In a space station in orbit around the earth.

This is doctor Reed Richards video journal.

Me and the astronauts Johny Storm Sue Storm and Benjamin Grimm are already 3 weeks in the space station .

And this is our last week.

We investigate cosmic radiation and his effect on organism life form on earth.

Unfortunately our research is not what i hoped to be it.

Doctor Reed Richards out.

Reed turns of the camera and floats as he is in a weightless enviroment .

In a other part of the space station .

Seu stares at the computer screen .


Johny asks what is it Seu ?

Our system finally have found something .

A huge concentration of cosmic radiaton coming our way .

Great .

I,m going te get Ben and Dr Richards to take a look at this.

Oke Johny .

Seu looks back at the screen.

Suddenly her face seems scared .

According tot he computer the cosmic radiaton is closer than excpected .

Very close .

Its gonna colapse with the station.

Oh my go…..

A extreme powerfull blast interrupts her.

And crashes the space station down to earth.