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Hadrian Potter was always a peculiar child. He wasn't like other children. He wasn't 'normal.' He always made things happen around him. The strange happenings started one cold night just as the clock struck midnight turning October 31st, 1981 to November 1st ,1981. On the doorstep of number 4 Privet Drive lain a small child covered only with a small thin blanket in a wicker basket and a note pinned to the blanket. The child had soft black hair that just barely covered the newly healed scar on his forehead and clear emerald colored eyes that were wide open looking around.

The child, Hadrian, sat up in the basket and shivered at the cold. He was dressed in the clothing his mother had put him in which thankfully were warmer than the blanket he was wrapped in. His little footy pajamas protected his tiny feet as he stood up from the basket and onto the cold concrete that made the doorstep. "Mama," he called out softly but was only greeted to the sound of rustling leaves and the feeling of the cold wind against his exposed hands and face. He reached down and grabbed his new blanket and carefully stepped down from the doorstep before shuffling his way down the cold empty street on his unsteady feet.

Hadrian wrapped himself in his blanket like his Mama would when he was cold and it warmed him up just a little. He called out for her again before calling out for his Dada. He didn't know where he was at. He was alone and didn't like it. He sniffled a little as he realized that his Mama and Dada weren't here. Harry kept walking though as far as his little feet would take him. It must have been hours since he started walking as the sun began to rise on the other side of the trees he was walking towards. He had a feeling. He didn't know where it came from, but he had a feeling that past these trees was someone looking for him. All these feelings and thoughts were too complicated for him to think through and he didn't understand them, but he felt as though the needed to walk through the dark trees.

He wrapped the blanket around him even tighter as he took that very first step into the trees. The light he had previously seen before walking in seemed to be swallowed up by the darkness he was surrounded by now. It was even colder in here. He didn't like it, but he braved through what seemed to be an even longer trek than the previous one to the trees from the doorstep. By the time he reached the other side he was covered in dirt, bruises from falling, and scratches from various sticks and plants he had tripped over.

The other side of the trees held even more houses like the ones he had been by previously, but these seemed a little older than the other houses he'd seen. He looked around and decided to keep walking. The light, now brighter, let him see further than he was able to a little while ago even though he still couldn't see too well. He didn't have those things his Mama put on his eyes to make him see better. Hadrian looked around wondering where everyone was at. He hadn't seen anyone since he began wondering away from the doorstep he was left on. All he wanted to do is go home and play with Uncle Paddy and Uncle Moony again and be snuggled up with his Mama as his Dada read him his favorite story.

Just thinking of them made his little green eyes tear up and he began to sniffle. His little legs couldn't hold him up any longer and he fell onto the cold concrete that made the sidewalk he stood on. He curled up and cried hard hoping someone would hear him and help him.

It was early morning by the time Severus Snape stepped out of his old home. He had just finished putting in the final touches of packing his lab, since he didn't trust the house elves to pack it for him, when he decided to take a walk and get fresh air. He had shrunk the packages that he deemed were okay to shrink and told one of the more trustful house elves to take it and the other packages to his new home with his new husband and step son. His husband, Lucius Malfoy, proposed to him almost a year ago to this day and they decided to tie to knot two weeks ago. They had a lovely honeymoon in the Bahamas as Lucius' father, Abraxas, watched their son Draco.

He was thinking of his new life as he looked down at the shiny small diamond and steel band on his finger when he heard the soft crying. He looked up and then looked around when he couldn't see who was crying so he made his way further down the street wondering why the seemed to be a child crying on the street where there were abandoned houses. He made his way a street over when he saw the source of the crying. He walked up to the black and blue bundle and said softly, "Hey sweetie, are you okay?"

Hadrian heard the voice and looked up to see the dark haired man. He thought for a moment that it was his Dada that he was seeing through blurry eyes until he saw that the hair was longer than his Dada's hair. He shook his head to the question. "Lost. Want Mama and Dada," he said softly with a dry croaky voice.

Severus looked down at the baby and saw the big green eyes and was instantly reminded of his old best friend, Lithia 'Lily' Roselyn Potter nee Evans. His heart broke a little as he noticed the babes age was almost the same as his step son's age. He furrowed his brows in thought as he could feel a small ball of magic in the child as he knelt so that he was almost eye level with the babe and held out a hand, "Do you want to some with me? I bet you're hungry and it's too cold out here for a small boy like you," he asked softly. Hadrian thought for a moment before nodding and grabbing the outstretched hand. Severus smiled and reached out with his other hand to pick up the small babe. He settled his light weight on his hip and smiled as the child seemed to press into him for warmth. Severus moved his cloak/coat to the side for a moment before wrapping it around Hadrian. He wondered why there was what seemed to be an abandoned magical child before he voiced a couple of question to find out who he was. "Can you tell me your name?" he asked the babe before asking another question, "and how old you are?"

"I'm Had'i'an and Mama said I'm this many!" Hadrian said as he held up two fingers one of his fingers were straight with the other was bent at the knuckle.

"One and a half?" Severus guessed the age with the finger placement, "Does that mean you're a big boy?" He asked softly and ticked his side softly making Hadrian let out a small giggle as he began to walk back down the street he had just came from.

"Mhmm," Hadrian hummed as he laid his head on the dark haired man's shoulder, "What your name?"

"My name is Severus, but since it's a little hard to say you can call me Sev," Severus said as he rubbed his back softly, "Can you tell me why you were on the street and not with your Mama?"

Hadrian looked up at him from his shoulder, "Mama fell asleep. Mama didn't wake up from the green light. Dada fell asleep too." Severus tensed and tried not to freeze up as he heard that. He knew what the green light was about. So, the small child was an orphan now it seemed and with that final thought he made up his mind.

"Hadrian, this is going to feel a little weird, but I want you to be brave and close your eyes for me. Can you do that?" He had reached the appariation point in his old neighborhood. Hadrian furrowed his little eyebrows before nodding. He could be brave. Severus gave him a small smile before Hadrian closed his eyes and held him a little closer and tighter. He took a deep breath and slowly let it out as he vanished from the neighborhood with a loud pop.