Everything was calm. Black. Silent. Lovely, even.

Then, he heard his heartbeat.

Voices. Inhuman voices.

He felt his restraints.

He felt his unrelenting, merciless rage.

Then, The DOOM Slayer's eyes flung open. He was lying upright in some sort of grey cryo-pod. His gaze immediately focused in on a figure standing in front of him.

It was a reptile-like creature that stood on two digitigrade legs, it's knees bending forward. Sleek dark-blue armor covered it's disgusting body as well. It's mandibles moved as it spoke. "Human…" The thing managed to growl as it's hand, which had two thumbs and two large fingers, grabbed a curvy piece of metal at it's side.

Doomguy tugged at his restraints, which turned out to be rings of blue energy, and took note of the fact that he wasn't wearing his armor.

A brilliant light-blue flash came from the piece of metal, and a two-pronged sword made of plasma erupted from it, surrounding the creature's hand as well as extending outwards to form two deadly looking blades.

'It' approached The Slayer, it's arm drawing back preparing for a stab. Just as it thrusted the weapon forward, Doomguy managed to rip his left hand free of his restraint, causing a small amount of sparks to fly, and caught the creature's hand just before the blade of the sword reached his chest. Before the creature could even act surprised, The Slayer squeezed, crushing it's hand. It's bones broke, it's skin split, then it's hand was reduced to a bloody purple mess and ripped off entirely, causing the creature to fall to one knee as it roared in agony, only to have it's armor and skull shattered by a punch from Doomguy's other fist, which he had also just freed.

The Slayer lept from his pod, energy sword in hand, and quickly looked around the room infested with what he could only assume were Demons. There were several small ones with tanks strapped onto them, bird-like ones with energy shields, two more reptile-like ones, and three ape-like ones, one of which was wearing red armor and carrying a giant hammer.

He quickly rolled towards one of the small ones, grabbing it's now panicking form and using it as a shield against incoming plasma fire from a Bird, which then started to back up as Doomguy charged it. It didn't back up fast enough, however, and Doomguy swiped away the shield with the small one before ramming the energy sword through the Bird's abdomen.

The Bird was then swung from the energy sword, it's body slamming into another of it's kind while Doomguy reared to face another Reptile-Demon, who also had an energy sword. As the Reptile struck, Doomguy dove under it's attack, putting it between him and the rest of the enemy. He then turned and slammed his foot down on the Reptile's inverted kneecap, breaking it's leg in two before slicing the Demon in half.

The Ape-Demon leader roared and the remaining enemies aimed their weapons, filling the room with plasma fire. The Slayer ran forward, slicing every bolt that came close to him out of the air with his energy sword, along with a few fleeing small ones. As he reached his target, a cluster of Bird's shielding the last Reptile in the room, his energy sword fizzled out of existence. The Bird in front seemed to have an expression of relief. Or at least it did before Doomguy ditched the energy sword handle, punched straight through the shield, and smashed that expression into the grey metal floor, leaving nothing but a purple splat as it's head was pulverized completely.

The Reptile-Demon aimed it's weapon, sending a stream of blue plasma at it's target. The Slayer evaded it easily however, dodging to the side, grabbing the Demon's hand, and jumping up and over it. As he hit the ground, he yanked down, violently ripping the Reptiles arm off. The Demon cried out, using it's remaining hand to grab it's energy sword. But as it turned around, it was whacked with it's own arm, then pushed to the ground were Doomguy detached it's other arm with a stomp from his foot.

At the same time, The Slayer was using the Demon's gun to shoot haphazardly at the Birds that now surrounded him, causing them to turtle behind their shields. With his other hand, he bent down and grabbed the energy sword, and dove into the Bird's defensive line, tearing each one of them apart with a flick of his wrist.

Then, Doomguy heard the sound of heavy super heavy steps approaching him. He turned and struck, his sword slicing through a heavy looking gun that had two knives attached to the bottom, along with a good chunk of an Ape-Demon's arm.

The Ape-Demon bellowed in pain before becoming so overcome with shock that it couldn't speak as The Slayer stabbed and slowly gutted the Ape, causing it's internal organs to spill out onto the floor in a mess of red gore.

