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            Tara and Katya skipped down the school halls, singing "Vacation" loudly. Rei and Tea followed, rolling their eyes at each other. Bursting out of the school, Tara stopped and took a deep breath of fresh air.

            "Freedom!" she sighed happily. "I'm sooo glad school is out."

            "Aren't we all?" Tea asked.

            "I know I am!" Katya said, then made a face. "I barely made it through this year."

            "Girls, we are gonna have nothing but fun for the next three months." Tara said, looping arms with Rei and Katya, who looped her arm through Tea's.

            "Girls! Babe!" Duke called, coming down the stairs behind them. Joey, Tristan and Yugi followed. Duke grinned at them. "Who's ready to celebrate?"

            "I am!" Katya, Tara, Joey and Tristan said at the same time. Tea laughed, Yugi grinned, and Rei rolled here eyes again, but smiled in a tolerant way.

            "Great." Duke grinned. "How about we start tonight? The guys and I wanted to go to the arcade and we could go for pizza afterwards."

            "Sounds good to me." Tara said, "Girls?"

            Everyone but Rei shook their heads.

            "Rei!" Tara said in a despairing tone.

            "We'll see." The dark-haired girl said.

            "Well, we're meeting there at around six." Duke said. Rei nodded and waved as she walked off.


            Serenity glanced around the room, while Seto moved a piece on the chess board. Serenity saw it, grinned and made her own move. While she removed Seto's knight, he smiled wryly.

            "You're a little too good at this game." He said.

            "Really?" Serenity looked up. "Better at it then Duel Monsters, that's for sure."

            "You'll get the hang of it." Seto commented, moving his rook.

            Mokuba suddenly burst in. "Hey, Big Brother, when are we going to eat?"

            "Didn't you just have a snack?" Seto blinked.

            "Aww, he's a growing boy, that's all." Serenity said, tugging Mokuba's hair affectionately. Seto rolled his eyes, but he was smiling. Checking his watch, he leaned back. It was just past seven.

            "Well, how about we all go out. We can finish the game later." He suggested.

            "You just don't want to admit you're losing." Serenity teased, standing.

            "Beat me and then I'll admit it." Seto told her as they left the room together. Mokuba paused before leaving, a satisfied smile on his face.


             "Second level." The game sounded. Tea glanced over at Rei.


            "Whenever you are." Rei said. "You can choose the song."

            Tea nodded. She and Rei were playing one of the dancing games. The girl was doing pretty well, considering it was her first time on one of the things.

            Katya and Tara were on the other one, giggling at their efforts.

            "This is just sad." Tara giggled.

            "I know." Katya agreed. "We're hopeless."

            "Failed." The machine flashed.

            "Well, I'm sure that was all me." Tara threw her hands up. "Oooh, Tekken games. Come on, Katya, I challenge you!"

            "But I'm not good at fighting games!" the girl protested as Tara dragged her away.

            Ryou entered the arcade and went to the dancing machines near the front. Tea and Rei were there. He watched while they finished (Tea won), and smiled as they greeted him.

            "That was fun." Rei said. "I wanna do it again."

            "Later maybe." Tea told her. "Ryou, you're kinda late."

            "Sorry." Ryou smiled apologetically. "But my dad called."

            "Really?" Rei asked. "That's good."

            Ryou nodded. Tea excused herself and walked away trying to find Yugi.

            "What did he say?" Rei asked, as they both began to walk around. "Is he coming home for the summer?"

            "No." Ryou shook his head. "He's in Egypt right now and he doesn't want to leave. Says there's too many thieves about."

            Rei nodded.  

            "Are you going home for the summer?" Ryou asked. Rei shrugged.

            "I don't know. I think my mom wants me too, but I'm going to think about it."

            Ryou nodded. "I-uh- my father that is, he wants me to go out there for the summer."

            "Really?" Rei asked.

            Ryou nodded. "Would you like to come?" he asked shyly. Rei grinned.

            "Sure! That'd be fun!"

            "Did I just hear you say the forbidden word?" Tara looked down at them from a landing. Rei rolled her eyes, as Tara laughed.

            "Hi Ryou!" the blonde waved. "You got here late. I'm afraid that we're heading out for pizza now; Joey is dying of hunger."

            "I ain't kidding." Joey shouted from farther over. Tara shook him off with a gesture and addressed her friend.

            "Duke says we're going as soon as we find Tea and Yugi."

            Rei nodded. "Okay."


            Isis entered her quiet apartment. She would be leaving for Egypt within a few days; Shadi hadn't come back. The girl walked to her bedroom to do a little packing, when she felt the presence of a Millennium Item. Going to the living room, she saw the beginning of Shadi's teleportation spell. A smile came to her face. But then the spell flickered. Isis blinked. It flickered again and Isis could see the strain on Shadi's face. Without really knowing what she was doing, Isis reached for him, trying to pull him up with the power of her own Item. It didn't work. Something forced her back hard, making her black out for a few moments. When she opened her eyes, the living room was dark and there was no one there. Breathing hard, she stood, when the Tauk begin to glow and she found herself plunged into a vision.

