made it.


The one who saved us... it was my future self. I thought it was my dad, because the patronus turned into a stag, but it was just me.

Harry, think carefully. Did the 'fire' you saw and felt take any color in particular?

I don't really remember... but I felt really light. Like something was being freed after being locked away for a really long time. I was already on the verge of passing out with all those things around me.

She was really hoping this was just some sort of family magic from James Potter and not Dying Will Flames. Because if he had gone from Latent to Active (and the mere fact he was in enough danger to instinctively draw upon his Dying Will made her seethe with motherly fury) then there was no way she could keep him from their world.

My friend Diana will be picking you up from the train station. It's King's Cross, between platforms nine and ten, right?

She could just see him nodding.

The train usually arrives around noon, or at least one. How will I know it's her?

Daniella grinned... well, she did want Xanxus to meet Harry...

How about this... I'll send my grandson's friend Squalo with her... you can't miss him, he has naturally silver hair and a very loud voice.

This was going to either be hilarious or a disaster.

"Voi! Why the hell are we in England of all places?" demanded Squalo irate. He hated it here already.

"Because Daniella asked us to pick someone up. Think of it as one major prank on her son...because he has no idea of the little surprise that dropped in her lap," said Diana grinning.


"It's something Xanxus is either going to love or hate. I have the feeling he might like this one."

She had already chased off that fat pig who was supposed to pick the boy up. He was about to have a very bad day, because if Daniella even confirmed what she suspected about his 'care' of the boy, then he was about to suffer some Vongola-style revenge... the civilian course anyway.

And if he tried to get the attention of the English mafia, he would quickly find he had pissed off the wrong people. His son was already on the fast track to ending up in a shallow grave with his behavior.

There, coming out of the secret station, was a boy who looked a lot like the one sent to Daniella. He was so tiny!

He scanned the crowd cautiously, she noted with approval.

"Voi! Who the hell are we waiting for anyway?" demanded Squalo loudly. He was not a patient person.

Hearing the loud shout, the boy looked towards them...before his eyes widened and he made a beeline straight for them.

"Excuse me... are you the people Auntie sent?" he asked politely.

Diana grinned.

"Daniella is very eager to meet you properly, bambino."

"You're kidding? This runt is the one we're here for? He looks like a stiff breeze could knock him over!"

The kid turned his attention fully on Squalo, who inhaled in shock.

The eye color was wrong, but the look in his eyes was a dead ringer for Xanxus when he was not amused.

"And you look like you should dye your hair before people mistake you for an old codger with no sense of manners... grandpa," he shot back flatly.

Diana hid her laughter behind her hand, but she wasn't very successful.

"Voi! This is my natural hair color!" said Squalo, recovering.

There was a hoot, and he noticed the bird. Who kept owls as pets?

"And this is Hedwig," he said amused.

"Come along Harry. Do you want to stay in a hotel or do you want to head straight to the villa?"

"The sooner we leave, the less likely it is someone will figure out I wasn't picked up by that walrus," said Harry, shuddering.

The only reason he hadn't lost hope about this summer after Sirius lost the chance to prove his innocence was because Daniella had said she would bring him to Italy. Even if it meant having to drop him off for the school year later... he'd rather spend his summer in another country with perfect strangers than stand another one with those people.

It was about an hour through their trip (he had long since let his owl out of the cage, and she sat primly on the back of the seat he had taken) that the events of the year and the fact he wouldn't be spending another hellish summer with the Dursleys hit him like a brick and he fell asleep.

"Voi. Who the hell is this kid?"

"You know Daniella had a little brother who died in Ireland after she took control of the Vongola, right?"

"Gio...something," said Squalo.

"Giovanni. As it turns out, he was courting an Irishwoman at the time and the night he died he was planning to propose to her. Except it seems he 'sampled the goods' before he died..."

"He's too young to be his son... grandson?" asked Squalo. The kid was out like a light, but he still kept his volume down.

"The kid found out by accident through certain people, and decided to contact Daniella. He sent a very polite letter and a vial of blood for us to test...it came out a match, proving his claim. He wasn't even trying to ask us for anything. He just wanted family he could actually claim that didn't hate him for something beyond his control."

"So why bring me?" asked Squalo. Because that had been bugging him for hours.

"You're easy to recognize...and because she fully plans to introduce Harry to Xanxus. How do you think he'd react to a younger cousin he could treat like a little brother? One he would be allowed to train if his flames go active that he could talk to freely?"

Squalo's eyes widened. That was a very sneaky move...and this kid was only loyal to Daniella, not Timoteo. He had no reason to report anything Xanxus said back to the old bastard, and Squalo was the closest thing to a friend Xanxus had in that place.

"Voi. Xanxus is either going to be pissed or happy about this."