This is a crossover! However, the cards in this story are pokémon cards, not Clow Cards! Ash accidentally let loose the original 150 pokémon cards and now he has to capture them! This has nothing to do with my other series. Ash is 11 and hasn't started on his pokémon journey yet. He does know that he is Destiny and that he was adopted. The cards can either turn you into the said pokémon or summon the said pokémon. In case you haven't figured it out yet, Pikachu can talk in English. Otherwise () is pokémon speech, * * is thoughts, and "" is human speech. This is based on Card Captor Sakura, not the crappy Cardcaptors dub. I do not own CCS or Pokémon. They all belong to people who are a lot richer than me.

Ash was helping his mom clean out the attic. His mom was outside weeding her garden. Suddenly, Ash heard a noise. He picked up the broom he had been using and crept downstairs. The noise was coming from his father's study. It seemed to be issuing from a blue-bound book. He opened the golden clasp on the front. Inside was a deck of card. On the back of each was a poke ball with five streams of white light coming from it. (Like the backing on Japanese pokémon cards.) Ash flipped over the first card. It was a Pidgeot. "Pidgeot…" Ash said, staring at it. Suddenly, a great wind blew up and scattered most of the other cards. Only five were left. Pidgeot, Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Squirtle and Eevee.

All of a sudden, something floated out of the book. Ash looked at it. It resembled a small pikachu with a pair of cute little white wings. It slowly opened its eyes and looked at Ash. "I am Pikachu, guardian of the Kanto pokémon card set." Said the pikachu. Suddenly it shrieked. "Where are all the cards?!" "You mean these?" asked Ash, holding out Pidgeot, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Eevee, and Pikachu. "Yes, yes, yes!" said the little winged pikachu. "But where are the rest?"

"Well, when I opened the book, the first card on top was Pidgeot." Said Ash. "When I read the name, a gust of wind suddenly appeared and blew most of the other cards away. These are the only ones left." "What?!" shouted the pikachu. "Well, than you will have to capture them all!" "Huh?" asked Ash.

The pikachu had walked over to the book. "Repeat after me." It said. "Key that holds the contract of the seal, this is your new master. This young boy whose name is Ashura. Under the seal of contract, release!" Abruptly, a golden magic circle appeared under Ash's feet. In the center was the symbol of a poke ball, surrounded by the elements. Then, Ash fainted.
When Ash revived, he was clutching a golden staff tipped with a pidgeot's head with rainbow plumes. "This is the rod that you use to activate the pokémon cards." Said Pikachu. "I am going to be your guardian. Your duty is to recapture the cards that were blown away by Pidgeot. I'm here to help you." Ash blinked. Suddenly, a small Pidgey appeared. "It's a pokémon card!" yelled Pikachu. "How can you tell?" asked Ash. "Because, pokémon cards and 10x as powerful as regular pokémon! Attack it!"

"Oh yeah. Pidgeot, go!" shouted Ash. Pidgeot shot out of the card and attacked the Pidgey, easily beating it. "Return to your true form, pokémon card!" yelled Ash. Within seconds, the Pidgey had turned into a small blue card. "You have to write your name on the card." Said Pikachu, handing Ash a small pen. Ash wrote his name at the bottom of the card. Then, he put it inside the book along with Pidgeot, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Eevee, and Pikachu.
The next few weeks…

Ash was busy capturing new pokémon cards. Besides Pidgey, he had caught Gastly, Haunter, Krabby, Muk, Spearow, Abra, and Oddish. Pikachu was really proud of him. Ash had nicknamed pikachu Pika-chan and was forever hiding him from his mom. However, Ash's mom was starting to wonder why Ash spent so much time running around outside-not that it was unusual, of course, but he had stopped playing with the other kids his age. That was the strange part.

