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Draco Malfoy had mastered the art of angering Ronald Weasley. He could anger Potter too, sure, but Weasley was the easiest to piss off. One idea came to him at the Yule Ball. Hermione Granger looked nothing short of a goddess in Draco's opinion and being on the arm of someone else, Viktor Krum, had severely angered the stupid redhead. But the Weasel was too chicken, too intimidated, to ever actually make a move on the intelligent brunette beauty. And Draco had then, after seeing Weasley's anger and the way he treated her with such hostility, figured out exactly how to piss off the redheaded baboon. He would calm the witch down, offer her a shoulder to cry on, and when the twit saw them together he'd fly into another rage. Maybe he could make the idiot turn purple.

Draco walked over to the crying girl, "Granger? You okay?"

She sniffed and he removed a handkerchief from his pocket, offering it to her. She accepted it, "Thank you."

"What's wrong? Did Krum try something? I can hex his bollocks off for you," he offered.

Hermione giggled at his eager grin, "No it wasn't Viktor. He was quite nice. It was Ron."

"I would be more than willing to hex his bollocks off as well," Draco assured her.

She laughed, "I'm sure you would. But frankly I'm not sure there's all that much for you to aim at."

The coy smile on her lips as she spoke had Draco laughing. She was mischievous. He liked that. He pulled himself together, "Well now that I've got you smiling again I'd say my mission is accomplished."

Hermione gazed at him, "Malfoy, you'd really hex Viktor or Ron for hurting me?"

"Absolutely," he said. "And it's Draco."

She smiled, "Draco hmm? Then I guess you better call me Hermione."

Not wanting her to leave he pulled her into an alcove where they couldn't be seen and he spoke, "Hermione you were the most beautiful girl at that ball." She blushed at his praise and he continued, "Why don't you do things to your hair more often?"

"I've never found anything to make it obey me before."

"Well you are from the muggle world," he mused out loud, not noticing her frown at what she thought was an insult or the formation of one, "I guess you wouldn't know about hair charms and potions. I'll ask Daphne for something for you."

Her frown vanished. He was trying to help her and just thinking out loud. "Thank you Draco. I'd like some help with this hair. That Sleekeazy's stuff was useful but I had to use so much of it!"

"Yeah that's what happens with the cheap products," Draco nodded. "How'd you know to use that?"

"Ginny," Hermione said. "I'd really love a hair potion to make my hair controllable."

"Between my mother and the Slytherin girls I'm sure I'll find something for you," he assured her.

Hermione smiled, "I should probably get back now." But as she moved to leave she found herself pushed back by an invisible barrier and into Draco's arms, "What…"

"Mistletoe," Draco pointed up, having immediately looked around when Hermione had bounced off the barrier and into him, "you have to kiss and then the mistletoe will release you."

Hermione looked at him, "What moron decided it was smart to put such a thing in a school full of hormonal teenagers?"

"Probably Dumbledore," Draco answered, smirking at her. "But on the plus side, you get to kiss me."

"I'll reserve judgment on whether that's a positive or a negative," Hermione responded. Suddenly feeling very nervous she licked her lips and Draco took her hands in his, gently tugging her against him again before their lips met. Hermione's eyes closed as she savored the kiss.

She felt a magical shimmer and Draco soon pulled back, getting them out of the alcove, "So how'd I do?"

"I'll let you have a second one," she smiled. Draco pulled her down toward the Great Hall, "Draco?"

"The ball isn't over yet. Don't let the Weasel ruin your night. I want to dance with you."

"What about your friends? Didn't you go to the ball with Pansy?"

"Pansy likes girls," Draco whispered to her, "I'm her beard." Then, at normal volume, he continued, "They won't care. If any of us still believed in blood status, you singlehandedly destroyed all of it by being so bloody brilliant."

"I do like to dance," she admitted, blushing from his praise.


Back in the hall they were fixed with stares. While Harry and Ron had both left, pretty much everyone else was still in the Great Hall. Draco pulled her to the dance floor and swept her into his arms as he expertly maneuvered them around the dance floor before she could notice everyone staring at them. "You're a good dancer," Hermione smiled at him.

"I've had lessons since I was six years old," Draco answered. "Mother always insisted I be a proper gentleman and a proper gentleman knows how to dance."

