Jake J's POV

1 year ago

I was offroading with my dad, I was in an Evo 8 and my dad was in a Nissan Navara STX, I had just gotten ahead of my dad when I saw a hidden cave. I signalled my dad to follow me to the cave, Once we reached it we slowly and cautiously drove into it, it was dark and quite large but constantly turning one way or the other, I noticed that we never bogged down even when we stopped, curiously I got out and felt the cave floor; it was like an unused road that was made for certain cars. I told dad we should go home now and we did.

Present time

I was offroading with Jake Long, Danny, and Randy; Jake Long was with his friends Trixie and Spud in his Subaru station wagon; Danny was with Sam and Tucker in his Nissan R34 skyline GTR; and Randy was with Howard in his Ford Focus RS; When I spotted the same cave I explored with my dad a year ago, I got the idea to race in it remembering the weird floor. We raced to the end only to find a hole that went straight down and unlucky us there was sand so we slid down the hole into the dark abyss below. I woke up to find we had stopped falling and we're still alive with what looked like no damage cars which surprised me, I got out to check on the others and for damage but as soon as I got out I heard motorbikes.

Eli's POV

We had just picked up blakk from "quiet, long cavern" to bring him to the new high-security prison when out of nowhere the new vehicle blakk was working on started chasing us with Quintin inside at the controls. "Kord can we use those upgrades yet" I yell gunning lucky to try and escape him, "No not yet but trust me when we can it will be worth the wait", Kord yells back. Quintin crashed into the cliff wall allowing us to escape into the cave, "Now push your green buttons" Krod yelled out, "We have green buttons?" pronto asks, "We have green buttons" I yell pressing mine, After clunking a few times all our rides transformed into motorbikes, the first thing I did was a wheelie but while in the middle of doing a wheelie I saw four strange vehicles so I pulled over to get a closer look at them.

Jake L's POV

What startled me awake was the noise of a car door closing and footsteps coming closer and closer, my vision started to become clear and he saw he was in his Subaru with his two best friends in the back seat still unconscious. I took a few deep breaths before everything came back to me and allowed me to relax that the person wasn't going to attack, Jake J came up to my door and opened it, "You ok and also do you know where we are?" he asked. "I'm ok but my friends are unconscious but I have no idea where we are, also is Danny and Randy ok?" I answer while Danny appears behind Jake and Randy tried to slide across the hood of my car and I mean "tried" because the second he starts sliding he falls off. "Were ok and our cars have no damage from whatever we fell into but our friends are still unconscious", Danny said with a hint of concern in his voice, "Who are those guy's", I say pointing the group heading towards us, 3 were on motorbikes with one of them pulling a trailer of some sort as well as another person in a dune buggy.

As they got closer they could see what they looked like, the leader was on an orange; white, and black dirtbike; he had black hair, blue jeans, and a white, black and orange shirt, the next one was on an armoured, green, road bike; he had blue skin, a horn on his head, big body build, and a black jacket with a white shirt on underneath. The one in the purple buggy had a green shirt on, grey pants, and two ponytails, the last one was a mix between a human and a mole rat with a blue and white striped shirt and green pants. I hopped out and got into my battle stance with Danny and Randy but Jake seemed excited about something because he was about to explode with laughter and he had a sly grin on his face, "Guy's I know where we are now and also please don't start trouble with theShanee gang", He yells. "You mean we are in Slugterra?!" I yell back, worried about how we were going to get back home. Before anyone else could talk there were two explosions both at opposite ends of the cave; one was the Titan chasing the Shane gang and the other just seemed to be dust at the other end.

Max's POV

School had just finished and Steel and I were headed to N-Tek to see my father and to get our next assignment, we flew past a building without noticing the figure hiding in the shadows, I got shot in the back and started to freefall into the street, I turn back to see who shot me and it was none other than Dred but instead of attacking me he just stood on the side of the building with a look of surprise on his face. I was confused by this but then saw a hole forming to where I was going to hit, I watched as he fell in and the hole sealing itself up again taking me to where ever it leads, after 10 more seconds I was knocked unconscious with my vision blurring to black and Steel's voice slowly becoming distant.