Ash ran through the tall grass, chasing a Butterfree and a Caterpie. "Pidgeot, Pidgey, Spearow, go!" Ash yelled. The three bird pokémon shot out of their cards and attacked the Butterfree and Caterpie, wounding them. "Return to your true forms, pokémon cards!" Ash cried, as they turned into energy and two blue cards appeared in his hands. Suddenly, Pika-chan tugged on his pant leg. "What?" asked Ash, looking slightly puzzled. Pika-chan pointed to Gary Oak, who was running towards them.
"Oh shoot." Said Ash. "Abra, teleport!" The little Abra came out of the card and teleported them back home. Gary stared. Did Ash have a psychic pokémon? If so, how did he catch it? Weren't trainers not allowed to have pokémon unless they had already started on their journey? How did Ash manage to catch one?

Ash wrote his name on his two newest cards and placed them inside the book. "You're doing a good job." Said Pika-chan. "If you catch 30 cards, than 1/5 of my original power will be restored. 60 cards is 2/5, 90 cards is 3/5, and so on." Ash nodded and went downstairs to have lunch.

Just as Ash finished eating, he heard the doorbell ring. There stood Professor Oak, looking very angry. Ash opened the door and let him in. A smirking Gary followed Professor Oak. Ash suddenly felt a sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach. This did not look good.

Professor Oak got straight to the point. "Ash, Gary tells me that you are hiding illegal pokémon in your house. Is that true?" Ash shook his head vehemently. "Are you sure? Gary says he saw you teleport. Do you have an Abra?" Ash shook his head again. "The only pokémon I have is Pika-chan, and she escaped from Team Rocket." Said Ash. Pika-chan came downstairs. Since she had wings, she looked like a mutated pokémon that could have escaped from Team Rocket.

"Does she know Teleport?" asked Professor Oak. Ash nodded as he crossed his fingers inside his pockets. "Very well Ash. You know that beginning trainers are usually not allowed to have pokémon unless they were gifts from their parents, but I'll let this slide because it was a pokémon that escaped from Team Rocket." Ash looked jubilated and Gary looked very sullen.

"Phew. That was close." Said Pika-chan. "I don't like this Gary person. He gives me the creeps." Ash nodded and picked up Pika-chan. "For staying quiet during the interrogation, how about if I give you a treat?" "Yay! Treats!" yelled Pika-chan, who loved food. Ash handed Pika-chan a container of chocolate pudding, which she dove into immediately.

Two days later…

Gary has been spying on Ash continuously, but since no pokémon cards have appeared yet, Gary hasn't found anything out. Just then, Gary saw Ash sneak out of his house. It was past midnight. What in the world was that loser doing out so late? Gary quietly followed. He saw Ash head for a clearing in the woods. Then, Ash reached for a key that was on a chain around his neck. It started to glow a soft golden color. Pikachu got out of the way. Ash closed his eyes and started chanting.

"Key that hides the power of the elements, reveal your true form before me! Your master under the seal of contract Ashura commands you, Release!" A golden magic circle formed under Ash's feet as the key around Ash's neck glowed and turned into a staff. "It's around here somewhere." Said Pika-chan. Gary was so freaked out that he nearly fell out of his tree. Fortunately, he didn't. "It's the Zubat card." Said Ash. Pika-chan nodded. Ash's eyes glowed faintly as he sensed where the magic was coming from. Finally, he looked at a cave that was not very far away.

Ash walked towards the cave, followed by Pika-chan, who was flitting around nervously. Gary followed them… he saw Ash walk into the cave. Just then, what seemed like millions of Zubats flew out of the cave, led by a gigantic Zubat. "There it is!" shouted Pika-chan. "Pikachu, go!" cried Ash, striking the card with his staff. A golden Pikachu shot out and thunder shocked the gigantic Zubat, knocking it out of the air. "Return to your true form, pokémon card!" yelled Ash. The Zubat shimmered for a moment, before turning into energy that reappeared as a small blue card. Gary was shocked. What kind of a person was Ash, anyways? He would confront Ash tomorrow.