"Very well," Hermione smiled. Draco grinned at her in response.

They were being watched by most of the hall. Blaise looked at Pansy, "You're supposed to be upset."

"I'm not that eager to pretend to like boys," Pansy wrinkled her nose in disgust. "Besides, Draco looks happy and as his friend I've always promised to stop the charade from getting in the way of my friend's happiness."

"Besides if he actually likes her then they'll have their own bigotry to face," Daphne pointed out to Blaise, her date.

"Yeah from Gryffindor house," Goyle muttered. He'd brought Daphne's younger sister, Astoria, to the ball as he needed a date and she wanted desperately to go to the ball, which as a second year she couldn't without an upper classman as her date.

"That just means that we Slytherins need to be welcoming and nice to Hermione," Pansy said. "After all, it's safe to bet the Weasel will have the biggest issue." They all nodded in agreement.


"Why did you come after me?" Hermione asked as they moved to a slow song.

"At first when I approached you I was hoping Weasley would see me comforting you and turn that ugly shade of red again but when I saw how upset you were I just wanted to make you smile. You're a goddess tonight, Hermione, and anyone who says otherwise I will happily hex."

She smiled at his words. "I don't often get compliments on my appearance."

"Agree to go on a date with me to Hogsmeade and I'll compliment you every day," Draco said before he lost his nerve.

"Well despite your initial less-than-honorable intentions, I did enjoy my first kiss and I'd like there to not be just a second or third," Hermione watched his eyes light up. Draco's eyes, silver-grey, fascinated her. She smiled, "I would be happy to be your date Draco."

"Perfect," Draco said, "How about we go sit down? I'll go get you a drink."

"Okay," she agreed, letting him lead her over to his friends.


Draco led her to the table, "Hermione, this is Blaise Zabini, Daphne Greengrass, her little sister Astoria, Greg Goyle, and Pansy Parkinson. Guys, this is Hermione. Now if you'll excuse me, my fair goddess needs a drink." They all said hello to her and he pulled out her chair and she sat down, "Is butterbeer okay?"

"That's fine," she nodded. Draco smiled and headed off.

Pansy smiled at her, "So how did you end up coming back with Draco?"

"He ran into me when I was upset with my friends being idiots," Hermione answered. "Neither Harry nor Ron asked me to be their date to the ball, yet when I show up with Viktor they get angry. Boys are incredibly stupid."

"Not all boys," Blaise, who was sitting next to her, protested. "I asked Daphne to the ball," he said proudly.

Daphne rolled her eyes and leaned forward from his other side to loudly whisper, "More like he begged Draco to ask me for him." Goyle snorted and the girls laughed while Blaise feigned outrage at Daphne revealing his secrets.

Draco Malfoy returned to see his friends laughing with Hermione while Blaise was clearly the butt of the joke. "Here you are Hermione," Draco said, putting her drink in front of her before sitting down next to her, "What's so funny?"

"Hermione was explaining how you and she ended up dancing together and commented that boys are stupid, which ruffled Blaise's feathers," Pansy explained.

"He tried to act all brave like he asked Daphne to the ball but my sister promptly put him in his place," Astoria finished.

Draco smirked at Blaise, who was pouting. Then he remembered what he and Hermione had talked about, "Daph, Hermione needs some hair charms and potions. Weaslette only knew about Sleekeazy's."

"Oh that's the really cheap stuff. There's a few really great ones," Daphne said. "I'll get one of my beauty supply catalogues and we'll go through it together to find something for you."

"Thanks, I'd really appreciate it," Hermione smiled, relieved the Slytherins were perfectly pleasant people despite their reputation.

"So what's Gryffindor Tower like?" Pansy asked. Hermione launched into a description of the common room, feeling very comfortable around the Slytherins.


Hermione spent the rest of the night talking to the Slytherins and dancing with Draco, Blaise, and even Theo Nott (who came over with his date Tracey Davis to meet Hermione). At the end of the night Draco walked her back to the dorm, Pansy joining him in case any Gryffindors tried anything. After thanking Draco for a wonderful time that evening he smiled, kissed her cheek, and wished her a good night and sweet dreams. Hermione slipped into the Common Room and Draco and Pansy walked back to Slytherin, Pansy teasing him about his 'new girlfriend' the Gryffindor witch.


