This is part one of a short series I will be writting. Ginny is on her deathbed, and is writing down things she has never told anyone. This part is called "Harry" and is part one.

Harry and I were one of those couples that is meant to be, but other things happen and get in the way, He was sweet and loved me.

We fell in love in the 5th year. Well, I was a 5th year and he was a 6th year. He had dated almost every girl in the school. He finally got down to me and we fell in love. Harry had the sweetest smile and you could melt in his eyes.

He had defeated Voldemort the day we fell in love. This time, it was the future Voldemort. Harry had already defeated the past Voldemort (Tom Riddle), and the present Voldemort(himself in Harry's first year.)

Voldemort could show you the future the way you wanted it to be. Harry had told me all about the mirror at a slumber party at Ron's. I found it amazing.

This time, Voldemort came in a nice little hand mirror. I found it in a purse which was in the common room. It belonged to Lavender. She said the mirror didn't belong to her. She let me keep it instead. It was small and nice.

The first time I looked in it was at a party. I was in shock. Harry and I were kissing the first time I looked in it. The pictures seemed to move. Then I was pregnant. Then we had a colony of kids. It continued and continued. It was very creepy to me. But, it was what I wanted most.

Harry stayed at our house that summer. I looked in the mirror all the time. One day, my bookbag fell. The mirror slid out with a bunch of papers and other things. Harry picked up the mirror. "Ginny, what is this?" he asked me.

"It's my mirror." I told him.

"Why am I in it?" he asked.

"You are looking in it." I told him.

"But we aren't kissing and it looks like we are." he spoke.

"Oh, my. Harry, I always see that. But why are you seeing that?" I asked him.

"I don't know. Oh, Ginny, this is creepy!" he said.

"I know what we need to do. Harry, we need to destroy that mirror." I told him. He threw the mirror to the ground. It shattered into millions of pieces, and spoke rose. Voldemort came out.

"Harry!" I gasped. He kissed my cheek and shoved me into the food closet. I have no idea what happened out there, just that when I came out, Voldemort was gone and Harry was kissing me.

"Ginny, marry me!" he said.

"What????" I screamed.

"That mirror shows the future. Well, it shows the future how Voldemort wants it to be." Harry said.

"You fool! Voldemort wants it to be that way! Which means he will use our marriage, affair, whatever to harm us or someone. Harry, I love you, but we can't! Harry, he might kill us." I cried.

Harry kissed me once more. Then he left. He went and married Hermione. Hermione took my place. I married Seamus, and although we had many children and lived a happy life, part of me was always empty. Harry was missing.

Harry did visit me often, and we concieved one child before Seamus and I married. My daughter Lorelei was our child. Harry felt terrible, since he realized it was because of Voldemort and Voldemort might harm us.

Harry had me move far away from him. I never saw him again.

Harry was the one I loved. But our love was forbidden, and our love was barred. I sent him letters and he never replied. I think that was for the best.

I will always love Harry. Seamus also lives in my heart, but Harry is special to me.