Title: The Innocent Death Eater

Summary: Danny (Danielle) is a Death Eater. The youngest one, at age 12. She gets caught and saved by James Potter. He is the only one who trusts her. He is the only one who is right about her. He cares for her until her trial, which will decide if she goes to Azkaban or if she goes to a foster home until her Dad comes home. Then, her life is pulled apart, even more so. Only one person cares. James Potter.

Notes: This is not one of those Evil girl, Good guy fics in which they fall in love. That would be gross. A 12 year old and a 24 year old? Ewwwww! This is AU; cause James and Lily lives along with Harry. James, Sirius and Remus are Aurors. Peter isn't there. Never was, never will be. I guess that's all. Oh yea, please, please, please review!

Disclaimer: I only own the plot and Dan and I suppose her father but he doesn't show up, he's only talked about.


Chapter One: Danny
Dan ran through the trees and climbed up a huge tree because she was put down for lookout. She saw the others down below. She fastened the mask and pulled the hood up. She clutched at her Dark Mark, which was burning. Voldemort appeared and he began to talk. They were planning to attack a Muggle Boarding School. Dan squinted. Was that someone moving in the trees? Oh, dear god, please, don't let it be Aurors. Please be an animal. She prayed silently for she would have a slim chance if escaping because she couldn't apparate. After all, she was only 12. Her heart sank as she saw Aurors appear. She leaped down from her perch and ran into the circle of Death Eaters. She interrupted Voldemort and said "My Lord, Aurors, coming this way!" He nodded and everyone apparated and Dan took off through the trees.

She heard a shout and knew she had been spotted. She kept running. She looked behind her and saw 3 forms after her. She ducked a spell and tried to circle around them. Apparently they knew that, because one was waiting for her. He tackled her and landed on top of her. She fought him screaming, "Let me go!" over and over. The others came over, breathless. She saw those two had black hair and looked like brothers, except one of them had glasses and his hair was very messy. Another had blonde hair, like hers. The one pinning her down got up while keeping a vice-like grip around her wrist. She fought him and the one without glasses pointed his wand at her and she fell to the ground, tied up.

The other one (James) reached for her hood and pulled it back revealing her blonde braid and pulled the mask off, showing her face. He gasped when he saw it was a little girl. He pulled her to her feet and said "Merlin, they get younger and younger every time. How old are you kid?" She said "12." The Aurors looked at each other, they plainly weren't expecting that. He untied her legs so she could walk and steered her over to Moody, questioning her the whole way.

"What's your name?"

"Danielle Davis."

"Where do you go to school?"


"What year and house?"

"Second and Gryffindor."

At this point, they had reached Moody. He reached for her to take her to Azkaban but James spoke up. "Moody, she shouldn't go to Azkaban. She is only 12. It'd kill her."

"She's a Death Eater, Isn't she?"

"Yes, but I seriously doubt she's very dangerous. It didn't take long for Remus, Sirius and I too get her."

"What do you suggest, Potter?"

"Let her stay with me. Lily and I have a guest room and we can put charms on it and such. Her lessons could be owled to her then she wouldn't fall behind."

"Well . . . I suppose, as long as you follow some rules."

"Sure. What are they?"

"Let Lily take care of the charms, don't get tricked by her and don't trust her."

"Sure thing."

Moody nodded and James wrapped his arms around Danny and apparated to his house. Sirius and Remus followed. They heard a voice call out "James? Is that you?"