Ash put the small card in his pocket and summoned a second card. Abra. Abra teleported them back home. Gary slowly walked back to his house. He decided to ask Professor Oak about this first thing in the morning. Until then…Ash had better watch his step, or else Gary would have something on him.

The next morning, Ash was sleeping soundly, on hand clutching his key. However, he has having a horrific nightmare. In the dream, Gary had stolen his key and pokémon cards. A huge Scyther stood over him, it's razor-sharp scythes ready to cut him to pieces. Ash closed his eyes and screamed…

Boom! A huge explosion woke Ash up from his nightmare. Pika-chan pointed outside the window. Ash rubbed his eyes and looked. There, standing in their backyard, was a humongous Electrode that looked like it was ready to use Explosion. "Oh no, what am I going to do?" cried Ash as he grabbed the key. "Release!" Ash threw on his clothes in a second and jumped on the window. "Pika-chan, do you know what's good against this card?" Pika-chan shook her head. "You don't have any ground, rock, or fighting types. I'm afraid you can't do anything."

"It's going to destroy my house! I have to do something!" shouted Ash. "Butterfree, go! Sleep Powder followed by Psychic." The attacks worked like a charm. The Electrode was fast asleep with its power half gone. Butterfree looked tired, so Ash called it back. "Eevee, go!" Eevee was a normal type, so it sand-attacked the Electrode to reduce its accuracy, followed by a rage tackle and a quick attack. "Return to your true form, pokémon card!" yelled Ash. In a second, the card appeared in Ash's hand. Ash quickly wrote his name on it and placed it inside the book.

Ash quickly turned his staff back into a key and snuck back into his house. Nobody else had heard the Explosion, since normal people couldn't sense pokémon cards. If they saw them they would just look like normal pokémon, albeit a bit bigger. His secret was safe for now. Or so he thought…

Two weeks had passed and Gary still had not confronted Ash with his secret. Gary hadn't seen Ash catch any more cards, but he was sure Ash was not just lying around. Gary had spent the past week trying to research pokémon cards, but he had only found one book, written by the great pokémon master 50 years ago, Red Oak, who stated that whoever became master of the pokémon cards would have a much greater chance of becoming pokémon league champion.

Gary had gasped when he had heard about this. That would mean Ash would have a much better chance of becoming pokémon master! But how? They were just cards, and you couldn't use them in battles, so what good would they be? No matter. Gary decided to tell his grandfather about this.

Professor Oak was shocked when he heard this. Ash was a pokémon card captor? But that was impossible, unless Ash had released the pokémon cards. The last time the Pokémon card book had been seen was over 100 years ago, in Johto. How could the book have migrated to Kanto without them knowing it? Just than, Professor Oak looked out the window. Ash was holding what looked like a runt Rattata in his hands. It looked very useless and Professor Oak wondered why Ash had it in the first place. Then, he gasped.

"Come on, Rattata." said Ash. The Rattata weakly growled before it turned into a small card, just like what Gary had described. Ash picked up the card and put it into his pocket. With this proof, Professor Oak decided to confront Ash. Gary and Professor Oak headed to Ash's house. Gary reached up and rang the doorbell.

Ash nearly fainted when he saw them outside his house again. What did they want now? Ash slowly walked downstairs and opened the door. Ash's mom had gone on a business trip to Vermillion city, so she wouldn't be back for another few weeks. "What do you want?" asked Ash. "I've very busy. I have lots of studying to do."

"We want to know how you got the pokémon cards." Said Gary. "It's unfair. You shouldn't be the only person allowed to have them. You don't deserve them!" Hearing this, Pika-chan, who had been carrying a tray of tea and cookies, dropped the tray. She rushed into the room in a rage. "You stupid human! I did not choose you to capture the pokémon cards! I am Pikachu, guardian of the Kanto card set! Ash was the one who woke me from my sleep when he scattered the cards! Only people who have magic and care deeply for pokémon can do that! I chose Ash to be the Card Captor because he was kind-hearted! I would never choose you!"

