Jelly Babies (17th Jump, 4th – 12th)

"I can't get him to—oh! Ivy!" Clara jumped as she turned the corner and ran smack into Ivy, who was covered in some kind of greenish jelly that looked, at first glance, to be covered in glitter. "What is that?"

"Jelly babies."

"What?" Clara laughed, keeping a good step back so none of the goo would get on her. The glitter was possibly sugar or starch, now that she was really looking at it. And yes, if she squinted she could see some of the shapes of jelly babies that had melted together creating a gelatin coating over Ivy legs.

"It's the unprocessed stuff they make jelly babies out of."

"What were you doing in a jelly baby factory?" Clara had to ask. Ivy didn't look too thrilled to have been there.

"Well I was with the Doctor, so it's obvious, isn't it?" With a hopping stride because the hardening jelly partially locked her knees together, Ivy started down the hall.

"Do you want some help?" Clara asked, mostly to be polite because the gelatin was clearly solidifying and it wasn't going to be pretty getting that off.

"More importantly," interrupted the Doctor, whose sharp gaze was narrowed thoughtfully on Ivy, "how did you come to be covered in jelly babies gelatin?"

"Don't you know?" Ivy snapped over her shoulder before closing her eyes tightly. She reached out and touched the wall on her right.

"You don't have to think so loud!" the Doctor yelped, touching his head. "The Tardis can hear you just fine. Your door is the one on your right. But really, I don't remember anything about falling into vats of jelly babies or whatever happened."

Ivy groaned and opened her door, but she didn't immediately hop in. "I guess you weren't there for the good part then. Did you at least deal with that mechanical rat-maker?"

"You mean the Sylvanus man?" the Doctor asked after a moment to think. He crossed his arms when he realized what she was referring to. "Those weren't mechanical rats. No more mechanical than a clock is a computer! Honestly, less developed species should really be more careful about how they talk, otherwise you'd have greatly offended the Sylvanusy."

"I did offend him," Ivy grated, before hopping inside her room and slamming the door.

"Well, no surprise then what happened to her," the Doctor commented to himself. Clara shot him a look, but he rolled his eyes. "She pops off all the time, no reason to get all worried. Sylvanus don't kill anyway; they're very dedicated to their… well, you'd probably call it A.I. but it's not really artificial. Your mind's too simple to grasp it."

Clara interrupted him before he could start on again about her general ignorance of random cultures in the universe and the size of the human brain. "Do you still like jelly babies?"

His eyebrow shot up but he let the conversation change course. "Well of course, but don't have quite the tooth for them like I used to. Used to keep a bag on me always, sometimes two." He waved his hands though, dismissing the topic as he headed back to the console room. "Not anymore though. Now, maybe a low-gravity planet would be fun, eh? Especially since the gravitational change is going to be a surprise to everyone else!"