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Brian's POV

He opened his eyes and immediately pain ran through him, reminding him that fainting wasn't really a bad option.

He felt so tired. The room was getting darker or so it seemed. He thought of his stupid elephant lamp and let out a little laugh.

Not a good idea. It hurt even more.

He tried to move but that was an even worse idea.

He wondered why the police was still not there. Or even better, an ambulance. He could totally need one. Come on! It'd been a long time now since the first gunshot. Even if he had no idea what "a long time" really meant after all. An hour? Two?

He froze when he heard another gunshot.

Not again.

He was unable to say if the gunshot sounded close or quite far away. He hoped for the last one.

He wanted to close his eyes once more but he felt so weak that he wasn't so sure about being able to open them again later. So he did his best to keep his brain working, not to sleep. He tried to recite all the chemicals elements but he had no idea of what came after carbon. Such a shame…

It was almost funny that the only thing coming to his mind was that song they danced on during detention.

We are not alone

Find out when your cover's blown

There'll be somebody there to break your fall

We are not alone

'Cause when you cut down to the bone

We're really not so different after all

After all

We're not alone

He was singing now. Okay, not really singing. Humming maybe. Yeah, he was humming. Actually, he was so lost into the song he did not even noticed someone had opened the door.


He heard someone shout his name. Someone who sounded a lot like Claire. But it was impossible. Claire was safe. Outside.

"Taking a nap, Johnson?"

His injury was probably getting worse because he was hearing Bender now.

And then, he felt a pressure on his arm and Claire's face appeared.

"Oh God…"

She kept saying that while watching at the injury. Brian could not see her clearly but it looked like she was crying.

Oh no… Someone was dead? Someone he knew?

"Who?" he whispered.

He felt Bender coming closer.

"She's crying for you, Johnson. In case you haven't noticed, you're hurt. Now shut up and rest."

Brian smiled.

"Hope you're not planning on becoming a nurse cause you kind of suck…"

He heard more footsteps. Seriously? There was a gunman in the school and people had no better idea than wandering in the hallways?



"Hold on, man."


They all sat beside him. He could see clearly Allison's puffy red eyes but it was because she was really close to him. Like her nose almost touching his. And her soft voice threatening him to kill him if he died.

He smiled. He still could not quite believe they were here with him.

He heard Andy and Bender blocking the door with a table. Just in case.

"Help will be here soon."

Brian did not know who said that. Probably not Bender though, this statement sounded a little bit too optimistic for him.

He tried not to scream when Claire tried to apply a tourniquet. She was not a nurse either but it should work.

"Rest now." Allison said.

He didn't want to close his eyes, too afraid they will be gone when he will be awake again.

"We are here for good", Claire whispered. "I promise."

Brian smiled as he believed her. At the very same moment, he heard the sirens. Finally.

They will be all right.

They were saved.

And they were together.

Relieved, Brian closed his eyes, smiling.