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After he spoke with Coco and Velvet, he then went up to Ruby and asked "Got an answer?"

Ruby looked a bit confused, "To what?"

"My earlier question, about other universes, remember?"

The black and scarlet haired reaper then thought for a moment, "Oh yeah. I think they are possible, it would be so cool other worlds, see what monsters and weapons it has." She wondered, Scout chuckling to himself "Yeah, that would be nice," remembering his home and Mann-Co's ever so large stash of weapons that were made specifically for one class to change how they do things.

"So, I was thinking, do you wanna hangout later today? Maybe go see a movie or something?" He asked, trying to get a date with her. She looked at him and thought about it before nodding, "It's worth a try." She said proudly and the leader of Team RWBY and the sole member of Team RED both walked off, holding hands.

Unaware to them both was that Spy/Ozpin and Demo/Qrow were both watching him. The French Snake that had taken many lives of BLU team and Robots alike looked at the ex-Black Scottish Cyclops that blew so many things up in his life with a look of curiosity, "Lien for your thoughts on the two being together?" He asked the drunk. Said drunk looked at his friend and niece together and said, "I'll allow it, but if he breaks her little heart, no teleporter or barrier is gonna save him from my wrath." He said forebodingly. Spy immediately got the message and he was sure Scout would get the message if he saw the demolition merc right now.

Meanwhile Yang was in her team's dorm alone with Blake as Ruby was currently hanging out with Scout as she was messaged by her along with Weiss off at a book store in Vale to get some more books. Leaving the blonde haired human girl and black haired faunus girl alone. She then looked on as Blake read her "filth" as Ruby once called it. She then saw her cat ears behind the girl's bow and asked Blake a small question. "Hey Blake?" Yang called out to her.

"Yeah?" The cat faunus answered back, not even looking up from her book.

"You know how you have cat ears right?" The blonde asked.

Blake then looked at Yang, curious as to where this is going, "...Yes?"

"Well I was kinda wondering, do you have a tail as well?" Yang asked, climbing up to Blake's bunk.

When Yang got up there, she had a clear view of her partner's flustered face as she tried to hide it in her book.

Blake was trying to work up the courage to tell her, but she couldn't find her words. When she felt Yang rest her head on her shoulder, it caused the words to fall apart even more.

It was true she liked Sun, but he definitely didn't make her feel like this. Was this the same kind of love that she saw in all her books?

"Well Blake? I'm waiting." The blonde beauty asked, snapping Blake back into reality.

"Y-yes..." She managed to get out.

Yang then eyed her butt, "May I see it?"

As tempted as she was to say "No,", she couldn't find the strength to say it.

However a long black cat tail found it's way out as Yang then reached out to feel how soft it was.

Blake then heard a "Oh my Oum," from the blonde as the amber eyed faunus began to feel a bit more calm.

"You've got to be KITTEN me." Yang joked, leaving Blake with a face of realization as she began to groan into her book while Yang was laughing "Sorry, sorry, couldn't resist. I am ME after all."

Blake saw Yang then looked a bit regretful and worried for a moment, so she decided to do something she may regret later on today, "Actually, I thought that joke was worth more YANG for my buck." She said, trying to joke.

The blonde punster looked at the cat girl as she began to laugh. This made her feel a bit better as Yang said, "Thanks partner," daydreaming about her and Blake with, as impossible as the biology would be considering the two are female, two twin adorable little girls, one with lilac eyes and raven black hair with cat ears and a cat tail, the other with just amber eyes and golden blonde hair respectively. While lost in her fantasy, she began to scratch behind Blake's cat ears.

Enjoying the feeling of her ears being scratched, she tried to hide her face by going back to her book, unaware that she was now laying on the lilac eyed blonde's shoulder, and felt how warm it was due to the flaming brawler's fire semblance making her body super warm and cozy, really useful for the cold winter nights, as she began to feel safer than she had in forever as her worries of the White Fang and Adam faded away for as long as she was by Yang's side. She wanted to stay like this forever, only for the sound of a door opening to drag her and Yang out of their fluff filled thoughts and daydreams.

They turned to see Ruby with her hand in Scout's as the two then eyed the lovers and Ruby then began to have a nosebleed and fainted, muttering something about how cute they were and how her, "OTP was really real now."

Scout meanwhile was less shocked and covered his eyes before walking away, leaving his silver eyed "girlfriend" behind as he headed back to his dorm to get ready for his date with Ruby later that night.

Weiss came in moments later and dropped her books. She was completely dumbfounded due to living a very sheltered life for most of her life. So she wasn't familiar with love and was more or less confused or maybe even disgusted by the prospect of two ladies in love.

"What. The. Hell." Weiss only said as she then proceed to walk out the door, covering her eyes as she did so. She then left to go get Ruby some tissues for her nosebleed problem.

Yang then awkwardly gets out of Blake's bunk and got in her own as she laid there while completely flustered, meanwhile Blake went back to her book, just as flustered as her Blonde Partner.

Ruby was not gonna let this drop so quickly, Weiss meanwhile was likely confused by the idea of lesbians and won't let this drop as easily.

They weren't sure how their families would react.

The two ladies sighed as they went on with their business.

They were in love, and they knew it. But it was gonna be an awkward relationship with their teammates now aware of their newfound relationship.

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