The next day Hermione showered and used the hair charms Daphne and Pansy had taught her to tame her hair. Not to the degree it was the night before, but it looked far less like a bush and much more styled than usual. There were definitely perks to knowing Slytherins. Once she was dressed she walked downstairs to the common room. "Good morning Neville," Hermione smiled at the shy boy.

"Morning Hermione," Neville nodded at her, "How was your evening?" He'd seen her dancing with Malfoy and while Neville didn't like the blonde boy, he'd seen Malfoy comfort Hermione after Ron had made her cry so as far as Neville was concerned, Malfoy wasn't as bad as he'd always thought he was.

"Very lovely after Ron and Harry were gone," she smiled. Her first kiss, being asked to Hogsmeade, making new friends in Daphne, Pansy, and Astoria…it had been great. She especially liked making friends with girls; Hermione hadn't really got on with girls in the past. At least, girls like Ginny. Ginny was a girly girl who loved quidditch, while her dormmates were girly girls who hated school and sports and could best be described as airheads obsessed with boys and fashion. Daphne, Pansy, and Astoria weren't airheads, none of them liked quidditch, and they didn't drool over boys. Daphne and Astoria were actually both really into Potions and Charms and Hermione, also enjoying both classes, was happy to talk to them about it.

"You looked really happy," Neville nodded. "And he and his friends are good dancers."

"They've had lessons since they were six," Hermione told him. Neville laughed. That actually made him feel better. They had more practice than him; that was all. "And I have a Hogsmeade date with Draco."

"How'd that happen?" Neville asked.

"We were dancing and it just kind of happened," Hermione smiled, "as I think back on last night, we flirted quite a bit. It was really nice."

"So long as you're happy," Neville smiled.

"I am. It wasn't what I expected, but I really enjoyed my time with him. With all of them, of course. But especially Draco."

"Harry and Ron will be furious," Neville said.

"I'm rather angry with the two of them," Hermione frowned. "For some reason they think they own me and get to determine who I go to the Ball with and what I do with my time. They only want me around when it's about schoolwork anymore. I want to go to Hogsmeade with Draco and that's what I'm doing. If they don't like it, that's their problem."

Neville was certain they wouldn't like it at all but given that Ron had made her cry and Harry had, as usual, done nothing to comfort her or shut Ron up…well Neville thought the two boys deserved to see that you couldn't treat friends that way. Hermione put up with them without complaint and neither one was particularly appreciative. At least Malfoy seemed to see Hermione as herself. And he'd made her smile. Neville thought that mattered the most. She deserved to smile. Last night was her night and Ron had nearly ruined it. Malfoy had saved it.


Hermione walked down to breakfast and was nearly to the Great Hall when she saw Draco near an alcove, "Waiting for someone?"

"You," he smiled at her. "Daphne has that catalog. She was thinking you could join us for breakfast and find the product you need. Hair charms are best used sparingly."

"I'd like that," she smiled. "But she could have waited for me. Why are you waiting for me?"

Draco leaned close to her, "We never got to our second kiss and I was wondering when I get to collect it. I mean, the first one was required to leave. The second is all our own desire."

Hermione's smile grew. "I think maybe we should take a walk together after breakfast. Maybe then we could have our second kiss."

"And our third?"

"Don't push your luck," she teased. Draco grinned and they walked into the Great Hall together, hand in hand.


Since most of the school had seen them together the night before, no one was all that surprised when Hermione Granger walked in with Draco Malfoy. They sat at the Slytherin table, Astoria and Daphne having saved plenty of space for them. The girls moved together and Hermione sat between Daphne and Draco, rather pleased with the arrangement. "Hi Hermione," Daphne smiled.

"Hello Daphne," Hermione said, "Astoria, Blaise, Theo, Greg, Pansy."

Greetings were returned and they put food on their plates while Daphne showed Hermione the products she thought might work best for her hair. Hermione was debating what to order (they were rather pricy and she didn't have much in the way of spare money in magical currency) when Draco spoke, "Just pick all of it. I'll pay for it."


Draco actually blushed, "Atonement for being a bigoted prick the past three years."

"I let much of that go when I punched you third year," Hermione smirked. Blaise, Greg, and Theo all laughed at that. "But I suppose I can let you pay penance if it will help you. Though you could have just apologized."

