Chapter 19 – AN

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"A Halloween party?" Seto looked up from his laptop to look at his girlfriend, Serenity Wheeler. The red-headed girl was in her school uniform, which was a navy blue and white sailor outfit. She smiled cutely.

"Why not? We could even have a Duel Monsters theme if you like." She suggested. Seto looked back at his screen.


"I'm sure that she's fine." Mai said dryly. "I mean, really, between you and Seto, there's no way Serenity is going to come to harm any time soon."

'Unless we're caught in a situation like during the summer.' Joey thought grimly. Their souls had been stolen so effortlessly; it was only through fate that Serenity had turned up in a place where both Seto and Joey could keep a somewhat limited eye on her. What if something happened that he couldn't prevent? Joey sighed and then yelped as Mai punched his arm rather hard.


The sky was now a cascade of purple and  blue, studded with pin points of light. A man stood on the balcony of a tall building, looking out at the lights of the city. The sharp cold wind blew his black trench coat as his pale, pupil-less blue eyes studied the view. A grim smile stretched his thin lips.

This was going to be fun indeed.


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