Gary and Professor Oak stared. Gary had heard Pika-chan talk before, but she had been quiet and calm, not in a rage like this. Professor Oak decided to try a different approach. "Well Ash, how did you get the cards?" "I found them in my father's study." Said Ash. "And I don't have to answer any of your questions. Leave me alone! Why do you care about pokémon cards anyways?"

Professor Oak frowned. "If you don't answer my questions, I won't let you start on your pokémon journey!" Ash gasped, since that had been his dream, but he could tell from the expression in Pika-chan's face that this was more important. "Fine. I will not answer your questions." Said Ash. "But I'm telling you to leave me alone." Hearing this, Gary tried to punch Ash, but Pika-chan fired a Fire Blast at him. Gary stared. "I thought the guardian wouldn't be able to attack." He mumbled weakly. Pika-chan grinned. "Since Ash has already captured 1/5 of the cards, I have gotten 1/5 of my power back."

"Well, I challenge you!" shouted Gary. "I'll use my grandfather's pokémon and you can use those stupid cards of yours. Whoever wins will be the new pokémon card captor!" Ash shook his head. "It doesn't work like that. The key of the pokémon is permanently bonded to me. You won't be able to use it. And pokémon cards can't be caught in poke balls. However, I will propose a different challenge. Whoever can capture Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres the quickest will be the new pokémon card master."

"Deal!" said Gary Oak. However, Professor Oak looked worried. Without any badges or trained pokémon, how was Gary going to accomplish this insane mission? Professor Oak sighed. He did want Gary to become the League Champion, but it would be unfair to Ash if he helped Gary. Still, Ash had that flying pikachu of his, so he supposed that it would be okay.

Meanwhile, Ash and Pika-chan just sat back and relaxed. Ash knew that the three legendary bird pokémon would not appear until right before the final judgment, where he would have to capture them. As for Gary, there was no way Gary would be able to capture the three legendary birds. Only the chosen one could do so without bringing destruction to this world, and Gary was definitely not the chosen one.

The next day…

Ash was busy chasing the Charizard card through the woods. He was riding on the back of Pidgeot, but Ash knew that he couldn't keep this up forever. Sooner or later, he would have to learn how to turn into that pokémon. Then he thought of the two cards he had found yesterday while cleaning his father's study. One had been Vileplume, which would be no good against Charizard, but the other one had been Aerodactyl. It was worth a try.

"Aerodactyl!" cried Ash as he struck the card with his staff. In an instant, he felt amazingly free. Ash had used the card on himself, instead of summoning the pokémon. Ash's wings beat quickly as he caught up with the Charizard card, which fired a Fire Blast at him. Ash fired a Hyper Beam at the Charizard, which took it out. Then, the staff, which had turned back into the key, glowed faintly gold. The Charizard turned back into a card, which flew into Ash's subspace pocket. Then, Ash de-transformed as the effects of the Aerodactyl card wore off.

"I'm impressed." Said Pika-chan. "You managed to take out the second strongest fire pokémon, Charizard, as an Aerodactyl. And it was your first time turning into a pokémon too! I definitely did not make a mistake when I chose you to be the Card Captor." Ash smiled as he patted Pika-chan on the head and headed home.

Elsewhere, Professor Oak was busy trying to teach Gary how to battle. Gary was failing rather miserably. He had sent Charizard out against Blastoise, and Dugtrio out against Venusaur. Professor Oak was very displeased. "Gary, haven't I told you about element strengths and weaknesses? Pay attention!" Gary sighed as he recalled Dugtrio. Professor Oak was glad that Gary hadn't started out on his pokémon journey yet. Otherwise, Gary would be in mounds of trouble.

