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"It's a pleasure to have you here, major Murasaki," Colonel Adams reached his arm out as a sign of greeting, and the major took his hand and shook it firmly, a little too firm if speaking from the Colonel's personal perspective. "We see less experienced people come here to supervise and observe these days. I expect that Yutani has their reasons for choosing a more qualified ambassador such as yourself this time?" Though it was meant as a joke, the major remained stoic and let no indication of humor enter his facial features.

"Chief Executive Officer Yutani allows no mistake when selecting candidates to travel abroad to ensure that their allies remain loyal to our mutual mission," Murasaki replied firmly, pulling his arm away as if fearful of contamination from the other part. "If he suspects anything then he is obligated to take actions and make sure that it is not the case, or rather, make sure that his allies don't try anything foolish to ruin for his part of the alliance."

The colonel felt his fingers twitch thrice, but a placid smile remained compactedly attached to his mouth as if out of the habit of having positioned it like that for far too long. Needless to say, he was not too thrilled about keeping it in place, but he could not allow any unnecessary conflicts to occur whilst the ambassador stayed in place. Instead, he turned around and started walking down the corridor, gesturing his companion to follow behind, which he soundlessly did.

"Is there anything, in general, the CEO wishes to supervise this time? Experimental results? Weapon efficiency? Just name it and we will discuss the matter further." He spoke like a friend to another after having just watched the latest game on the TV, and the sensation was an underwhelming one. The Japanese stuck-up seemed more obnoxious than all the other small-eyed ambassadors Colonel Adams was forced to endure the visit off in the past. The previous one was at least a bit more bearable when speaking about the sense of humor.

"The Chief wishes to investigate the recent rumors surrounding the Black Operation Unit you borrowed from the company three months ago."

The Colonel abruptly stopped in his tracks but didn't turn around to directly face his companion. "Ah, I see. Yes, Operation KOROSEN is functioning extremely well, more so than we anticipate-"

"Their efficiency is not the issue, Colonel," the major interrupted him unapologetically and took a step forward. "Last month, there was a report about the destruction of one of Yutani's associates, a rather valuable one at that. The Chief suspects that the collateral damage may have been connected to the most recent reported mission's objective, the one your superior personally ordered the unit to carry out."

"I was aware of the damage the results indirectly caused, but I fail to see how that contributes to anything affecting our mutual goals, major," despite not being hostile, Adams' voice was at an almost dangerously low volume, one that the major did not remain oblivious towards. "The mission was a success, the files were secured and Yutani's associates did not face any lethal damages, Weyland even paid for the damages himself, so why the sudden dubiousness?"

The major's eyes were cold as ice and his stance reflected that coldness like a mirror, but he did not underestimate his companion's capacity for unpredictable actions. After all, Weyland-Yutani was not oblivious towards each-others capabilities, whether they were good or otherwise. "Chief Yutani wishes for me to make a report based on the unit's leader."

This time, Colonel Adams' once forced smile turned into a genuine one, and for some reason, Murasaki viewed it as more ominous and suspicious than the former grin the Colonel had flashed. "I see. That shouldn't be a problem. If you would just follow me then I would be happy to introduce you to them." Adams turned around again and continued walking as if their previous close-to-combat-situation was nothing but foolish memories to dwell on from the past.

"Are they all functional?" Murasaki asked as they strolled down.

"Of course they are. Evans makes sure that under no circumstances are they allowed to break down in a way which would affect their mission." Adams answered.

The two men walked down the passageway in equal silence. None said anything but none let their guards down either. As far as anyone knew, Wey-Yu was one of the world's most successful companies when it came to strategic alliances, and the world need not be taught anything else. However, to those who knew better, they were both compromising organizations with daggers pinned close to each other's backs. One single push and it would mean unwanted yet warranted conflicts. It had been like that since 2099 when Weyland placed them in a rather problematic position which the former Chief was forced to resistantly submit to it.

