Taking the Mantle

"Kal come back to bed..." The sweet sleepy words of his tired wife came from the room behind him. It was only a whisper, but with his sort of hearing, he didn't have any trouble. The broad chested well built man walked back into their shared room from the balcony of the cheap hotel in the UN occupied district of Sierra Leone.

He sat at the edge of their bed and hunched. He felt the shift of sheets and the warm hands of his wife encircle him and lock at his abdomen. "What bothers you my love?" Her voice was laced in a mixture of concern and passion. The love of his life is a passionate creature who always made sure that he acknowledged that fire of hers. They had a busy night, which was clearly evident from the way of her dressing. A large white full sleeve shirt that belonged to him. There were hickies all over her body, her neck, the unbuttoned top chest, on her long lucious legs. They were fading fast, but will need a little over an hour.

"Are diamonds really worth killing?" He asked quietly.

"Nothing materialistic ever is..." He felt her sigh on his shoulder. Her red full lips and nose pressed firmly against the crook of his neck as she breathed in his scent. "But it is human nature beloved." She said before giving a tender bite on his earlobe and then trailing kisses down his neck in soft sensuous movements.

"I wish we could do something." He felt her warm hands mould against his shoulders. Softly massaging. God, this woman turned him with the simplest of actions.

Her soft mounds were pressed against his back now. "We are." She heard him groan. "You bring them and their pain to light with your words." She knew her words and actions were blowing his mind up.

He gasped when he felt her hands travel down his chiseled chest. "I know...and as long as you are with me-" He didn't get to finish his sentence as in a swift move of her knees and arms, she now straddled him. Her shirt covered chest pressed firmly against his naked torso and her lips hungrily devoured his. Their thoughts melted into one.

They were both exiles , met due to Fate. They were each others. Diana grounded her naked bottom on his lap. Her legs wrapped around his waist and locked behind him. Her moist core pressed against his hardened member that was covered by his trunks. She held his shoulders and leaned back, his fingers dug into her wide hips, holding her from falling. Her eyes were half lidded as she let out a moan with her bottom lips between her pearly teeth.

"Boxers off. Now." She demanded with a low growl in her throat and she pushed him down on to their single coat bed.

"I can't believe this...Oh..." He groaned at the bossy way she relieved him of his last clothing. "Is this really my innocent Amazon Princess who was nervous of her first time." He teased as he moved his hands all over her until they settled on her curvy round bottom.

She moaned in approval before giving him a half-hearted glare. "If it is a tease you want, husband, I recall a Kryptonian virgin stuttering when I asked him to bed me, what was it again...ah yes, we should wait." She placed her lips on his Adams apple and trailed down for a second before capturing his lips once again. Her hair curtained them. "We have five hours from heading out. In your patriarchal words, screw my brains out!" She whispered on his lips as she stared into his cerulean blues with her oceanic ones.

With a simple jerk, he pinned her underneath him. He started his assault from her mouth. His lips bruised hers in a passionate fire. Her arms circled his neck tightly and further pressed into him. When he pulled back, she followed him until he pushed her back down and undid the two buttons she had put on his shirt. No matter how many times he has seen her, his heart still went to his throat when he sees her beautiful sun kissed breasts spill freely.

He grabbed her mounds and fondled them before dipping down and burying his nose between the valley. "Kal..." She gasped out. "No more foreplay!" She managed but the bucking of her hips clearly showed him what she wanted. He was too obliged.

He placed the tip at her entrance and with a grunt he pushed into her. Diana arched up, holding onto his neck as she felt herself gushing sweetly below where they joined. Her body arched again, her eyes threaten to roll back as she felt him pull back and give a heavy thrust. The need was raw. And their will to hold on was brittle. He struck deep and stayed buried, holding her close as they rode out their orgasms.

They panted heavily with a thick sheet of sweat that drenched his shirt that she wore. "We couldn't even last one minute...this must be our most shortest one." Diana moaned out as he kissed her neck once again.

"Well we both wanted it fast. And something tells me we would have been bad lovers were it anymore else." Clark grunted as he felt himself pulse inside her and release the last if his load.

"I think you wouldn't have minded." She spoke snidely, her flushed face turned away as she lay underneath him.

"What's that supposed to mean?" He pulled back and stared at her scowling face. That was fast. Then it clicked. "Oh great, throw that in my face." He spoke sarcastically.

"I wasn't throwing anything on your face." She played ignorant.

He grabbed the sides of her beautiful face and turned it to look at him. "Hey, it was Aphrodite that tried to rape me!"

Her blue eyes flamed and she snorted. "Rape you? I hardly doubt you would have stopped if it weren't for Martha relieving me to leave early."

"She was using your form woman!" He exclaimed. "She had everything in sync with you expect for one thing!"

"Oh what was that?" She raised a brow disbelievingly

"My heart Diana...you cut it out of me painfully from the moment we met. I already broke of her charm. She told that herself to you, she had to use magic to make me see the illusion." Honest eyes filled with emotions stared deeply into hers.