Six months later…

Gary's progress at pokémon had dramatically improved. Professor Oak decided that he was ready to take the legendary birds on. He took Gary to the Seafoam Islands first, to try his skill against Articuno. Gary's pokémon team consisted of Charizard, Blastoise, Venusaur, Rhydon, Alakazam, and Pidgeot. That would take out just about every type of pokémon. Gary slowly made his way through the winding Ice caverns, running into Psyducks, Krabbys, Staryus, and Seels. He was getting very annoyed.

Ash leapt through the air as he felt his transformation take place. Articuno, the first of the legendary pokémon he had to capture, had appeared. He had managed to lure it away from Pallet, but it was quickly gaining on him. Ash had been using the Rapidash card, but he was tired of running away now. "Charizard!" yelled Ash. He flew into the air and shot out a mighty Fire Blast at the Articuno, which singed it. The Articuno countered by using Blizzard. (Fire Spin) said Ash as he surrounded it with flames so it couldn't run away, followed by a flamethrower. Finally, the Articuno fell out of the sky. Ash's key glowed and Articuno turned back into card form.

Ash dropped to the ground, exhausted. Pika-chan flew over to him. "Are you okay?" asked Pika-chan. Ash nodded and fell over. Pika-chan sighed and slowly dragged him home. Fighting a legendary took lots of magical energy, and Ash, even though his powers had greatly improved, would still feel drained.

Gary had finally made it through the maze. Then he frowned. He would have to surf across the channel before he could reach Articuno. Gary sent out Blastoise and started surfing across the channel. When he was a few yards away from Articuno, It suddenly ice beamed Blastoise. Gary had not been expecting this and he fell into the water. He swam to shore and sent out Charizard to take care of it. Charizard use flamethrower on Articuno, which burned it. Articuno countered with Blizzard, so Charizard was frozen solid. Starting to get desperate, Gary threw out Venusaur, Rhydon, Alakazam, and Pidgeot at the same time. Articuno's Blizzard took out Venusaur and Rhydon, but Alakazam and Pidgeot were left. Gary decided to try a combination attack. "Alakazam, Psychic! Pidgeot, Whirlwind!" Articuno was slammed into a wall, but managed to faint Alakazam before it toppled over. "All right! Ultra ball, go!" shouted Gary. He smirked. He had captured Articuno, and that was good enough for him. He couldn't wait to show Ash.

Ash was napping when he was awakened by Pika-chan. "Pika, pika, pikachu! (Zapdos is outside!)" Pika-chan yelled. Ash immediately jumped off the couch. "Release!" he cried, activating his staff. "Articuno!" Ash immediately transformed into Articuno. (Blizzard) he whispered softly. The blizzard hit Zapdos dead-on. Ash de-transformed and turned Zapdos back into a card. He laughed silently. Gary was definitely not this quick in capturing the real pokémon.

Gary was wandering through the wilderness beyond Cerulean. Supposedly, Zapdos lived here in an abandoned power plant. Still, he hadn't found the power plant yet and wasn't even sure that it actually existed. Gary sighed and called Professor Oak. "I caught Articuno!" he crowed triumphantly. However, Professor Oak did not look happy. "Gary, you had better hurry. Ash has already caught Zapdos and Articuno." "What?!" shouted Gary. "How could he beat me?!" Professor Oak shrugged and hung up.
Gary was fuming. How could that loser beat him? He decided to find Zapdos as soon as possible, no matter what it took. With that thought in mind, he headed through the tall grass.

Ash was standing on top of a building. He could sense Moltres' presence around here somewhere. He just wasn't sure where. Just than, he saw faint shimmers in the distance. Ash frowned. Moltres was in a bad mood because all his siblings had been captured. Ash pulled out a different card and activated it. "Aerodactyl!" Ash stealthily flew through the dusky night air until he spotted Moltres. (Hyper Beam) he said. This trick had worked on Charizard, and he was pretty sure it would work here, too. Moltres was taken by surprise and fell out of the sky. It looked like it was about to crash. Ash quickly flew towards it and caught it with his claws, dragging it to safety.