Adams flashed his card across the scanner and the doors before them automatically opened themselves up, 'Welcome, Colonel George Adams.'

The two men stepped inside and soon acknowledged the rather dry atmosphere and the faint echoes of what sounded like grunts, cheers, and boos in the distance not too far away from their position. Murasaki had to push up one of his buttons not to risk sweating where he stood, and he could not help but notice how dim the lights in the corridors were, like whoever adjusted them intended on ambushing visitors like predators in the jungle.

"Tell me, major," Adams suddenly spoke up, earning himself the attention of his subordinate with a rather puzzled expression. "How much do you know about the unit? I anticipate that Yutani has given you fairly enough intel on the matter if he sent you here to supervise them yourself?"

Murasaki refrained from glower in the man's direction. The way he said those words, there was a faint hint of taunting lingering at the back of them, as if he was daring the major to display even the slightest bit of hostility towards his superior at the mention of his leader. Instead, he straightened up and gave a short yet sharp nod in his direction. "Operation KOROSEN is a highly confidential Black Operation Unit with permission to carry out missions on the company's behalf in exchange for personal requirements based off whatever the individual in question desires." he answered.

Adams shrugged, seemingly unimpressed. "True, but what else do you know?"

"I expect that this is all relevant?" Murasaki inquired and raised a skeptic eyebrow to his left. The Chief was very discreet when providing inferiors with such valuable information, and Murasaki was already aware of much more than what was usually allowed, but Yutani trusted specifically his ability to keep his tongue in check and he made sure not to betray such sacred trust. Through his career, Takashi Murasaki had made it a reputation for himself to be strictly honorable and always true to his words, much like his ancestors were during the Imperial Japan, and such vows were never discarded for trivialities like money or threats.

Adams flashed him a sly grin, like that of a fox with nothing good of intentions up his sleeves. "Of course. Weyland has also trusted me with that information, and we both know that it would be foolish to go blabbering like a moron to every other person about it. But tell me, how much do you know about the members?"

This, however, the major was uncertain of. The head had not told him much else but the basic, and even the names of each member of the unit remained a mystery to him, with the exception of their leader. He shook his head in reply. "Their leader is a hāfu, partially of my nation's blood, and their name is Evans."

"Nothing else?" Adams asked, mildly surprised.

"Nothing more, nothing less."

For a moment, they stood there and said nothing. Then, the Colonel flashed another grin again, causing the major to suddenly feel threatened by the mere view of his teeth. "Well, then I suppose it's time for you to officially meet," he said and they walked down the corridor which led to a large room which Murasaki was instantly able to recognize as some kind of training chamber accommodated with all sorts of equipment required for out-of-the-basic training, some which not even ordinary military officers were aware of existed.

However, his eyes soon fell to a small group of people in the center of the room. There were five in total, two of them which were sparring together in the circle with seemingly a lack of mercy towards one another. There was a rather short yet fairly muscular woman with blonde hair kept up in a tight ponytail, and judging by the vicious grin plastered on her face and the bloodlust in her eyes, she was enjoying it on an unhealthy stage. Meanwhile, her opponent was a rather tall man of obvious Asian descent, but not of Murasaki's own kind. No, this one came without a doubt from the Chinese or Korean regions. He was not as evidently built as his opponent, but he managed on an equal level, and his short dark hair was drenched with sweat, but despite his struggles in the match, Murasaki was unable to detect any sort of fear in his eyes.

It was apparent that none of them intended on backing out anytime soon, and both of them literally soaked their limited clothes with sweat, even the wrappings around their arms were becoming faintly drenched.

"Is that all you got, Chinese boy?" The woman taunted as she charged towards her competitor and threw her left fist into his left side, missing him by mere inches. The man took this to his advantage and took a short step back before proceeding to lift his knee up and aim directly for her right side, and he emerged victorious in the attempt. The woman felt the strength in his kick and all air abandoned her lungs before she was forced down onto her back from the impact.

