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Okay, on to the other stuff. I do not own pokémon. (Did you think I did?) I only own Destiny, other new pokémon, new attacks, the pokémon cards. If you use new attacks/pokémon without my permission, I will flame you! So Gary is dead, Gizelle was dead but came back to life and is currently in trouble. Ashura has a new form, a new staff, and a new deck of cards. What happens now?

Gizelle sniffled and backed as far away from Ashura as possible, who glanced at her with a strange look in his eyes. "Now you will receive your due!" shouted Ashura. Gizelle backed away again and closed her eyes. Ashura slowly smiled, as Gizelle turned pale. Just then, pure black magic shot from his staff and surrounded her. When the light cleared, there was nothing left. Ashura laughed. "I love that move. Time Warp completion." Serebii smiled also and purred. (If you can imagine that.)
Ashura's next target was Professor Oak. It was he who had helped Gary capture Ash's siblings, Articuno and Zapdos. He had also refused to give Ashura his license after he found out that Ashura was the pokémon card captor. He had become even more indignant when Ashura had become Card Master. Later, he had even bailed Gary out of jail and cared for his pokémon. He had even provided Gary with brand new rare pokémon! That was enough to drive Ashura up the wall.
Ashura floated above the fence around Oak's lab. He smiled as he stared at all the pokémon that lived there. Most of them were sleeping, except for a few nocturnal pokémon. Ashura quickly pulled his staff out from behind his back and sent a powerful blast of fire at all the security cameras, melting them to nothing.
Professor Oak looked up startled, as all his security screens turned red-orange. Just then, he wrinkled his nose. He smelled smoke! Was something burning? Professor Oak ran outside as he watched with horror. Many of the fences were in flames and wild pokémon were running around all over the place! He was about to search for the source of the commotion when he spotted a figure in the shadows.
Professor Oak stared as the figure stepped out of the shadows. "Ash?" he asked. Ashura regarded him coolly with golden eyes. "No. Ash is dead." He said. "Then who are you?" asked Professor Oak. "I refuse to answer that question! All you need to know is that I have a grudge against you! Articuno, Zapdos, go!" The two legendary birds commenced attacking Professor Oak with much enthusiasm, since he had tried to experiment on them.
In a few minutes, there was a frozen and badly zapped Professor Oak lying in a puddle of blood. He was dead. Ashura quietly spread his wings and transformed back into Destiny. Soon, he was back in his lair on Ice Island. "Orange League, Aqua League, Johto League. Maybe I should try the Indigo League as well." Ash considered that for a moment, before deciding against it. After all, he would probably scare them to death if he showed up. (Come on, I already had Ash fight in the indigo league in Final Test! Too many people use this one!)
From then on, Ashura's life was good. Now he didn't need anybody. He only needed Pika-chan and all of his pokémon and cards. He didn't expect anyone else to come after him. All in all, life was fine, and nobody was bothering him, so he just stayed away from everybody else.

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