What's up my little Nuggies! Sorry but this isn't an update, but it is a POLL! I know it's a bit early for this kind of content, but at this current moment I'm still shaping the future of the fanfic and would like to get your opinions on a couple of things. Just to make sure everything goes on the right track towards the ending I'm picturing in my head. Somethings might change and somethings may stay the same. I'm just letting you guys have a voice in how you'd like to see this fanfic go. I get my inspirations for each chapter from you guys. It's all of you who are the voice of this fanfic and I'd honestly like to see how it goes. It's not just me writing this... It's all of us. If you guys see something you don't like or you have a suggestion feel free to PM me or write it the reviews. I do read all of them. I'll make sure your voice is heard. So without further ado let the voting begin!

Nagini is a viper mix snake and is going to be mated to another to have children (quite possibly another familiar for Hadrian *wink wink*) so what type of snake would you like to see her mated with? (Suggestions will be added to the list).

A) Basilisk

B) African Bush Snake

C) Oocamy (flying snake)

D) Sea Serpent

Hadrian is most likely having children... As in most definitely having children... How many and what gender would you like them?

(For example you'd put down in your vote:

Singleton, 1, Trans


Multiple, (specific #), Boy/Girl/Trans/Genderfluid

And so on and so forth).

A) Singleton

B) Twins

C) Multiple

D) Adoption (Blood)

A) 1

B) 2

C) 3+

A) Boy

B) Girl

C) Trans

D) Genderfluid (like Hadrian)

Should I stick with Tomarry or should I let Hadrian have more than just Thomas?

A) Yes

B) No

If yes be specific on who you'd want to be the third (no harem list please).

I'll release the next chapter as soon as I get enough votes from you guys so don't be shy in voting! Also one vote on each subject per person please.

As for the shout outs from the last chapter they'll be in the next chapter so be on the look out for it! I can already say that a few of you have been correct and a few of you have been close.

Anyway, thanks for voting!