Suddenly two yellow spikes flew into the dying Ape, and one embedded itself into Doomguy's shoulder, causing him to grunt and drop the Reptile-Demons gun. He turned around, lashing out with his sword and knocking two more incoming spikes out of the air before rushing towards the other Ape-Demon, who had been firing at him.

Doomguy was too fast for the Ape-Demon to dodge, and it ended up with an energy sword to the chest. Instead of roaring in pain, however, it lunged forward, grabbing The Slayer's arm and squeezing. Before it could do any damage, however, The Slayer twisted the energy sword, then ripped it out, using the handle guard to cut deep into both of the Ape's arms. He then jumped up, kneeing the Demons face, breaking it's teeth, and knocking it flat on it's back, where he proceeded to stab it. Then he stabbed it again. And again. And again. Each strike more vicious than the last. This continued until a low growl of frustration could be heard from behind him.

He glanced back, seeing that the remaining Ape-Demon was gripping it's hammer and giving it's opponent a death stare. Doomguy stood up, reaching back and pulling the spike from his now blood-covered shoulder. From the look of it, many would assume that he was bleeding out. But most of that blood was not his own.

There was a moment of silence between the two, then the Ape-Demon charged forward, it's enraged roar echoing loudly through the room. It then jumped, swinging it's hammer above it's head before striking down towards The Slayer. Doomguy rolled to the right, and the hammer hit the corpse of the Ape he'd just killed, sending body parts and blood flying across the entire room. He was carried extra far from the explosive impact. It was as if gravity had ceased to function for a whole second.

The Ape-Demon did not give it's opponent time to breath, and immediately lunged towards them, swinging it's gravity-hammer with amazing strength and speed. Doomguy only just managed to duck under it's swing. He then rushed in, going for yet another stab. Right before the energy sword connected, however, the Ape's armor lit up with a white light, and the swords blade shattered upon impact. The Demon shoved The Slayer back with the handle of it's hammer before thrusting the head of the weapon at him.

Doomguy rolled back, picking up a plasma pistol as he did so, and started firing as fast as he could. The green shots bounced off the Ape's white energy shielding like nerf darts, and the Ape swung again, hitting the pistol, smashing it to pieces, and sending Doomguy flying into a wall.

The Ape, regaining some confidence, walked up slowly to where The Slayer lay, laughing with it's deep voice as it's energy shields faded away. To it's surprise, Doomguy stood up, clenched his fists, and charged the beast head-on.

The Demon swung, but Doomguy slid under the attack and lept for the beast's belly. He swung his arm, cramming his fist into it's stomach. The Ape stumbled back, puking up it's breakfast, while The Slayer caught it's hammer and slammed it's handle into the Demon's face, causing it to let go. He then spun, swinging the hammer into the Ape's right side and knocking it to the ground.

The Slayer stood over the Ape, raising the hammer over his head. The Ape-Demon roared in a mixture of rage and terror as the hammer smashed it's head, and some of the ground, into pieces. Doomguy then stood up, finally looking around the grey, futuristic looking room he, despite being one man and stark naked, had just filled with dead bodies.

"Shipmaster, the outside ground team is reporting that gunfire is coming from the inside of the complex!" The Grunt in charge of communications announced. "Our inside team isn't responding!"

"What?! Those damn Brutes!" The Shipmaster, a golden-clad Elite, spat. "I told them not to open it!"

"Is it The Flood?" A hologram of an Elite, which was sitting next to the Shipmaster on a table, asked.

"I wish it were so. The parasite might be easier to deal with than this." The Shipmaster then stood up, addressing his entire crew. "Send down everything we can afford to spare! The Forerunners were very clear on how dangerous this Human was, but we will not back down! We are the Covenant, and we will not let one Human stop us from achieving the Holy Journey!"

"For the Prophets!" The crew's Elites yelled and the Grunts squeaked excitedly.

Doomguy stepped out of the complex wearing his thick green space marine armor, and his newly acquired weapons obtained from several convenient weapons lockers. He stuck his gravity-hammer to his back, took out a combat shotgun, and looked up.

In front of him were several more Demons of all the aforementioned types. They looked upon him, some of them visibly shaking, some of them angry, some of them unsure how to react, and none of them happy. In the distance he could see a huge purple ship floating above a mountain range. Several smaller dropships and fighters had been launched, and were heading to his location.

The Slayer straightened, pumped his shotgun, and got to work.