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Spoilers: The episode 'New Moon Rising' for Oz and the book Oz: Into the Wild by Christopher Golden. BTVS through S7 however this piece starts at the end of S5. There is some AtS in here, as I use Lindsey. Harry Potter is up to GoF as when I started this piece Ootp and HBP weren't even out yet.

Note: This piece starts on the last page of GoF. Harry says goodbye to everyone, except Ginny and I felt that would be a good place to start. The part with the Council deciding what they are going to do is done as speech only. This piece will hop backwards in time once Oz comes into the story, but will swiftly move forward again.

Warning: There will be several different pairings. This piece will include slash, femslash and het. If that's going to bother you, please don't read.


"Buffy died again."

"Was the power of the slayer transferred to Faith? Is it only through her that we receive another?"

"Unfortunately not. Another girl was called."


"She belongs to a wizarding family."

"They told us to stay away from their kind."

"She'll be untrained."

"Her father is known to like muggles, he might be persuaded."

"To what? Send his daughter into certain death? Highly unlikely."

"Depends, what wizarding family is she from?"

"She's a Weasley, from Arthur Weasley's line."

"Large family, close knit. We won't be able to train her without the entire family trying to get involved. She'd be another Buffy Summers."

"Then we acquire her another way, by force. We find a way to totally exclude the family."

"They'll come looking for her."

"Not if they think she's dead."

"They'll need a body and short of killing the girl I..."

"You've studied their ways, think about it, think of a potion. We'll be able to produce a body without problem. If a person is Polyjuiced and killed they retain the form they were killed in. I have a young demon girl we can change. The only question is how to acquire the girl without being seen or without them realizing the Watcher's Council took her."

"Didn't they have trouble at their Quidditch World Cup with Death Eaters?"

"Do you think..."

"The father is known to like muggles, the clothing shouldn't be too hard and all three of us know how to Apparte."

"The girl wouldn't come willingly."

"If she's unconscious I can force it on her."

"I don't like this, if Giles found out about this and so soon after losing his slayer..."

"Don't speak of such things. He won't find out."

"He and Weasley were boyhood friends at one point! If he found out we kidnapped Arthur's only girl, all I'm saying is he could very well leave us."

"And after all his debacles, you're concern about keeping him?"

"We just got him back."

"This isn't about Rupert Giles. This conversation, our decision, stays between us and the girl's Watcher. Everyone is to think the line went to Faith."

"Who is her Watcher?"

"Brice Elden."

"You're mad! He..."

"The girl must be trained in a short time. She must come to accept her destiny. Elden is the best we have."

"Giles would throw a fit if he knew we gave another girl to Elden."

"No one will know. No one will ever find out."

"She'll be out of school in a few days. It would be best to get her as she leaves the platform. Agreed?"



"All right, all right I agree."

"Then it is settled. Ginny Weasley will come to know her destiny."

Part 1:

Ginny Weasley watched quietly as Harry returned her mother's warm hug. She watched him say goodbye to Ron. Her heart sank as Hermione gave him a kiss on the cheek goodbye. Then he said goodbye to the twins and left with his uncle.

He forgot me. He didn't even say goodbye to me. He, he didn't even noticed I was here, she thought frantically. Her mind raced, her heart felt trampled on and worst of all there was a lump in her throat. Trying not to show her disappointment she accepted her goodbye hug from Hermione and watched the older girl leave with her family.

With a sigh she watched her mother fuss over her brothers as she began to usher them from the station. She was just thinking would they even miss me if I were gone, when she felt an arm go around her waist and a cloth covered hand go over her mouth effectively muffling her screams. She struggled managing to grab a bag from her cart and swing it around. It did no good, someone else caught it. The cloth covering the hand over her mouth smelled strangely and was quickly making he r drowsy. A potion she realized. She thrashed trying to get away. She struggled to keep from falling asleep. Why did they have to come at a time this place was devoid of muggles? Her family was already three platforms down. Vaguely she heard a man's voice say something, but her mind was foggy and she couldn't make it out. Another male voice whispered in her ear, "Come on girl fall asleep."

No, her mind screamed as blackness claimed her.

Three platforms down Molly Weasley examined her brood all talking excitedly, telling her of their school adventures. They were edited versions she was sure. She frowned as she realized her little girl's voice wasn't among them.

"Ginny, dear, how was your year?" she asked interrupting the boys. All four of them froze when they didn't get a reply.

"She must have stayed back a bit," Fred suggested as he turned to call, "Gin..."

They all turned when Fred's voice trailed off. They all saw the same thing, Ginny's cart but no Ginny.

"Nice joke Gin," George chuckled, "You can come out now."

Nothing happened. She didn't appear.

Frowning Ron called out, "Ginny?"

Calling out to her they abandon their own things and rushed to her cart.

"Her satchel's gone," Ron observed.

"Gin, this isn't funny anymore," George tried.

"Yeah, Gin jokes over," Fred agreed.

"Ginny?" Molly called out plaintively her heart sinking as absolute terror began to rise within her.