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Allison's POV

She waited until the voices disappeared to go back to her drawing. Angry, she realized that she had been holding her breath the whole time. Just because she had recognized his voice. Even her heart had beaten a little faster. She hated that. Since he did not seem to remember her, what should she be bothered?

Allison bit her lip, the pen in the air. She didn't want to draw anymore. She just wanted to think over and over again of that fateful Saturday in detention. A month later and she still could remember every word said that day. That Saturday had felt like her life was going to change –for the better- and back to Monday morning, nothing had changed. She had met Claire first and the Princess had looked away though she had blushed a little. Then she had seen John, laughing harder with her friends when she had come close, like he was telling her not to come. At that moment, Ally already felt hurt and betrayed. Deep inside, she knew that Claire and John never promised they would be friends for real, but she had hoped anyway. She had met Brian a few minutes later, they had looked at each other for like one minute and then, they both had looked away. She had not seen Andrew before lunchtime. She was already at a table when he had arrived. They were practically face to face. He could just come to her and sit with her. He had held on to her gaze for a moment before finally going to his friends. The only thing Allison could do was pretending she did not care. Even if she felt like crying.

The only friends she ever had were ignoring her, just like the rest of the world.

She sighed. She had let her guard down and now, she was paying the price for it. Before she even realized it, she was crying. She was tired of pretending she did not care, because she cared a lot actually. She remembered the way Claire had helped her with her make-up. She remembered Brian telling her they were friends and believing it. She remembered John and the way he could truly smile when he thought nobody was watching. And most of all, she remembered Andy and the way he had kissed her. Like he had meant it. Like she was important to him. It was her first kiss. He was the first guy she let come close.

She began to pack her things. The cafeteria will open soon and she will be able to grab her lunch before hiding somewhere else. She was good at hiding.

"No", she thought, "I am good at being invisible. That's different."

She was about to open the door when she heard it.

The gunshot.

To Be Continued...