Ajuka Beelzebub sat at his work bench, fiddling with yet another one of his inventions, trying to unwind after coming back from a meeting. Most of the people from the old devil faction had been getting on his and Serafall cases again for not taking their roles as Satans seriously, saying that they needed to keep up their political stations more and stop doing things that disturbed other devils.

The simple problem was that Serafall and Ajuka were both rather odd by devil standards. Serafall was obsessed with being a hero of love and justice, while Ajuka himself preferred to create things rather than destroy. Things that most of the older devil families saw as distasteful, even if they did gladly reap the benefits of the two's work.

Ajuka didn't care what anyone said, even Sirzechs couldn't make him give up his lab. He would never stop his exploration of what was possible.

However, he was so wrapped up in his current project, he didn't realize he wasn't alone until a pair of hands slide over his eyes. "Guess who?" The voice of a young child whispered in his ear.

"Yuri, how did you get into my lab." Ajuka said flatly, turning his head to see his niece flouting behind him, her little devil wings spread wide. It was a damn good questions, considering he housed his lab in an entirely separate dimensional space that he himself had created. No one should have been able to enter without his say so.

Little Yuri smirked at him before holding out one hand towards him. "What will you give me?" She asked the man. Ajuka stared at her, trying to keep his face straight, something made difficult by how much his niece looked like a mini Serafall, with her long black hair pulled up into two ponytails. The hair style wasn't entirely the same since a good deal of her hair still went down her back in a normal fashion, but Ajuka often worried that Yuri was modeling herself after the 'magical girl', no matter how much she insisted she wasn't. "Come on Uncle, you know how it is, if you want information from someone of the Astaroth clan, you need to give them something first."

A small smile crept up onto the man's face. "You little devil." He said pulling out a box from his table side. "Happy birthday." He said holding out the box to her. He was going to have given it too her later, since it was her tenth birthday, but he saw how much she was looking forward to it. Which was why when his little princess reached out to take it he pulled his hands back. "Hold on, first, tell me how you got in?"

Yuri scowled at her Uncle. "You're holding my birthday present hostage! You meanie!" The ten year old girl shouted at Ajuka who only smirked in response. Yuri looked from her uncle to the box and back again before grumbling and taking something out of her pocket, throwing it to the Satan who caught it in midair.

It was a ring, runes covered the inside of it and four carefully shaped quarts stones sat on its surface. Ajuka's magic analyzed the ring, identifying the materials that made it and deciphering its purpose. "Impressive. You created a dimensional bubble of your own and then dissolved the wall where the two boundaries met." He said, handing the girl her present as he continued to study the ring she had made.

It was a remarkable thing that the girl had made. Not beyond what some of the older devils could do, but unbelievable for a child who only just turned ten years old. Yes members of the Astaroth clan had magic which allowed them to gather knowledge at an accelerated rate, so that they often could achieve a college degree by the time most people would be moving on to middle school, but Yuri was a genius even by those unreal standards. How long would it be before her knowledge and skills matched Ajuka's own?

Just like Sirzechs, Ajuka was recognized as a Super Devil because he could meet a small army of Ultimate Class Devils by himself and completely destroy them. Though unlike his friend and rival his abilities had more to do with his understanding of magic rather than pure brut force. There was little doubt in the mans mind that someday his niece would surpass even him. The thought was as happy as it was terrifying.

"Oh! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I'll make sure to make good use out of them!" Yuri shouted, jumping up and wrapping her arms around her uncle's neck, distracting him from his study of her work.

"Yes, I'm sure you will." Ajuka said as he patted the girl's head. Her present was lying open on the table and the green haired Satan could see the eerie glow of demonic energy coming from the box that contained his nieces new evil pieces. Though rather than glowing the dark crimson of most, these evil pieces gave off a deep indigo color. That was because each and every one of them was a mutated piece.

Mutated pieces were something off a rarity among the evil pieces, most of them just spontaneously becoming mutated some time after they had already been implanted in their first host. Afterwards, the pieces would be roughly five times as powerful as before. No one really understood how it worked... except for Ajuka, the one who had made the evil piece system in the first place.

Sirzechs was going to yell at him later about how a Satan was not supposed to play favorites, but Ajuka didn't care. He wasn't going to be like the crimson haired man who gave his own wife a job as a maid just to dissuade the notion that she was getting special treatment for being married to him. Ajuka was going to make sure his niece got every advantage he could give her. Besides, once they were actually used, it would be hard for anyone to tell that they were even mutated.

"I've got to go now, uncle. My party is this weekend, you better be there." The little girl said a bit forcefully.

"I'll make sure to be." Ajuka said with a slight smile.

"I'll hold you to that." She said, giving him one last hug before grabbing her present and starting to run off. It was only then that Ajuka released that she had swiped the ring back while he was distracted.

"That little devil." He said with a laugh before turning back to his inventions.

Leaving the Satan's dimensional space, the reincarnated Rin held up the shiny blue queen's piece in front of her, hardly able to contain her excitement. "It's time to get the old band back together."

I'm having a short prologue/backstory for each of the three before the story starts for real. The previous chapter is the pre-prologue.

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