On the contrary of his opponent, he did not show any satisfaction in defeating her. To him, Murasaki judged, this was a means of survival and victory, not glory and pride. His companions began to cheer on him and congratulated him for his victory, but the champion did not seem affected by their approval. He wasn't in need of them.

"That's Shiu Xiang," Colonel Adams whispered from his right. "Guy was born in China and entered the army as soon as he was able to. Made a name for himself for being silent and deadly simultaneously, and thus Wey-Yu came into contact with him an offered him a deal. Turns out the bastard's interest in money granted him a chance at joining the unit." Adams sounded almost... Triumphant.

"Who's the woman?" Murasaki asked, fixating his eyes on the woman who struggled to sit properly up, still beat down but no less infuriated about her defeat.

"Yeah, she's one spiteful bitch," Adams explained. "Emily Watson, our most recent member. Joined the British army at an early age and graduated as one of the most ruthless people they had ever had in history. You see, whereas Xiang is deadly and silent, Watson is brutality personified. Even though her unpredictability is restricted by the unit's compliance with the company, I still wouldn't recommend getting on her bad side."

"She's a loose cannon, in other words."

"Pretty much," Adams agreed and began pointing at each of the remaining individuals as they turned to finish up their training. "Tanya Vereschchagin, a former member of the Russian Armed Forces and qualified with vehicles, makes an excellent addition to the unit even beyond that of weapon expertise." He pointed to another person in the room, shorter than Xiang and much more similar to a young man than a true adult in Murasaki's eyes. "Tohru Buryoku, part of the Japanese Self-Defence forces in 2129, may seem like an innocent little shit but is not someone you wish to mess with either. He's also the younger brother of Evans, so you mess with him and you're done for sure."

Murasaki held a contemplating finger beneath his chin. "Judging by his lack of Caucasian features, I suspect that he is only partially Evans' sibling?" he inquired, studying the youthful man's face of any sort of non-Asian features yet was unable to detect any.

"Fuck if I know, but I wouldn't recommend anything impulsive if I were you."

"I don't intend on anything, either." answered the major truthfully as his eyes landed on the last person, a well-built and tall man with greying hair and a note of experience written over him. It didn't take him long to figure that he was of American descent, fully and wholly. Murasaki had had his fair share of encounters with them in the past and it would not take much effort for him to be able to distinguish caucasian people in general. This man, however, seemed like the oldest one in the room, past his thirties and perhaps in his early forties. Either way, he had the scars on his arms to prove his experiences dealing with troublesome situations. "Who's that?"

"James Williams, an experienced veteran of the U.S Army. He's been here almost as long as Evans and Buryoku themselves have."

"An average soldier, then?"

"Average?" Adams' eyes grew considerably larger with disbelief. "The guy killed a man with a single punch to the chest, causing the poor bastard's heart to stop at the spot. He would've gone through major shit unless Weyland decided to jump in and save his sorry ass."

"So you're telling me that he attacked the man first?"

"No, it was reported as chivalry between the two. The guy attacked Williams with the possible intentions of murdering him. What Williams did was self-defense, but no less an act of potential in the company's eyes." Just as Adams said that, Murasaki's eyes flicked to the side and he watched as Watson, who was previously out of breath on the ground, got up in an instant with twice the amount of bloodlust in her eyes and charged towards her victorious opponent with less than honorable intentions at hand. Xiang had his back turned to her and was about to exit the room, and despite Watson's velocity, silence proved itself to not be futile. To attack an opponent without their acknowledgment, just out of vengeance of a fair fight she didn't stand victorious. Such an act, from his perspective, was unforgivable.

