Percy knocks up a divine being challenge!

Hello all that read this little challenge.

The basic premise is a that by some means Percy knocks up some divine being of the female sort it can be by drunk accident a being who Percy has rejected but won't take no for an answer but this is challenge to see how Percy will be able to handle a child in his crazy world and messed up family.

A few rules.

No Demi goddesses (Sorry Percbeth fans or other Percy/demigoddess fan)

Can be a goddess titaness or primordial. (Includes Calypso and her sister if you want and Zoe if you can somehow.)

Can take place in any time say him in his teens or his adult life and if so make his current wife or sinifgant other jealous but if he has kids with the wife they get along with their soon to be sibling.

That about covers it good luck to you all and tell me if you want a crack at it.