*Author's Note: Greetings. This will be my contribution to CastleHalloweenBash2017. It will be similar to my story, THE HAUNTING, in writing style, focusing on narration over dialogue, as well as having short chapters, approximately 500+ words in length, sometimes longer depending on the chapter's content. Hope you all enjoy the ride.


Part 1 – The Apartment

The apartment was amazing. When the realtor first walked her through it, Kate Beckett immediately fell in love with the custom office, surrounded by open bookshelves, that then led into an elegant master bedroom with an ensuite bathroom that had a large tub and a separate shower in the corner, both of which were sinfully luxurious. Kate had a thing for soaking leisurely in a bath, so it was nice that it wasn't one of those shower-tub combinations. And though she didn't have much time to cook with her busy work schedule, she simply adored the kitchen with its granite island countertop.

The apartment was simply stunning. However, no matter how much she loved the place, she knew she could never afford it. Nonetheless, she made an offer. With her salary, there was no way she'd match any other offers, but she couldn't help herself. Kate spent the next month continuing her hunt for a new apartment, all the while dreaming of moving into the loft on Broome Street, even though she knew such an event was highly unlikely.

While Kate was in-between places, she was crashing at her best friend's place. Lanie was a great friend, but living together just wasn't working, especially when it hampered their love lives. Not that Kate had much of a love life at the moment. Last summer, her ex-boyfriend, FBI Agent Will Sorenson, had returned to New York, and for a while—a very short while—she gave it another shot. However, it didn't take too long to remember why they'd broken up in the first place.

Then, just a couple of months ago, Kate had been seeing a detective from the robbery division. It was a short-lived romance. Tom was a nice guy, but he really wasn't what she was looking for. The sex had been better than good, but beyond that she just didn't find the relationship that exciting. There was no spark, no surprises. In truth, except for their initial attraction, their relationship had been rather dull. And that was because Tom Demming was a safe bet. Kate had thought she needed that after Will, but after two months, she realized it wasn't.

And then came the stalker case. Kate had been working some pretty high profile cases as of late, which resulted in her appearing more frequently in the newspapers. A sociopath named Scott Dunn became obsessed with her. He wanted to challenge her to a battle of wits. His game became so extreme that the FBI came in to assist. He was a slippery bastard. He tricked them with a patsy, and then rigged her apartment to explode. Needless to say, she survived and eventually arrested his ass.

All this had culminated in her needing to find a new place to live.

It had been nearly three months since Kate had first gone through a walkthrough of the available loft in the building on Broome Street and had made her meager offer, when she got a call from her realtor. Her offer had been accepted. She was stunned. Surely someone else would have made a better offer than her. Her realtor informed Kate that hers had been the only offer. Yet despite her bafflement over the situation, she wasn't one to look a gift horse in the mouth.

So, she got the apartment. And with the help of her friends, she moved in two days after the lease was signed.

And later that night, with boxes still stacked and unopened in both the living room and office, Kate Beckett fell asleep with a smile on her face. Everything was perfect.