"You are a very clever man. My mother and sisters always warned me of ones like you. With those cloudy eyes and that dimples, you are just going to run me mad if I stay furious at you." She felt him harden inside her. She had a sluty smile on her face as he held her and began to unleash his aggression into her. She writhed under him, all the while grinning smugly. It was aimed at none other than her beauty's patron.

It was nearly time to rise up, the sun was up and the streets came to life. People stumbling, bargaining and begging. He could hear everything, but he never listened to any of it.

"I can't share you with the world Kal. You are mine alone." She pressed herself firmly against him, her leg draped over his waist drawing circles on his taut chest.

He sensed her worry and tightened his hold on her and buried his nose into her hair. Sex hair, he might add. "Aye. Neither can I...If it weren't for my parents, I would have found a way to take you to somewhere isolated and spend eternity over there." He seductively whispered as his free hand went down her sides, her hips and took a hold of her ass.

"You senile brute!" She hissed in mock outrage. "You dare dream on kidnapping a Princess?" She was on top of him, straddling him once again, with mock scowl. Her palms planted firmly on his chest.

"Oh it's going to be more than just kidnapping, your majesty." His hands crept up her thighs.

She shuddered lightly, biting her lips before scowling again. "Fiend! You have corrupted the Princess! Speak the truth, what do you intend to do with her?" Diana managed a straight face.

He brought his hand to his chin in thought. "Well it mostly involves her wearing nothing."

"Scum! What do you intend after?!" She tried to keep a straight face.

"Me touching her...a lot?" He gave her plump bubble butt a squeeze.

She moaned again. "Touching where? Be specific scum!"

He smirked and traced his index finger over her bare breasts, gently fondling them before making a quick shift to the side. "Here!" She gasped when he turned her over, pinning her underneath him and tickled her mercilessly.

"You stupid arrogant sexist man! When I get my way with you..." She trailed a string of curses between fits of laughter.

After a few minutes, she finally submitted. "You got yourself a potty mouth Di." Clark smugly said. There was a moment of silence before she untangled herself and climbed over him. She kissed him lightly before trailing down his throat, chest and abdomen.

"I don't see you complaining when I am using it." All he did was groan.

It was mid afternoon when they finally managed to get out of the shower...clean. "Mr. And Mrs. Kent, this way sirs." A black native guide ushered them through the camp. There was poverty, starvation and diseases blanketing the UN aided refugee camp. Diana wore a blue fit jeans that reached till a couple inches above her ankle and hugged her curves. For the top she wore a dull cream shirt over which she had a khaki jacket, a light brown scarf on her . In her hand was a DSLR. Her eyes went from woman to child. There were no men. Either they were all dead or they were kept out for security reasons as she saw many outside the fences.

She stopped walking to look at the scene that unfolded at the side. A mother holding an infant and a young daughter sitting at the side. What caughher was the stare the woman gave her. There was no fear, there was no care. Void. Unresponsive. She sat there, her eyes penetrating the Amazon through her glasses. Moving on autopilot, Diana clicked the moment. She walked again. She knew Clark saw the whole scene. But she also knew he will not drape his hands over her shoulder and soothe her, he knew better. He knew she could handle. She had a mission here. To assist her husband in bringing this to the eyes of the world, to let those that want a giant rock know the price.

"Harry, I heard you are from South Africa. A school teacher. Then why come here?" She heard her husband make conversation.

"My wife. She from Freetown Mr. Kent. She's like you. Reporter." The man gave a broad smile.

"Oh, but-" Before Clark could ask he spoke.

"She died saving children from a school attacked by RUF. She fell under under it." He spoke with a little saddened voice. "But I can't feel sad Mr. Kent. Maria stood for something great. Hope. Because of her, there are three brilliant students studying in that school over there." He pointed at another side. "She'll live through them. And I make sure they become great people like her." He had a bigger smile.

Clark stopped from saying sorry. Instead he gave a smile and an understanding nod. "Well good luck with that, Harry."

They continued through the overpopulated colony of refugees. They were looking for a specific few who escaped from the militant controlled diamond mines and brothels. Most were middle aged folks and girls under fifteen. The couple wasn't sure of getting much, but with their resources(powers), all they needed was a tip. The children doesn't necessarily need to speak, all Clark needed was a whiff of smell. Blood, spit and semen. Rape. He would track down the location and give the information to the UN troops available. Diana took over that, she would let her wisdom and love to comfort them and give them hope to continue.

"So you been married many times, Mr. Kent?" George, their escort, a good natured resident of the camp's utility unit asked curiously.

Diana snickered at this. "No George. A girl trapped me before I could explore." He said, sighing in mock disappointment. "Hey!" He felt the sting of her punch on his shoulder.

"Hmm strange. Mr. Rick, our doctor comes from Maan-hattan. His wife is his fifth one." George informed honestly.

Clark gave a smile and put his arm around George's shoulder. "Not all of us have to do that. If you find the right one, you'll be stuck with them forever." He once again felt a punch land on his shoulder, this one a little harder, making him wince, but still the goofy smile was broad. Diana gave a Huff and stomped off faster.

"I am confused." George blinked at the woman who walked in front of them.

