Charles Bingley was bored. He looked around at the shimmering lights and the debutants draped on the arms on the rich and fancy. He sighed. All the pompous frillery, the gaudy decorations, this was not his style. But that's how Melissa preferred it. He saw Richard wolfing down the food at an alarming rate on the other side of the hall, somehow managing to retain his charm judging by the blush that stained the cheeks of the young girl standing behind him. Damn! It was his engagement party and somehow that statement did not produce any excitement in Charles' mind. Melissa, his fiancée, was talking to his sister, Caroline, predictably pointing at someone and sneering. Somehow, the ever present curl of their lips(in disgust, of course!) made Caroline look like Melissa's sister rather than his.

He heaved another long sigh and took a sip of the expensive wine. How did it all come to this? When had the blonde and kind girl of his dreams been replaced by this peroxide bleached shrewd woman? He thought back..