not percico i'm too hardcore solangelo sorry. inspired slightly by How Long by Charlie Puth (spotify decides it wants to keep playing it over and over again, so it's stuck in my head). also, this is really crappy because i haven't done poetry in a while, so sorry about that

these words

mean nothing

none of your words

mean anything


from your lips

come birds, soaring in flight

his heart does flips

do you not hear his plight?


save your apologies

swooping gulls carry words that are dull

we are nothing but mythologies

he does not tell you his words are null


save your apologies.

no —

on second thought,

i want to hear you say

you're sorry


why are you happy?

he slashes knives through your skin

when my life was left crappy

you'd thought he was your kin

you are a hero

you think it's getting better

your promises are worth zero

it gets worse with every letter



tell him

what he


to hear


tell me you meant it


you do not know

this time the words flow

i don't know. i'm sorry


save your apologies,

he says simply.

they are