"We all are." Clark chuckled as he watched her storming off a few steps ahead. A smile tugged at the corner of his lips. "But one thing is clear as day. If you find her, never let her go." He knew she heard it and the jump in her heartbeat.

This was the fifth day of their travel as investigative journalists. The last stage of their objective here would happen here. United Nations Mission in Sierra Leone, the board read. Guarded heavily by Sikhs from the Indian Army, the compound was well protected in the Capital city from all attacks. They cleared the security check and made their way in.

They walked steadily, following the staff member to a small office in the middle of several other small rooms. Inside were two guest chairs and a table, on which stacks of papers and folders were kept, behind it was an empty rotating chair. "Please wait, Colonel Hamid will be here shortly." The man spoke with tiredness in his voice, no doubt the stress catching on. The couple nodded and gave their thanks and sat down.

"Everything is checked?" Diana enquired with a calculating tone.

"Double." Clark responded with equal harsh passiveness. Gone were their expressive eyes; these were a pair of logic driven Kryptonian and a master warrior with the wisdom of Athena. "The files are all fresh and up to date. I have got the names and backgrounds of our informants validated. At most they will only be questioned after the actions are taken."

Diana gave a nod. "Moreover we have Abdul on our side."

"Did someone say my name?" There was a tired yet pleasant natured voice that came from behind them and for normalcy's sake, both turned around in surprise before getting up. They smiled widely as a hulking man, near to Clark's size, wearing green forest camo army uniform and a blue beret cap tucked on his shoulder walk in to the tiny cramped up room. He switched the tiny fan on and stepped closer to the couple. He gave a warm hug to Diana who returned it and upon pulling back kissed him on his cheek.

"Abu, it's great to see you. You look well." The Amazon smiled as he stepped back and nodded with a smile. His black hair was kept short and his face kept clean. His dark eyes turned to the other man in the room and gave an equally big smile.

"Clark, you are still not thinking she's way out of your league, are you?" He questioned with mock seriousness as he gave a manly hug to him.

"Gee...throw that at me the first chance you get, Abu." Clark spoke dryly, but his smile never left. "It was in utter confidence I told you." He glared at the man while his wife amusedly looked at them bickering.

"Do you want anything to drink?" Abdul asked as he went around the table and sat down on his designated chair, the others following suit.

"No. Thank you." Diana politely declined.

"I am good." Clark held the bag close. "Hows uma?"

The man leaned back and let a sigh. "Old. Grouchy and still rubbing you getting married on my face. By the way, when this is over, you both should come down to Kerala." He looked over to Diana and gave a recommending nod. "Thiruvananthapuram is pretty awesome Diana. You will like it. Ask this man to take you there. And if we wrap this up here, I might be there too." He gave a smile and turned to Clark. "So what do you have for me?"

Colonel Abdul Hamid belonged to the Indian Army contingent that came here to help with the growing violence in the country. Ten years ago, Clark Kent and him met and became friends after Abdul came to the US for a degree. After the course, he went back to his nation and signed up for the army. Soon after both helped eachother with vital information or at least clues in the case of Abdul. Also the latter's old mother was quiet fond of Clark as he could handle a large meal and had married at the "right age" according to him. Mainly she wanted him to influence her son to do so as well.

"We are really sorry we didn't come to see you first, but, you know we couldn't afford to be seen with any UN dignitaries." He gave an apologetic smile and removed the two folders from the bag and handed it to the Army man who gave an understanding nod.

"Abdul, we have managed to shadow many rumours in our weeks stay. Some of it paid off." Diana spoke confidently. "There are pictures, locations and information regarding weapons and others." She watched the man analyse the files carefully.

"As usual, we only want anonymity of us and the sources unless the information proves wrong." Clark said and placed his camera on the desk, so did Diana.

"Well," Abdul looked up with an approving face. "It was really nice of you to visit me. I am glad you are reporting the hardships of everyone in this war." He spoke completely off the track with a smile. The same standard was returned.

"Yea, it was a little difficult to search you out man. We will be leaving later today." Clark gave a smile. This was their way of understanding.

"It would have been great if you both joined us. Your reporting skills could have helped." He smirked knowingly. A busy day was ahead for the Colonel and from personal experience and the trust in his friends; he knew the folder needs to be presented when it is hot. "Oh hey, oru minute!" He stopped the duo. "If you guys need anything, Clark, reach for me in Malayalam. That's the only language here the RUF can't understand."

The couple left the compound, leaving the rest to the capable hands of their friend. "They are working on it?" Diana asked.

Clark nodded with a smile. "As we speak." He felt her holding his hands and interlocked his fingers with hers. "To Smallville?"

"With you." She smiled

A/N: As you have seen, our favourite couple is in a path of self discovery. They maybe thirty, but they haven't received the knock of destiny yet. Yes, they are selfish and chose to remain hidden from the world. In short, they are playing house, fooling themselves to be normal. And no, it isn't because one of them doesn't want the other being a hero. It's both of them not wanting it all together. Why they turn out to be like this will be explained in the following chapters. The idea of this came from waveyxai's How to make it (or not make it) in Metropolis. A really great fic.