I may have escapef some eandom person, but I have another prison to escape; my own emotional prision.

Girbirt sighed on his stain couch. Cried. Did he Realy desurve to he iut of tge prison.

"I am ubder pressyre in all types of ways." he said.

he had abondobedc all of his friends, friends like sonic. who had latrr die there.

"I remmeber the old days when we used to collect choas emeralds in greb hill zoe, now I only collect tears." he said.

he went outside for a walk. it was sunny and nice ou.

"what a depressiobing day, hopefully this walk will bring new characters Iinto this fanfiction" gorbit said while sad

actually I he was runnign, like his late friend sonic. Like ever other day, he webt to the chill dog factory to sustain his emotions.

"a chillidog a day, keeps the insanse voices away." he said with a smile.

"wgat are you doing here, eaeamon" eamon says as goribrt entered the factory witb a confused look on his face.

goribirt thought to gimself: that person had one to little chilidogs, as ge walked away.

how are you ebjoying the fanfcitoon process? one author said

I am, even while playing fifa. lol said thr author.

"quiet!"he said to tge author, "this is my storym" he said as gorbirt continued to run.

gorbirt thoight to himself. I wonder who killed sonic. was it egfman?? is t y at his name. mr eggman... whats his name? its eggman right.. maybe it was tails... was it me?

thata the perfext ending.

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