Okay so before we begin, this story is gonna focus on Scout. Takes place a month after Team RWBY has formed.

Side note, this fic will focus on the Scout. I will cut to other characters now and again, but this fic is all about everyone's favorite Boston.

Also here sre the names of all the mercs in this story.

Scout: Jeremy

Soldier: Jane

Demoman: Tavish

Heavy: Misha

Medic: Sani

Engineer: Dell

Sniper: Mundy

Pyro: ?

Spy: ?

It was a nice day outside the RED fort as Jeremy was watching Dell and Sani work on his new teleporter upgrade. He had nothing else to do anyway, he helped them by running errands. It was the one week where they can kick back. The BLU team clones of everyone were down and they will respawn the day they get back to work.

"Scout! Get me some bacon from my lunchbox, it's in my room." Dell said with no respect as Jeremy responded with a nod before leaving.

He sighed at his bordom snd lack of real friends. Even if he wasn't a weak teen but he isn't a strong one either. He was socially awkward despite trying to act tough in front of his fellow mercs and the ladies when he had to.

He grabbed the freaking bacon and some good old Bonk! Atomic Punch. He then gave it to Dell. Much to Scout's surprise Dell said "Thanks Jeremy."

Scout said "Your welcome Dell." before taking a swig of his radioactive drink.

"So what's this thing do?"

"If our calculations are correct. This will allow the user to be teleported to a currently random location across time and space." The german said nonchalantly.

"All it needs is some juice or a being radioactive enough to teleport-." Engineer started before the two stared st the radioactive individual named Jeremy. Who had not caught on.

"What? (sip)"


Scout was their gunnia pig as he packed all of the equipment and hats he's collected over the years and put them in a Mann Co bag designed to hold an infinite amount of objects with no problems. He was giving his farewellsmtomhis fellow as they all held him a small party as they all gave him 2 things useful. Even Merasmus showed up despite not giving Scout a gift.

From Misha, A recipe card for Sandviches and a pair of boxing gloves with a flame design.

From Sani, a book on self survival in case of an accident and his own syringes heath restoring ingredients.

From Dell, a maxed out turret and a wrench to assemble it.

From Mundy, a book on sniping tricks and an infinite amount of jars for piss.

From Spy, a Dead Ringer and mask templates for disguises.

From Pyro, his Fire Axe and Flare Gun (along with them whispering to Scout their gender, he shouted "I knew it!")

From Jane, a rocket launcher and a shovel (Along with a salute).

And finally from Tavish, A Stickybomb Launcher and the Half-Zatoichi.

He then got handed a couple of golden bricks worth millions in his world. "This should allow you to get at least a decent lifestyle in thst world. I'm hoping you are okay with being on your own." Sani said as he slipped in a video tape into Scout's bag.

"Thanks doc. Welp see you all later." Scout said with his cocky smirk.

Scout thanked his merc buddies for the gifts as he took a good gulp of Bonk! before stepping on the teleporter as he was wrapped in a neon green glow as he was gone without a trace. An explosion then stopped anyone else from currently using the teleporter. They all thought he died in the explosion or was now traveling to an unknown location.

He was of course doing the latter.

When Scout landed, he was in a field. His trusty Sandman in hand as he walked around with boredom.

"Screw it. I'm running." He said before sprinting at a reasonably incredible speed for a man from his world.

He ran through the forest as he began to do parkour. His Double Jump and speed made it hard to fall down as he eventually found a town named "Vale"

When he got in he saw his reflection in the glass.

He wore the same clothes as he did before. However he was tall and very fit. He was still scrawny looking, but god he was even more handsome than before. He looked like an anime protagonist.

After flexing in front of his own reflection for a little while, he continued to walk the streets noting a mix of humans and humans with animal parts. He give a raised eyebrow but smiled at them, getting a few looks from some people.

He saw a young girl with fox ears and a tail getting yelled at by a bunch of racists who were throwing garbage at her. A big strong one, not as big or as strong as the Heavy.

Scout pulled out a baseball before walking up to the man and yelled at him "Leave that kid alone."

The man looked at him with rage "Mind your own fucking business instead of asking me to stop. I'm just getting this pest out of our natural kingdom."

Scout then said "I wasn't asking, I was demanding." He was furious at the amount of shit this man was spouting.