(Why?) The Moltres asked, looking at Ash in puzzlement. (I was trying to burn down your hometown and yet you rescued me.) Ash de-transformed and stood in front of the legendary titan of fire. "Because I love all the cards, and I don't want any of them to get hurt, not even the wild ones." He said. Moltres stared at him. Then, it turned into a blue card. The last card in the set. It was finally over.

Pika-chan ran over to Ash's side. "You caught the last card!" she cried. Ash nodded as Pika-chan handed him the pen. "You will now have to face the final judgment." Said Pika-chan. Ash nodded as he wrote his name at the bottom of the card.

Pika-chan transformed back into her real form, a slender, winged pikachu that was 5 feet tall. Suddenly, Gary Oak appeared in front of them. His eyes were totally blank.

Gray wings appeared and wrapped around Gary's figure. When they opened up again, Gary was gone. In its place was Mewtwo, the last pokémon. (Author's note: This is just Mewtwo with a pair of wings.) "I am the final judgment maker, Mewtwo." Said Gary-turned-Mewtwo. "I will now determine whether the candidate, chosen by decision maker Pikachu, is worthy of being our master!"

Mewtwo flew up as it was silhouetted against the moon. It opened its mouth and shot a devastating Psychic attack at Ash. "Rapidash!" yelled Ash, turning into the fastest pokémon in existence and avoiding the attack. He countered with a Fire Blast. Mewtwo looked slightly impressed as it let out a disable attack this time. Ash writhed in pain but could not move. Mewtwo laughed. "See, you are not worthy of being out master! Prepare to die!" Ash closed his eyes and silently bid good-bye to Pika-chan and all the pokémon he had worked so hard to capture. Then, he opened his eyes to find that he was free. What had happened?

Ash looked at himself and gasped. He had transformed into Destiny! He didn't know how it had happened, but that didn't matter. "Thunder Freeze!" he yelled, freezing Mewtwo in a solid block of ice. Mewtwo had no choice but to surrender. "What final judgment." He muttered. "Pika-chan was instructed to pick out the candidate who was the most powerful and cared for pokémon the most. Of course, only one person fit that description. The others were either too weak or too uncaring. You!" Ash stared at Mewtwo, who bowed. "You are now the new pokémon card master." Said Mewtwo. Ash smiled and cheered, along with all of his cards. "I don't want you to have to be my guardian." Said Ash. "Let's be friends." Mewtwo looked puzzled, but smiled back timidly.

Suddenly, Ash noticed something glowing faintly on his chest. He picked it up as it solidified into a card. "Destiny?" asked Ash. Pika-chan nodded. "This is a new card, created by your magic combined with your hope, courage, and love. That enabled you to turn into your real form without having to use your amulet. From now on, you will not have to use your amulet to transform." Ash looked extremely happy.

Gary awoke feeling very dizzy. He saw Ash standing near him, looking worried. "Gary, are you all right?" asked Ash. Gary growled and pulled himself up. "I'm fine!" he snapped. Ash sighed. "Mewtwo, can I talk to you for a minute?" Gary's body was enveloped by the wings and turned into Mewtwo. "Yes?" asked Mewtwo. "I wish you would leave Gary's body and become a card." Said Ash. Mewtwo looked at Pika-chan, who nodded. It closed its eyes and transformed into a new card. Then, Gary revived. He saw Ash holding a pokémon card and suddenly remembered their bet.

"Hey Ash, I caught Articuno and Zapdos!" shouted Gary. Ash looked unconcerned. "Too bad, Gary. I've already passed the Final Judgment and become the pokémon card master." "What?!" "Yep. Too bad for you, Gary." Said Ash. He looked positively smug. "Grrrrrr. I'll get revenge, just you wait!" shouted Gary. Ash just looked unconcerned and walked away.

The end-Until part 2
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