Jake J's POV

I was with Jake L, Danny, and Randy with me driving to a go-Kart centre because they hadn't been go-karting before. So, we were cruising along when the radio started to go crazy and a bright light appeared out of nowhere and we all blacked out. When I woke I was in the truck with Randy who was still out cold, I looked around for Jake L and Danny but they were nowhere in sight except for the two dragons lying on each side of the truck; the one on the left was red and black with green outlines and the one on the right was black and white that looked like it was glowing.

Taking in the surroundings it looked like we were on some kind of track, I was about to get out and look for Jake L and Danny when the ground started to shake and rumble. I closed the door and started the engine while Randy jolted up and awake by the shaking, the 2 dragons did the same thing except fell over as they tried to stand on 2 legs, in front of us appeared a lot of dragons, the dragons that were beside us started running the other direction while I chucked it in reverse and did a J turn into 2nd before hammering it into 3rd and pushing it to the red line.

I was at 150km/h and climbing with the diesel turbo screaming from the pressure it was making while a dragon and its rider was trying to catch up but I could floor it through the corners because of how big they were and the very little angle they had, I power shifted from 5th to 6th so the engine won't overheat and to gain more speed. At 200km/h the dragon and its rider finally caught up but unfortunately, we both noticed the huge crowd of people in front of us and the 2 dragons from earlier; I hit the clutch and brake at the same time taking the truck out of gear while fully braking to stop in time; the rider pulled on some controls and the dragon put his paws hard to the ground to stop.

I managed to stop right next to the 2 dragons from earlier while the dragon and its rider went a couple of feet further, I heard Jake L's voice say, "Yo where and what the hell are we," I turn to only find the red dragon but then it speaks again, "Where's Danny and who is he?" as it looks at the rider and his dragon while the black and white dragon roared."Danny?! Why are you a Dragon?!" yelled Jake L which we all turned to look at him nodding then turned back to the stranger on the dragon.

Artha's POV

I was surprised that the dragon could talk but what confused me was it was friends with a human and another dragon that had been a human, they turned and looked at me when I was mumbling to myself to show dad them. The two people in the metal box came out and started leaning on it as if waiting for an answer, "I am Artha Penn" I proudly introduced myself but the person driving the metal box seemed confused by the name but quickly forgot about when he saw he was boxed in by the other racers and heard the siren from the police dragons. The red dragon transformed into a human with black hair and green highlights; the other dragon changed into a human with a white shirt and blue jeans, they got in the metal box and moved silently away from the crowd; racers; and cops before heading into mid city, I followed them into an alley a few blocks from Penn stables before they got out me and Beau hid around the corner to stay out of but close enough to hear their conversation.

"Ok, so where are we and why can I turn into a dragon?" the first voice belonging to the black and white dragon person, "I don't know why you can turn into a dragon but I think I know where we are," the second voice said belonging to the driver of the metal box, "I think we are in dragon city of the cartoon dragon booster," the driver said. Suddenly he said, "Don't bother running cause I know your there Artha," me and beau both froze as he calmly walked around the corner and stared at both of us while the others cautiously walked around constantly giving the driver weird and scared looks, he looked at his hands that were shaking before saying, "Before you say anything I don't know how; I just sensed he was there and also Artha; gather your friends and father and we will tell you everything; now can you show us where the stables are?" I just looked at him in amazement and awe as he brought the metal box forward so everyone could get in and wait for me to show them to the stables.

Jake L's POV

After Artha made a few calls we followed him for a few blocks before arriving at a burned down horse looking stables meant for dragons, we stopped in front of a wall that had a few flowers on it before it opened up to show a small room inside it, Artha and his dragon walked in slowly while Jake followed trying not to stall the truck but he turned it off when we got inside. When the elevator stopped Jake turned the engine on and slowly crept into the middle of the giant room to find a group of people staring at us in shock, we got out of the truck once Jake had parked it near the group and their dragons, "So, first of all, we are from a different dimension and we don't know how we got here but in our world this place and you guys are in a cartoon, Lance, Kitty, and Parmon, we also know that Artha is the dragon booster." Jake Started to explain, "When we came into your world we were unconscious and woke up on the track with these two as dragons", he said pointing to me and Danny. I felt the fire engulf me and when I opened my eyes again I was in the dragon form with surprised onlookers, I watched the white rings go over Danny changing him into a dragon too.

I heard a gasp from the man in the mask that hides his face, I knew Danny and Randy would hear it but not Jake so it was a surprise when he said, "why did you gasp?" everyone just stared at him and the man in the mask. There was a sigh before an answer, "t-t-th-the phantom dragon a-a-and the fire dragon, after the stare down Danny brought up an important question, "how do we get around and blend in without getting noticed?" Artha cringed a bit before saying, "I have an idea but I don't think anyone's going to like it".