The man suddenly went in for a left hook, Scout jumped back before hitting a baseball into the man. Stopping him as cartoony stars began to hover around him.

Scout then knocked him out by smashing his bat on his head.

He was uncharacteristically silent the whole fight.

He then glared at the other racists. "Any of you want a piece of me!?" He shouted.

The other men ran and fled. Seeing as this stranger was no stranger to combat.

He then looked at the girl.

"Are you alright?" He asked with a smile.

"Yes. Thank you, they were being mean to me and mommy because of us being Fanuses. I don't know why they are though. What did we do wrong?" She said and asked.

Scout looked at the knock out asshat saying "Some people are just like that."

Her mother, who was hiding behind a trash can to avoid fire but lost her daughter's grip, came out and thanked Scout.

The Scout then left. Feeling a warmth in his heart as he explored the city and got some info and tips on where he was at the library.

He was on an planet called Remnant. This world was populated by Humans, Fanuses like the fox girl he saved earlier, animals, and finally Grimm. Grimm were basically souless beings that tries mto make all humans and fanuses extinct.

Scout learned they are attracted to negative feelings. He was lucky he didn't fight any.

Scout didn't pursue any more knowledge as he left to go find some adventure. His iconic flashy smirk plastered on his face.

He found saw someone exit a shop for dust, crystals of elemental prowess that have kept the Grimm at bay.

She had tricolored hair and bicolored eyes. A smirk rivaling Scout's on her face.

Scout noticed that the alarms were going off as she held a suitcase full of dust and she was pointing an umbrella at him as she smiled playfully at Scout.

He pulled out his classic aluminum bat as he clashed with the sword that she now had.

The girl fought back was an equal amount of strength as she was surprised at Scout's strength.

She jumped back and out of the way, causing Scout to fall down. Scout then fired the Flare Gun and Stickybomb Launcher at her.

She unknowingly got hit by a stickybomb before it explodes as she barely has any aura left as she got into a defensive pose as Scout hit a baseball at her, Sandman now in hand. She shattered into glass like a mirror as she was now gone. Hoping from rooftop to rooftop like Roman did.

Scout saw her as he gave chase. His speed and double jump allowed him to easily catch up. While most people would have called the police or something. They were in marvel at the double jumps Scout preformed.

Eventually he caught her as she pulled out a missle launcher and shot at him. Scout's speed allowed him to avoid it before once again hitting a baseball at her. She dodged it as Scout continued to send them flying at her. She eventually got hit as Scout started prediction her new moves. Scout then winded up his attack before sending the girl flying 75 feet away. The dust dropped to his side as he picked it up. He whistled to the tune of TF2's theme as he walked away.

Only to see guns were now pointed at him as the general of his entire army was going on about Scout being a part of the criminal masterminds as he had the dust. Scout regreted his earlier decision to send her flying.

However a man with a cup of coffee stopped the general as he displayed a holographic screen showing the battle of the girl and Scout.

He was currently in a interrogation room getting chewed out by a the general and one hot chick with a whip who tried to hit his wrist with it.

"That was very irresponsible of you kid." the general said.

The woman continued with a "You could have been injured or put others in danger. You should have called the police for help. Normally we would lock you up for your suspicious getup..." she pointed at Scout's clothes. "However a testimony from a fox girl fanus and her mother have told us your selflessness as you defended them. Even if your methods were... violent."

"Hey. Pardon my language but I was just pissed off at the blatant racist shit those asshats were spouting and shoving down that girl's poor throat. What kind of a man would I be if I didn't step in? Also that little bicolored eyed giel tried to kill me, also I don't own a scroll." Scout said, remembering what he learned on this world's tech.

The man from earlier entered "I suppose he does have a point. According to the detectives, nothing he had has communication. The closest we found is this." He held Scout's phone. "But that was it. I couldn't figure this thing out."

Scout was handed the phone as the 3 argued what to do with him. Scout however was playing Angry Birds out of boredom.

Eventually Scout heard one sentence that shocked him.

"So it is agreed, this teen will go to Beacon to become a hunter."

Wait, what!? He knew hunters fought grimm and were very powerful. He was scared almost, but kept a brave face.

"Alright then." He said after working up his courage. Nothing can go wrong, right?

Ozpin smirked as he asked Scout. "Now then, all we need is everything about yourself."


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