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Once again Harry had a horrible summer holiday. They just seem to get worse each time. This summer he kept having nightmares about the events that had taken place at Hogwarts that year. Most of the dreams were of the third task. Having seen Voldemorts rebirth and Cedrics death was too much for him. He also saw the death eater's recent tortures/murders. There were many times that he couldn't handle it and just felt as though he needed someone to talk to. He wrote to Ron and Hermione but not about his dreams/visions. He didn't feel as if they'd understand what he was going through. He also couldn't write Sirius about them because he would over react. He just needed someone there to be with him and to talk to him about these things.

Another problem was that on his birthday he started noticing subtle changes in his appearance. His hair was a lot more manageable; not the mess it had previously been. Also his face became more sharp and pale with each day that went by. His eyesight also started improving. He wanted an explanation of why this was happening to him. It was starting to scare him. His aunt and uncle didn't appear to pay any attention to his new appearance. They never really pay any attention to him so it didn't surprise him that they didn't notice.

Harry just wanted to go back to Hogwarts so he could be near people who actually cared about him. He was sick of being around the Dursley's when they treated him as though he was a pebble in their shoe.

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