            It was distorted; unclear. All she was aware of was an intense sense of doom and blood. The whole vision was stained with it. Flashes of scenes came by, so fast she couldn't discern what was going on. Holding her head, she fell to her knees, crying out with the pain shooting through her skull. Suddenly, she felt the wind that blew the pictures stop. Opening her eyes, everything was black. Looking up, she saw Shadi. Relief flooded through her and she stood. He only stared back. Confused, Isis reached for him, only to realize that he was not looking at her, but past her. Turning, Isis stepped back confused again. Nothing was there. Only darkness.  She turned towards Shadi, only to realize his image was fading.

            "Shadi!" she cried. The man's eyes flickered and his mouth moved as if to speak. But she could not hear the words that came from his mouth. His image faded completely away and another vision presented itself to her mind's eyes.

            The blood was back and the smell wafted in the air. Isis felt sick as she looked down. Blood pooled around her feet and to her horror on her hands. Looking up, she saw Yugi, lying in a pool of blood, his violet eyes vacant and staring.

            Then as quickly as it had come, the vision ended and she was in her living room. A shuddering sob shook her, as she curled up on the floor. Suddenly, a pair of arms surrounded her.


            She looked up. "Shadi!"

            "What happened?" He asked, his eyes were filled with concern.

            "I…another vision." Suddenly, Isis felt exhausted and felt her body screaming for rest. "It was…frightening..confusing…I…" her eyes closed and she relaxed. Shadi picked her up carefully and took her to her bedroom, carefully laying her on the bed and covering her. Walking out, he sat on the living room couch.

            The transportation had nearly been stopped. But by whom or what, Shadi did not know. Ankh was in his soul room, where he had all but collapsed after completing it. Scales had not spoken for sometime. Shadi rested his head in his hand. Whatever he had done to fix the problem in Egypt had now been undone. He needed to rectify that soon. But he could not do it alone. Looking at the clock, he walked back into the bedroom and pulled a chair next to Isis' bed. He would say here tonight.


            "It would be an excellent opportunity."

            Yugi came down the stairs late the next morning to hear a foreign voice in the kitchen.

            /Sounds like Mr. Hawkins!/ he said to Yami.

            \That means Rebecca is here too.\ there was something between alarm and annoyance in the spirit's tone. Yugi made a face.

            /Be nice./ he admonished.

            \Being nice is your job.\ Yami stated. \I'm staying in my soul room till she leaves. Psychotic duelists I can handle; she's a totally different story.\

            /I thought she did count as a psychotic duelist./ Yugi said, in a slightly teasing note. Yami didn't answer.

            Yugi sighed as he entered the dining room. Solomon and Arthur looked up.

            "Well, here he is." Solomon grinned. Yugi smiled, but felt the stirrings of caution.

            "Arthur is going to see Ryou Bakura's father in Egypt for a dig." Solomon said. "He wanted to know if you and your friends wished to come."

            "Really?" Yugi asked. The soldierly man nodded his gray head.

            "It would be an excellent experience for you young people." He said.

            "That would be great!" Yugi smiled. "I'll ask the gang today."

            "Well, let me know in a couple days how many of you are coming then." Arthur told him. Yugi nodded as he went to the kitchen to get his breakfast.


            Isis stirred and strove to open her eyes. Her head felt fuzzy and unfocused. Finally, she managed and blinked as Shadi's face appeared above her.

            "You're here." She said in a somewhat dazed tone.

            "Yes,  I am." Shadi smiled guardedly.

            "I thought….last night was dream." Isis leaned her head back against her pillow. Why was she so tired?

            Then behind her closed lids, the image of Yugi dead and she covered with his blood flashed through her mind. Her eyes popped open and she sat up, ignoring the dizziness that made her vision swirl.

            "What is it?" Shadi grabbed her arm to help support her in case she fell again.

            "I need to make a phone call." Isis said in a shaky voice, as she stood. Walking to the kitchen, she dialed a phone number.

            //She's cracked.// Scales muttered.

            /\I think it is more than that./\ Shadi said. /\She is genuinely frightened./\

            Scales snorted, but didn't say anything more.

            "Hello, Mr. Mouto? This is Isis Ishtar. No, I'm fine. Is Yugi there? Oh. No, that's fine. Arigato. Bai." She hung up.

            "Isis." Shadi asked cautiously. She turned.

            "I had an odd vision last night which frightened me. I…" she looked away. "I was standing in a room. There was blood everywhere. I was covered in it and in the middle of all the mess was Yugi. He was dead." She swallowed. "I don't know what it means…but the feelings associated with the vision were more intense than I have ever felt before." She met his eyes. "I am frightened."

            There was nothing Shadi could say. Instead, he reached over and held her tightly. They stayed that way for some time.


            "Egypt?" Tea asked. Most of the gang had met at the city pool for the day.

            "Yeah!" Yugi said. "I have a feeling my Grampa is going to make me go regardless, but I'd like you guys to come with me!"

            "Do you think Serenity could come too?" Joey asked.

            "Sure!" Yugi nodded.

            "We all have to ask permission of course." Katya said.

            "And check our passports." Tea continued.

