Sanity in Grey

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In this fic when Xander stopped Willow ending the world, Willow stayed in Sunnydale. Her friends deserted her, Buffy was a bitch and banned Willow from any and all use of magic. Harry and co are going into their fifth year, all things in the book stand but if I forget anything please tell me, I haven't read them in a while.

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Part 1

She looked back on her life and couldn't believe how much she had changed. About 9 months ago she had been this mousy character, the sidekick with just enough power and brains to make her useful. Sure she had been fairly strong she had fought demons and other big evil things but she had never really been her own person, a leader. Then she had brought Buffy back from the dead. The pain had been unbelievable but the pleasure of the power, it was such a trip.

She realised she had gone off the rails, her addiction to magic had definitely not been a good thing, and she let that creep Rack touch her. Oh well he's dead now, it doesn't matter anymore. That whole lets destroy the world thing had been a bad idea too, but she was completely over that now.

When she looked at herself now she was unrecognisable. On the outside, she had an entirely new wardrobe which actually suited her. She smiled to herself knowing she looked damn good with her new clothes and hair. The hair was not entirely her idea, after she had come down from her dark magic high she was left with streaks of black, which just refused to go away. Not that she minded, in fact she really quite liked them.

She was kind of a bad girl now, not in a homicidal 'I want to tear your skin off' way, she just did little things to keep herself sane not to mention have some fun. Yeah, that little area of grey between light and dark was definitely what kept her sanity in tact. In the last month she had hacked into two or three multinational companies and transferred funds into her own untraceable offshore account. She was now a multi-millionaire many times over, which came in very useful for things like buying the flat she now lived in.

Not only that but she had picked up a few bad habits from her vampire self and she had a few puppies, both male and female, at her disposal. Of course, her puppies were fully consensual and devoted to her. She had discovered that she had a talent for manipulation and she could make people believe whatever she wanted them to. It was great fun for her, and her puppies weren't complaining either.

When her friends had practically abandoned her, she had been forced into the wide world, and she had never been so grateful for anything in her entire life. She loved her new life and it just seemed to get more interesting by the minute.

For instance about an hour ago, she had been woken from an extremely nice dream by a bloody great owl tapping on the glass of her window. She had let it in, now feeling completely awake and bewildered, it had stood waiting for a moment before indicating the piece of paper attached to its leg with its beak.

She reached out and untied the message, the owl waited for her to finish reading the letter before impatiently saying in a voice filled with irritation, 'are you going to feed me or not, it's a long journey across that stupid ocean you know.'

Willow had nearly keeled over in shock at hearing the owl speak and she absently reached over to pick up a packet of biscuits she had in her room and handed a few to the owl.

'Can all owls talk?' she asked wondering how it was she had never noticed this particular trait before.

'You understand me?' it was now the owls turn to be shocked. 'Most humans can only hear me hooting, they don't hear what I'm saying. This is most unusual.' The owl regarded her calmly, clearly thinking.

'Would you like to stay for a while, we might be able to sort this out between us, and maybe you could tell me something about this Hogwarts place?' Willow didn't know which to be more stunned by, the talking owl or the invitation to join the teaching staff in this school of witchcraft.

'Well I could stay for a little time I suppose, but you wouldn't happen to have any meat around that I could have, I really am hungry and I'm afraid biscuits just don't help too much.'

She had taken bacon from the kitchen and once the owl, (Geoff was his name) had eaten it they had chatted for about half an hour until he insisted he had to leave.

Willow was still puzzling over the information she had been given, she knew that she was a capable teacher, (her time as a teacher in high school had shown her that), She just wasn't sure if this experience would be worth her while. Then again they had offered to teach her in the months before the beginning of school and at various points during the school year and she would never turn down a chance to find out more about her powers and her limits.

She had agreed anyway, so this line of thought was a pointless waste of time; she would be leaving for England tomorrow night.

Goodbye old life, hello magical goodness.

'What the hell?' Willow stood completely still in the doorway of the Magic Box, staring at its current occupants. She had come over on the afternoon before her flight to say a final farewell to her old life and hopefully never see these people ever again. However her plans had just flown out of the window, in front of her, her parents Sheila and Ira Rosenburg where deep in conversation with Giles and the Scoobies ~ sounds like a bad 80's rock band. ~

All heads turned upon hearing her entrance.

'Does she know?' Giles directed the question at her parents so softly she almost missed them.

Her mothers frantic head shaking confirmed that whatever it was, she currently didn't know it and definitely wanted to know it.

'What are you doing her Wills, you are not allowed near magic stuff, get out.' A very red-faced Buffy came forward to bodily remove her from the shop. ~ Trust the blonde bitch to start on me ~

'I came to say goodbye,' she stuttered out her response nearly laughing at how pathetic she sounded, 'I'm leaving tonight.'

'Willow.' Her dad broke in before the bimbo slayer could say anything else, ~ lucky coz I don't know how long I could have lasted before I taught her a lesson and that would totally ruin my good girl image ~

'We have to tell you some things about your past. Will you come and sit with us?'

The entire group vacated the room leaving only Willow, her parents and Buffy who was listening covertly from the corner.

Willow sat on the indicated chair and waited silently.

'We…um…we thought you should know, I mean its kind of important with things the way they are…and we know that you…well we…we're not your parents Willow, your adopted.'