The other comrades turned around just in time to witness what was about to happen, but before any of them were able to warn Xiang and just before Watson was able to fulfill her intended purpose, a black shape blocked Watson and shielded Xiang from the coming attack, and in less than a couple of seconds, Watson returned to her previous, defeated position on the ground whilst a new figure stood above her, eyes dark with a sense of danger Murasaki had rarely felt through his life, not since the day his uncle was killed at the hands of his own father. This person's eyes were just as solemn and soulless as his own father had been, if not a tad bit threatening to look at.

"You're out of line again, Watson," the woman spoke dangerously low, glaring down without even needing to shape her eyes to match her already threatening exterior. Watson coughed a couple of times and tried to get up with whatever strength survived in her body, but only to be pressed down by the woman's foot, preventing her from getting there. "I warned you last time. Try another stunt like that again and the consequences will suffice. Am I clear?"

Watson said nothing, but her sharp eyes glared up at her superior, resulting in nothing but a more forceful press down on her spine and she let out a sound of pain.

"Am. I. Clear?" she asked again, less patient this time.

Without much options left, Watson grunted and bowed her head down with reluctant compliance. "I... Yield."

The woman nodded content and lifted her foot off, and Watson got up and took a couple of steps in retreat, obviously feeling intimidated by standing too close to the woman. Only then was Murasaki truly able to get a hold of her appearance with words. Dark hair kept in a low ponytail reaching her shoulders by few inches, obviously not being properly cared for like most women would consider. Arms wrapped with protective layers of bandages and clothes fit for the sort of workout well-trained soldiers performed. However, the most outstanding and intimidating about her stayed with her cold eyes, like that of an Akuma lacking any spirit deeming her human. Though possessing a well-trained form fit with define muscles and abs, much like that expected from a leader, her possession of slight Asian traits concluded Murasaki's assumptions.

This was Evans.

Evans' arms crossed over her chest and she cast a firm glance over her shoulders, all of her comrades staring at her with what could only be defined as silent contemplations of what to do next. "Dismissed for today," she said, not raising her voice in the slightest bit but the way all of her comrades quickly left the room with whatever they were carrying it would seem as if she had barked orders directly on their faces. Watson was the last one to leave, and she walked pass Evans with a glare that could curdle milk but Evans didn't seem the slightest threatened, and only returned the gesture until Watson too disappeared with the others.

"Quite a melodramatic change of events as always, Evans," Adams broke the silence abruptly and raised his arm to greet her, but she merely stood there with her eyes fixated on the two men, studying them both sharply.

"Colonel Adams," she acknowledged toneless. "To what do I owe this pleasure?" Her eyes fell to the major and he instantly stiffened up, experiencing the same kind of intimidation Watson had undoubtedly felt prior to him, but he refused to let himself display any weakened traits. No, he wouldn't.

"I wanted to introduce you to our new ambassador here," Adams said with a grin and gestured to Murasaki like an object. "This is-"

"Major Takashi Murasaki from Yutani Corporations, Tokyo, am I correct?" she interrupted him shamelessly and held a hand up to keep his silence intact. "Hideo Yutani's selected ambassador."

"And may I ask how you grasped such information? It was held strictly secretive." Murasaki asked suspiciously, but Evans didn't falter beneath his scrutinizing eyes.

"Mr. Yutani informed me beforehand about your arrival," she explained. "You are here to supervise my unit, are you not?"

Murasaki found her lack of etiquettes offensive but nevertheless continued. "Yes, I am," he stated, "May I know your full name?" They both knew it wasn't a query, but a demand.

Evans, however, nodded. "Of course, sir," she answered and reached her arm forth. "Lucy Evans, leader of Operation KOROSEN. A pleasure, Major."

"Likewise, Miss Evans," said Murasaki with a nod and took her hand. "The pleasure is mine."

"Now that we have the proper introductions placed aside," she drew her hand away. "Is there anything, in particular, you wish to discuss?"

"I have several matters I wish to discuss, but I prioritize the one regarding your previous mission."

Just as he had said that, Evans' eyes darkened severely but she nonetheless nodded. "Very well, then."