            "Get shots." Tara stuck out her tongue and everyone made a face.

            "But we'd get to see Egypt." Katya got stars in her eyes. "The pyramids, and the temples."

            "It won't all be just sight-seeing I'm sure." Rei commented wryly. "We'll probably have to help out."

            "Does this mean you're going?" Tara asked.

            "I would be, but Ryou already invited me to go to his father's dig. But maybe we'll meet up."

            "We'll be in the same one." Yugi said. "Mr. Hawkins is teaming up with Ryou's father."

            Rei shrugged. "Whatever." She stood up. "I'm going to try the high dive."

            "Me too!" Katya said enthusiastically, getting up and following her. Tara grinned at the boys and Tea.

            "What is it?" Tea asked cautiously.

            "Didn't you hear her? Ryou asked her to go to Egypt with him." Tara's grin grew bigger as she got out of the pool and headed towards the dive. Tea shook her head while the boys exchanged looks.


            Later that afternoon, Yugi was seated at the shop's counter. He had his head sideways and was hitting the topmost part.

            "What are you doing?" Yami asked appearing.

            "I got water in my head still." Yugi frowned. Yami stared at him with no expression for a few moments, then spoke.

            "Does hitting yourself really work, aibou?"

            "It did last time." Yugi grunted. The door opened and the boy straightened as Yami disappeared. It was Isis. Yugi smiled at her; he liked the Egyptian girl very much, in a sisterly fashion.

            "Ossu!" he said. Isis smiled tentatively and walked in. Yugi's smile disappeared as he saw how strained she looked.

            "Are you all right?" he asked in concern.

            "Yes." She said. "I…need to speak to you Yugi." She paused. "I had a vision. "


            "In it you were dead."

            "Nani?" Yugi blinked. The query was echoed by Yami who reappeared.

            "What do you mean?" the spirit demanded forcefully. Isis stared levelly at him.

            "I had a vision and Yugi was dead in it!" she snapped. "I don't know what it means; the vision was ambiguous. And just because I had does not mean it will come true. I just came by to warn him."

            Yami's eyes flickered. "I understand." He said. Isis nodded. It was as close as an apology she would get from him; despite not having any memories, the manner and bearing of being a god-king had not left Yami.

            She turned her attention to the boy. He was seated, quietly, a trouble look on his face and concern in his eyes.

            "It hurt you a lot, huh?" he whispered.

            "Yes." Isis admitted. What she could not admit was the fact that she felt Yugi had died by her hands in the vision. She swallowed. Even now the horror was coming back to her.

            Outside, thunder rumbled. A summer storm was coming up quickly.

            "You should probably try to get home before it rains." Yugi continued. "Or you could stay here."

            "No, I have guests. I should get back." Isis said. "I…bai Yami. Bai Yugi. I'm leaving for Egypt in a few days."

            Yugi brightened. "I am too! I guess we'll see you there."

            Isis' heart fell. She thought for some reason, that Yugi would be safer in Japan. Forcing herself to smile, she nodded. "That will be something to look forward too."

            Yugi looked at her for a moment. The trouble look had never left his eyes. Hopping off the stool he had been seated on, he came around the counter and gave her a hug. Isis returned it, thankful for the gesture.

            "I should go now." She said, then turned and left the shop.


            The woman looked behind her. Yami stood there, still in spirit form.


            "How did Yugi die?" the former pharaoh swallowed. "It…it wasn't me, was it?" The words came almost in a whisper. Isis blinked.

            "Why should you fear that?" she asked.

            "Because anybody who would try to hurt Yugi, much less kill him, would have to come through me first." He said grimly. "So…I just wanted to know-"

            "No. It was not you." Isis told him. "But be on the look out, my Pharaoh. Something dark is stirring and I don't know what to make of it yet."

            Yami nodded. "Arigato." He said simply. Isis smiled, but there was a tinge of sadness to it.

            "You are welcome."

            Yami nodded again in dismissal, then disappeared. Isis turned and began to walk quickly.


            It was nearly two weeks later when everyone was in the airport, trying to stay orderly. Arthur Hawkins and his granddaughter were leading the group, followed by Yugi, Tea, Tara and Duke. Behind them was Tristan and Joey, who were accompanied by Katya and Mai (whom Joey had asked). A little ways behind them and to the right was Serenity, Seto (whom she had invited) and Mokuba (who had insisted on coming). Next to them were Ryou and Rei. Solomon was behind them all. He was not going to Egypt, but had come to see them off.

            Arthur looked behind them at the happy faces of the youths and couldn't help but smile. It seemed almost yesterday that he had seemed just as carefree as them. Rebecca's small voice next to him reminded him with a painful sense of bliss of his own daughter, Ann, now dead. It was funny how Rebecca had turned out like her Aunt.

            "I've never been on an airplane, what's it like?" Serenity asked. Seto looked at her.

            "You aren't serious."

            "I am." Serenity said.

            "It's boring really." He murmured. Serenity smiled.

            "Well, I hope we're sitting together."

            Seto just squeezed her hand.

            As they headed to the terminal, Joey looked around, then grinned.

            "Egypt, here we come!"


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