Title: Silence

Grissom/Sara, team, angst, character death, pg-13

Summary: "Somebody do something. Anything. Anything to break this silence."

Author's Note: Thanks to Devanie as always, for keeping me sane, and for giving me the confidence to post this.


Nothing's happening.

Something should be happening.


Somebody do something. Anything. Anything to break this silence.

This isn't right.

No. Things are happening. The wheels in peoples' minds are turning.


In this very room.

And things are still happening elsewhere. Just because the world has ended here, it doesn't mean that it's going to affect anyone anywhere else. They won't care. They won't care somebody's dead. They didn't know them, so why would it affect them? No.

They'll carry on as normal.

Is that right?


Is it right that a group of people can suffer a profound loss somewhere in the world, while the rest of the world's population don't even blink an eye? I suppose that's a good thing, otherwise we'd all be constantly living in pain.

What would be the point of that?

This is wrong.

I can't stand the silence. To think that one day my life could be like this forever. Silent. Quiet. Forever. No laughter. No music. No voices.


But right now, none of that seems to matter.

What matters is that somebody breaks this unending silence.


Come on Catherine, just cry. I can see your eyes glassing over. I know you need to. I know you're going to.

Nick? Say something. Crack a joke like you usually do to break the silence. But you can't. I know you can't, because you have nothing to laugh about.

Warrick, man, look at Cath sitting next to you. She's leaning on your shoulder. Just put your arm around her, comfort her they way you always manage to. Whisper useless condolences. She needs you.

Anything. Anyone.

Just break the silence.

Jim. You're still standing there. You've told us the news now. Maybe there's a detail you left out, forgot to mention. Maybe, maybe, maybe…


I should be doing something.

I should be trying to catch the killer.

Her killer.

That thought alone roots me in place, stops my voice from working and my body from moving.

In the silence.

The seemingly unbreakable silence.

People go silent after bad news, for a short while anyway, as they register and try to comprehend what they've just been told.

Shock. Confusion. Anger. Then grief.

Time has no place here. The amount of time we have spent in silence cannot be more than a few seconds, but now I finally understand what people mean when they say the few seconds of silence seem to go on forever.


I hate silence. But, what could possibly be worth hearing? I don't need to hear anymore.

It's all over.

I don't need to hear laughter if it's not hers, and I don't need to hear music if it's not her singing to me.

But none of that matters now.

Sara is dead. And nothing anyone can do will ever change that.


Catherine bursts into tears.

The silence is broken.