Dedicated to Tasha9315.

Watching the third-years at their desks with their quills scribbling away on the quiz papers reminded Remus Lupin of his own school days. Ah, good times. He couldn't help but feel his days as mere student was the happiest time of his life so far.

Even as his mind drifted down the memory lane, his sharp eyes continued to scan around the classroom. So this is what the view of an invigilator looks like. Remus could see every student's face clearly from where he sat: he could see Hermione Granger's hand dancing across her parchment with radiating confidence, so much so that the loudest quill-scratching sound came from her. On the other hand, her neighbor, Neville Longbottom, was scratching his head instead, his hair getting messier by the second.

Just like a certain someone he once knew.

His eyes paused on Harry Potter. The boy was truly a mirror image of his father—same unruly jet-black hair, same round glasses on the same face… except those green eyes. Lily's eyes.

Remus had to fight down his welling emotions at the thought. All the shock and regret for that devastating night twelve years ago… Where all was left was a baby Harry Potter, the sole survivor of an unspeakable horror, while his parents lay broken, dead.

Where his best friend, the first and few people who had accepted Remus for who he was, gone forever.

He noticed that Harry had stopped writing, and a frown appeared on the boy's face. Then, something unexpected caught the man off guard.

Harry was scratching his cheek with the feathered end of his quill.

Remus had to set his jaw to maintain his poker face, to stop the rising elation from bursting out in front of the class in the middle of a solemn test. The familiarity of that gesture almost brought tears to the man's eyes.

It was like seeing an old friend. One whom he missed so much, whom he thought he would never meet again…

The sudden, shrill rang of the bell jerked Remus out of his own world; the students set down their quills and passed the quiz papers to Harry, leaving the classroom with relief as they set off for their next lesson. Harry stepped forward to Remus' desk with the stack of parchments, the confidence on his face turned into concern when he gazed into Remus' eyes.

"Professor? Are you alright? You look… pale."

"I'm fine," Remus waved off Harry's worry as he took the quiz papers from the boy's hand. "Off you go for your next class. I'm sure you don't want to be late."

Harry opened his mouth, but closed it in the end, settling with a last look of concern at his teacher. "…I'll see you next week then."

"Harry," Remus called out to the boy.

"Yes, Professor?"

Remus looked into Harry's eyes. Even if he couldn't change the past, he didn't want to make the same mistake again and create another tragedy if he could help it within his own power.

"I will always look out for you," he said, waving a wand at the quiz papers, which flew into a box behind the man to clear his table. "You're not alone."

"Thank you, Professor."

As Remus watched Harry's departing back, he finally cracked a smile. Because you're my best friend's son. One he's proud of to protect with all his life.

The living proof of his existence.

Forum: Harry Potter Fanfiction Challenges
Prompt: The 100 Quotes of Life Challenge
Quotes: #71 - "You're my best friend", #72 - "I will always look out for you"
Characters/Pairing: Remus Lupin & Harry Potter
Rating: K+ for slight mention of canonical death