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Time passed slowly, at least to Danny. She spent her days doing schoolwork Dumbledore would secretly mail to her. A food tray would appear at 8 am, 2 pm, and 7 pm. Once she finished, it would disappear. At 8, James would come with her mail and the Daily Prophet.

Danny looked up when she heard someone coming. It was way too early for anyone to visit, except Harry and it wasn't his footsteps, it was either James or Sirius. The door opened. It was James. He looked somber.

He sat on the bed next to her and said "Danny, I'm afraid I have very bad news. Your father's plane is lost. The last report from him said his fuel was running low and he was going to land that night. That was a week ago." Danny said, trying to find a way he could be alive "But they didn't find him! He could still be alive!" James shook his head sadly "He was flying over the ocean. There was no place for him to land." "Light and water." Danny said remembering. She began to cry.

James thought for a minute. He had been warned to get close to her, but the poor thing's father had died. . . He put an arm around her and consoled her as she cried, her tears soaking his robes.

A month later, it was time for the trial. James took her into the courtroom. She sat down and the chains locked themselves around her arms. She was questioned.

"You're a death eater, are you not?"

"Yes, I am."

"And you're loyal to You-Know-Who?"

"Kinda. I didn't spy, but I hated You-Know-Who."

"How many people did you kill?"

"None. I couldn't kill."

"How many people did you betray?"


The minister scowled and called James as a witness. James basically said "She has never shown any signs of violence and was perfectly nice to me and my family. I would trust her with my life." The minister nodded and said "Those in favor of clearing the witness of all charges?"

To be continued.

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