"Maybe I'll throw that in later when we're alone," Draco said quietly. She smiled and nodded in answer.


They were just finishing breakfast when Fred and George approached the Slytherin table but, rather than address Hermione, they addressed Draco, "We're glad you made Hermione happy last night and made sure her night was great. And we fully intend to punish our brother for being a git to Hermione," Fred said.

"We'd threaten you about treating her right or else but frankly, Hermione scares us and would probably hex us for it," George smirked. "So instead we're going to say thank you for looking out for her and we'll give you a discount on any of our products you want. You get an extra discount if it's used on Ron or Harry."

With that George offered Draco his hand, and Draco shook the hand. Then he shook Fred's, "I'm not just spending time with her to anger your brother."

"That's what makes this so perfect," Fred grinned. "That it's real."

George looked at Hermione before dramatically saying, "He's an alright bloke. Who knew?"

She giggled at George's over-the-top acting and nodded, "He is."

"We're just glad our mistletoe was successful," they said before promptly leaving (or was that fleeing?) the table.

"That mistletoe was theirs?" Draco asked her.

"Why am I not surprised," Hermione sighed, shaking her head. She glanced at him, "I don't regret it."

"Me either," he smiled at her. "They're not as annoying as I thought they were if they set that up to make you happy."

"I think if you got to know them, you'd like Fred and George," Hermione said.

Daphne stood up, "Let's go to the owlery and send Hermione's order in. Draco you'll have to fill out the money order." He just nodded and stood, helping Hermione up. Blaise followed suit while Theo and Greg said they'd see Draco later.


After the owlery Daphne and Blaise headed down toward the dungeons while Draco suggested a walk through the castle to Hermione to find some privacy. Somewhere on the seventh floor they found a room that offered them privacy and they settled down onto a couch. Draco spoke first, "I'm sorry about how I treated you the past three years."

Hermione gazed at him, "Last night you told me that I singlehandedly destroyed prejudices of blood status by being so brilliant. Did you mean that?"

"I did," he nodded.

"When did I destroy them for you?"

Draco's brow furrowed in thought as he tried to answer the question. "Your intellect shattered most of them right away. But second year I got really angry at you."


"You said I bought my way onto the quidditch team," he answered. Hermione blushed at the memory, "I was so proud that I'd got onto the team. The youngest seeker at Hogwarts ever aside from Potter. My dad was so proud he bought the team new brooms. And you just took my accomplishment and shattered it. All I heard that year from the other houses is that I bought my spot. Merlin, I still hear it even today."

It never occurred to her that her own words or actions had caused him to increase his hostility towards her. But when she thought about it, after that blow to Draco's pride and ego he had first thrown the word mudblood at her. Hermione took his hand, "I'm sorry Draco." It had never occurred to her that her taunt would be used against him by others. "For what it's worth, I do think you're a better flyer than Harry."

He looked at her in surprise, "Really?"

"Really," she nodded. "Harry's too reckless; he's easily distracted and doesn't observe his surroundings. You're more poised and have more finesse in your movements."

"Thank you for the compliment," he smiled. "Potter has the faster broom though."

"Which is the only advantage he has over you," Hermione assured him. "If you just quit focusing on beating Harry, I know you'd get the snitch first."

Draco's smile grew. "I'll get him next year," he asserted.

"I look forward to it," she smiled. "His ego could use taking down a couple pegs."

"Kiss number two now?"

She blushed, "I think that's possible," she shifted to sit against him on the sofa and Draco shifted to face her, leaning in. Her eyes closed as their lips connected and her hands moved to his shirt. One of his hands cupped her cheek while the other moved toward her hip. Hermione savored the feeling of Draco's lips on hers.

When they parted she smiled, "I think you can stop asking for permission to kiss me now Draco."

"I like the sound of that," he said before leaning in to kiss her again. Her arms wrapped around his neck and he pulled her legs into his lap to get a better angle. Draco pressed several light kisses to her lips before they parted and he asked, "Would you like a boyfriend?"

"Are you asking for Blaise?" She asked, smirking. Draco laughed. She grinned, "I'd be happy to be your girlfriend Draco."

"Oh I can't wait to see the Weasel and Scarhead's faces when they find out about this," he grinned evilly and she laughed. Some things would never change and his animosity with Ron and Harry was going to be one of them.